2020 Ford Fiesta review

2020 Ford Fiesta review this is the Ford Fiesta the UK’s best-selling car for many many years but why and should you buy one well if you’re interested in a Ford Fiesta but

just want to know a bit more about it then you’ve come to the right place because in this video we’re going to tell you absolutely everything you could

possibly wish to know about the Fiesta and not only we going to do that we’re going to tell you how to spec one and we can save you fifteen hundred pounds off

2020 Ford Fiesta review

a brand new Ford Fiesta as well to find out more click on the link in the description below or on the pop-out banner somewhere up there and please make sure

that you subscribe to our youtube channel because we’ve got loads and loads of great new videos coming out every single week so the Fiesta is now in its seventh

generation and inevitably competition is tougher than ever it includes the likes of brace yourselves the sail Ibiza the Volkswagen Polo Skoda Fabia Kia Rio pro

and i-20 Honda Jazz and there are even some Pasha versions of the Fiesta that push its price up against the likes of the Audi a1 and the mini but the Fiesta

has comfortably outsold all of them but this isn’t a popularity contest because to be a good car and to be one that we recommend it’s got to be a good car on a

purely objective level although having said that there is one subjective area that is entirely down to you and that’s the cars looks so we want to know what’s

the best looking small car on sale vote in our poll is it the Ford Fiesta the Volkswagen Polo the Mini or the Kia Ri and also it’s worth pointing out that

you can see we’ve got a three-door Fiesta here you can also get a 5-door and it’s rare to have both of those options available yes the mini is

available in three door and five-door but beyond that most cars now are only available in five-door versions so that is one slight niche that the Fiesta is available to offer

however we are back to pure objectivity now and the car’s interior by the class standards it’s pretty nice and the Fiesta so you have some soft touch

materials on the dashboard and although it’s only in select places you still don’t find any of that in a fabio or in an Ibiza which have these hard scratchy

plastics pretty much all over the dashboard however having said that it is only in select places in the Fiesta so there are cheaper feeling places like

the aircon buttons and dials down here which feel a bit on the cheap side so a mini or a VW Polo does feel like a clear step up in plushness but it’s still as

we say by class standards pretty good inside this Fiesta this infotainment system also is fairly impressive it’s an 8 inch screen and it’s quite responsive

although it isn’t as intuitive and as simple to use as the system that you get in your Ibiza and in the Polo and our main complaint with it is that you don’t

get physical shortcut buttons to hop the different menus so okay you can change your tracks you can pause it you can turn it up and down with these

buttons down here but to access the different menus you’ve got to go i through the screen it does have a slightly complicated layout and is

occasionally frustrating to use it is good that you get apple carplay and android auto as standard now the driving position you do actually sit noticeably

higher up in the Fiesta than you do in many other small cars so that’s kind of a subjective thing you might prefer the low slung driving position in the mini

but the Fiesta certainly is higher up but height aside it’s really tough to knock the driving position here because it’s excellent so there’s lots of

adjustment in steering wheel the seats have good adjustment too and they are brilliantly supportive an ST line these seats here just give you so much support

through the bends it’s really noticeable and also if you go for slightly Pacha trims you can get adjustable lumbar support which is a rare feature to have

in this class now I will just point out that these steering wheel controls feel a bit cheap and nasty when you use them it’s just a bit fiddly not very easy to

get your head around but the leather around the steering wheel is really nice and feels good and also the space up front is impressive so even though

outside it’s got this kind of sloping fairly dramatic roofline outside inside you’ve got no problem at all with Headroom there’s loads up front legroom

as well is excellent if you’re particularly taut you can go very very far back and also it’s a nice wide interior so you won’t be banging elbows

with the person sat next to you and you won’t be knocking them out when you change gear either so space up front is good and the storage space on offer is

OK down here the door bins are pretty slim however on the center console you’ve got some good options you’ve got a deep cup holder here and another kind

of storage tray with a USB port there you’ve got two cupholders in front of that a spot for your key down here and at the front another tray for the key or

a smartphone and a glove box but you can see it’s not a brilliant size that’s partly down to this big empty rectangular space up here now that

believe it or not is where you can choose to have a CD player in Ford Fiesta which sounds like a reasonable request for someone to have

but it costs 200 pounds which is loads of money and in fact if you pay me a hundred and fifty pounds I will come and personally digitize your

entire CD back catalogue onto a USB stick which you can put into the USB port right rear seat space isn’t the strongest feature in the Fiesta and

obviously with this three door model it’s a bit more of a scramble to get into the back than it is with the five doors but still a couple of six-footers

will be able to sit back here without too much trouble legroom is good it’s pretty similar to what you get in a polo but it doesn’t quite match the Ibiza Headroom is pretty

generous although not as generous as those rivals again plus we’d also say make sure you avoid the optional panoramic sunroof if you’re going to be

carrying passages in the back because it eats into a lot of the head space and it does in the front as well and also this middle seat is pretty slim by law

standards so three dots in the back will be a squeeze need a big boot well we managed to fit five carry-on sized suitcases into the back of the Fiesta

which isn’t bad at all although a se Aiye beta and Volkswagen Polo and of course a Honda Jazz will all offer more space so if practicality is really your

main priority they might be the better ones to go for dropping the rear backrest sleeves an annoying step in the floor of the fiestas extended load bay

but you can help this with the optional height adjustable boot floor set in its highest position this also reduces the otherwise substantial loading lip at the

boot entrance but how expensive is the Fiesta and what’s it like to run one well these are the key things that you need to know about buying and owning a

Ford Fiesta if you’re hoping the Fiesta will be a budget option then you’ll be mildly disappointed compared to rivals like the Skoda Fabia it’s actually quite

pricey however discounts are impressive especially the ones that you can get on walk on and the Fiesta should hold onto its value better than many other rivals

but if you choose to buy your Fiesta on a monthly PCP finance deal as many small car buyers do then it’s more expensive than the likes of the Polo and the Fabia

on the plus side the Fiesta is cheaper to run than many rivals as a company car and monthly leasing rates are tempting lilo – as for the trims there are lots to choose from the end

level grade is called trend then you’ve got titanium titanium X St line St line X and the all-singing all-dancing range-topping Vignola versions but they

are very expensive so instead of going from Vignola we would stick with the st line because of the fiestas fun driving nature which we’ll talk more about in a

minute there’s also the active versions of the Fiesta which features an 18 millimeter higher ride height and some extra cladding around the wheel arches

but unless you need the extra ground clearance or really liked the look of it then there’s no real reason to choose it over the standard versions of the Fiesta

and don’t forget about the performance focused Fiesta ST which is one of the most impressive hot hatches around to read more on that model click on the

link in our description Ford has a decent reliability record and every Fiesta comes with a warranty that covers it for three years or 60,000 miles which

is pretty much what most other cars in the class get all fiestas come with seven airbags and Lane Keeping assistance but it’s disappointing the

automatic emergency braking isn’t standard on any trim it’s part of an options pack instead it’s also currently not available at all on st models

although that should change by the end of the year every Fiesta also comes with Ford’s MyKey II system it’s a programmable ignition key that can be

used to limit the cars top speed mute the sound system and prevent the stability control system from being disabled this should give you some peace

of mind if you decide to hand the keys to somebody who has recently passed their driving test or someone that you just don’t trust yes there might be a small car but in

some ways it’s more fun to drive than some sports cars and the reason for that is the incredibly sharp handling and this really precise meaty well weighted

steering there’s just so much better than anything else in the class and really it’s the fiestas ability to put a smile on your face during even the most

mundane journey that makes it so enduring and so appealing and really that’s been one of the great draws of this car over the years there’s

something that’s really helped it become the sales success that it is now we’re in a Nestea line Fiesta and that gets a lowered stiffer sports suspension setup

and really this brings out the best in the Fiesta so if you’re interested in handling then you are going to want an ST line Fiesta because it’s even

creepier it’s more agile and it will embarrass anything else in the class through the corners even sale I believe that which is the second best handling

car in don’t forget there is still the Fiesta ST which is a range-topping performance focused version and that is even more agile and even more impressive

but this s/t line is a good kind of halfway house if you want hot hatch handling but not necessarily the big fuel bills that come with having a more

the entry-level 1.1 litre petrol engine is called the 1.1 ti-vct and has just 84 brake horsepower so it feels a bit gutless and faster roads it’s certainly

worth opting for one of the pokey ER turbocharged 1 litre EcoBoost engines there are a variety of different outputs starting with the 1 litre EcoBoost 100

now that’s a fine engine around town it feels puppy and it’s fine on the motorway journeys as well but we reckon the sweet spot of the range is the

engine that we’re driving now and that’s the 1 litre EcoBoost one to follow the reason it’s the pick of the range is because it offers stronger acceleration

than an EcoBoost 104 not a lot more money and then above them you’ve got an EcoBoost 140 which is a little bi faster again and worth a look if you

want something that’s very quick although worth bearing in mind that obviously it will cost more money to buy and to run there are also two 1.5 liter

TDI diesel engines available in the Fiesta but you’ll have to do seriously high mileage to justify they’re significantly higher purchase price for

most people the decently frugal EcoBoost engines make more financial sense the accelerator the brake and the clutch are all really nice to use and they feel

really positively weighted so it means that driving smoothly is very easy and when you drive your bit quicker as well it feels really satisfied likewise this

six-speed manual becomes a standard on every engine apart the entry-level petrol which gets a 5-speed manual it’s really impressive really slick and

precise and just generally great to use even that 5-speed manual on the entry-level petrol that’s pretty good as well

one of the most appealing things about the Fiesta is how it combines small car fun with big car sophistication and that’s true of the way it rides steer

clear of the larger optional alloy wheels and Fiesta deals well with the sort of nasty sharp edge bumps and potholes that are all too common on

British back roads indeed it’s only the Volkswagen Polo that can trump it for comfort we mentioned before that s t line models get a lowered stiffer sports

suspension setup which is great for the handling not so for the ride although it’s not disastrous by any means at all because all it means is you feel a bit

more of the bumps as they pass beneath you but it’s still brilliantly well controlled so you’re absolutely not bouncing around all over these back

country roads when you’re driving quickly in the st line models all that happens is you’ll hit a bump you notice it slightly more but then the car

regains his composure so quickly afterwards that you hardly notice it so you’ve heard our thoughts on everything to do with a Ford Fiesta and now we’re

going to tell you exactly how to spec it if you want the best version go for this 1 litre EcoBoost 1 2 v engine with st line because it’s the best engine and

you get loads of kit the standard add the driver assistance pack and you get a 4.2 inch information screen in the instrument cluster and you also get

adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking this car doesn’t have it but adjustable lumbar support is a very reasonably priced extra adding the

adjustable boot floor will help iron out this annoying lip at the front of the boot and it also means when the rear seats are flat it will create a large

open space metallic paint adds value to the car so it will give you more money when you sell it on choosing the city pack adds rear parking sensors folding

door mirrors and small lights that illuminate the ground around the door now it’s easy to see why the Fiesta is so popular it’s brilliant to drive smart inside and well equipped but is it the best in class not quite because.

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