2020 Fiat 500 Hybrid Review

Can you fit 500 and it’s actually because later on this year and New Generation.

New platform fully electric 580 but until then and Beyond then with this generation of 500 this will be the only one that you can buy but even though it’s on the end of the name it’s not actually going to explain why later but for now let’s talk about the outside so is there anything to point out to make this different from what it was before well there are two things you’ve got dihybrid badges for radio pop not the design is the same as before and ever since is called went on sale in 2007 it became an instant success fit really

Transform the brand and they haven’t really done too much to the design since then why would you think winning formula selling out to cause any what is cutesy headlight design in the front is still got those compact dimensions on a shape that makes it look pretty similar to the original Fiat 500 from the 1950s but apart from those badges are pointed out there’s really nothing different to report the same thing that we’ve known since 2007 inside now we’re actually in a 500cc move the roof back to let you get a better view of the new seats in this 500 hybrid launch edition trim

Because I have a kind of fancy design and supposedly 10% of it is made from recycled Seaway so 1.5 kg of plastic bottles another rubbish that it is from the sea have been used to help make the four seats you got me fit 500 size very Noble thing to do if that is true if it says and other manufacturers is going through things like as well as for the rest of the Interior it or tentacle from what we had before display you know how some Factory specific information that it displays for you that otherwise the materials used offensively sheet feeling pretty well is it allows this customization of this, dashboard panel here so you can have some interesting and Terry where is the Royals cancelled a bit and Robin dog know very interesting but fits boys managed to make it nice areas at least look very appealing the buttons head though

I feel a bit on the cheap side but it’s good that you do have buttons to control the air conditioning and then lost within a very physically touch screen entertainment system because this isn’t very good to use canva Timing System you get with a Fiat 500 confusing layout buttons are a bit smoother and you do have a volume control.

But it still would  just be so much easier if you had bigger touch screen shortcut button for physical at least get the chance to have Apple carplay and Android which is very welcome especially to you going to be pretty cramped in the city cut off space in the back really isn’t much to write home about Compassus Rivals and this is only available is a three-door which might mean

That it looks cool but nice getting in and out the back and a boot absolutely, how is the score on the road okay so now we are in Central bologna testing the Fiat 500 heart rate and the first thing you do sit very hard so you have the bus driver Jordan position with this a relatively uncomfortable angle for your feet especially for the clutch so that is a brilliant but one good thing cuz it’s pretty high up on the dashboard that just means it within very easy reach when you need to change character that is good to have manual gearboxes are incredibly slick and quick shifter on the Fiat 500 the shift some more deliberate mechanical failure Honda sophisticated Roy that you get promoted because I mean we’re talking about a very old car now so the Fiat 500 was reimagined release in 2007 for the platform that is based on the Fiat Panda was released in 2003 so that’s incredibly what’s it called there’s not much profit to be made from it so it doesn’t really make sense to manufacturer have a business constantly refreshing take that time when introducing facelift

I said he called it always being there to talk to Cars 3 pretty comprehensive refreshes and now it’s in the new generation as well 100 field a bit of the page and a roid is one of the areas in which you can wear in town in Italy as well very most natural habitat that really makes it very uncomfortable for awful in any respect but it’s just thought the other back to Royals in this car symbol money do everything better it doesn’t excel in the way that you do so more comfortable more practical me to and if you’re interested in the Hollywood sort of things

Well the Suzuki ignis again to call it really really impressive hybrid system to make a very very fuel-efficient car and also there are now very good versions of the awful electric fly to me electric for the city go eat so considering the step up in price from the 500 hybrid maybe they might not be for everyone but now more than ever the more compelling choices in this class so apart from this car being a 500 and it having a styling and everything else that goes with anything else to outright make it a very recomendable car to put this is not called you can plug it in it isn’t a call that can travel on pure electric power alone but together store up energy when the car is braking or decelerating to then used again when it’s accelerating so cool pretty useful things not necessary to be sniffed.

That but can you really call this a hybrid it seems a bit cheeky especially when we’re in an area is it just a bit overwhelmed and Confused for plug-in hybrids hybrids self charging hybrids whatever that mean b V’s it just seemed to be a noticeable impact on the floor the full 69 brake horsepower really the acceleration never feel pretty gutless you do want to go anywhere quickly you going to be fresh in it quite hard as well but again if you just compare it to the three cylinder units that you can get in the key of a consew 210 I just know each other more refined I’m more powerful than impressive as well but having said that is really surprising and composed this Royals the steering okay it’s not very communicative but the wasting of it isn’t necessarily an issue it’s Sunday which is basically massively logged into steering all the way out of it so that night parking lot as a Volkswagen extended written review every new car on sale and if you enjoy this video any questions or opinion because the video These coming out every week if you want to buy a new car then we can send you an average of 3000 pounds right now 


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