2020 Ford Focus review

2020 Ford Focus review let’s imagine you’re at the reins of a car company that makes one of the best-selling cars in the country in fact one that just flies out of showrooms

year after year despite some really impressive competition coming to the market and you’re told you have to update it tough job right well that’s

2020 Ford Focus review

exactly how we got the latest version of the Ford Focus and boy does it have a tough job on its hands to hear the scale of Ford’s problem just listen to some of

the cars it’s up against voxel Astra Volkswagen gold for Mazda 3 Kia Cee’d Skoda Octavia say it Leon and the list goes on and yet focuses of the past have

cultivated a reputation for being better to drive than all of those can this latest version do the same that’s what we’ll find out in this review as well as

what it’s like to live with and how much stuff you can fit in the boot and remember we don’t just review cars at walk car we can help save you thousands.

car buying section first let’s see what it’s like to drive going through the entire engine range takes quite a bit of time so I’ll give you the cut-down version you can either

go for a 1 liter or 1.5 liter petrol and each of those comes in multiple power guises starting 84 brake horsepower going up to 180 brake horsepower and if

you’re doing enough miles to warrant a diesel you can either go for a 1.5 liter or 2 liter and the power guises range from 94 brake horsepower up to 148 our

pick of the bunch is the 123 brake horsepower 1 litre petrol engine called the 1 to 5 EcoBoost it’s not as punch as the equivalently priced 1.5 liter

skoda octavia however it’s got a smooth power delivery through the rev range and it’s also extremely economical returning only a hundred eight g/km of co2 in fact

the petrol choices are smart ones to make because they feature cylinder deactivation technology which closes down a cylinder when you’re cruising and

that helps they fuel the petrol engines feel smooth and quiet only producing a background thrum under hard acceleration the 1.5 litre diesel does feel a little

crumbly at idle but then so do most of its rivals and with speed that soon disappears in terms of refinement in the cabin there is some noise coming from

the door mirrors when you pick up a bit of pace but overall it’s very well suppressed in the Ford Focus so we give it a thumbs up no matter which focus you

go for you get a slick shifting 6-speed manual gearbox as standard and across most of the range you can spec an 8-speed automatic what suspension your

focus comes with depends on which engine and trim you choose the St line versions are slightly firmer while some engines feature a more complex suspension

arrangement but fundamentally the focus is a great riding car at no matter which version you buy it sits somewhere between the ultra supple Volkswagen Golf

and the sometimes lumpy skoda octavia you can upgrade to adaptive dampers but we feel the standard car is so good there’s no need to and so

to handling remember this is one area where the focus traditionally excels an there is no change with the new version it is one of the very best cars in its

class to drive it handles sweetly and goes from corner to corner with almost ballerina like finesse if you’re a keen driver you will love the beautifully

weighted steering which just adds to the joy get in the driver’s seat of the Ford Focus and you notice just how comfortable it is you get adjustable

lumbar support and height adjustment as standard and if you go for the comfort seats you get 18 way adjustments including an extendable thigh support

which is great if you’re tall definitely not something that I need to worry about and the steering wheel adjusts for reach and rake which means you can easily get

a comfortable driving position and for some added luxury z-tech and above get this rather casual armrest when it comes to all-round visibility it’s pretty good

apart from the back is slightly compromised but that is to be expected in its class you get front and rear parking sensors are standard or you can

add them for 200 pounds if you haven’t gone for st line-x and above and if parking is really not your strong points you can even get a reversing camera now

build quality in previous generations of the Ford Focus was a little bit hit or miss while this new model does improve things it’s still not class leading

we’ll start with the good bits there’s some soft touch materials and if you go for z-tech and above you get a leather bound steering wheel and if you’ve gone

for the manual also a leather manual gear knob and inside the door bins they’re carpeted which is quite a neat touch if you look a little bit lower

down though there are some quite harsh plastics and nowhere really has the luster and shine that a Skoda Octavia or Volkswagen Golf has even some of the

seat upholstery looks a little low-rent when it comes to infotainment the entry-level model comes with a 4.2 inch screen which comes with DB radio

bluetooth and two USB ports step up to Z tech or st line models and above and you’ll get a 6.5 inch touchscreen which gets your apple carplay and android

smartphone mirroring it’s pretty spacious in the front of a Ford Focus it’s definitely on a par with a Skoda Octavia there’s also plenty of places

for your odds and ends there’s some storage in here which is actually quite deep I can fit a few healthy snacks in there and we’ve also got this useful tray

which I can put my lipgloss on and we’ve got two cupholders here and the door bin is a little on the small side and it’s not very stable to hold a water bottle

so I’d leave that in there the glove box is a decent size it can definitely accommodate more than my sunglasses and there’s a spot there space back here

used to be a downside for the focus but now it is just as cavernous as a skoda octavia certainly for leg room anyway and head room it’s only slightly less in

the focus although even if you’re six-foot it still feels pretty spacious unless you’re sitting in the middle seat because the seat is raised so for long

journeys it would be pretty uncomfortable overall though the focus scores well in the back and is very spacious if you have a weekend of DIY or

extreme gardening to do you’ll be pleased to know this boot is just as big as the Volkswagen Golf there is a small load lip here to contend with but the

square design means it’s easy to fit a large pram or several suitcases in and if you’d like to fold down the rear seats that creates an almost flat floor

and a lot more space the only downside is you can’t adjust that at this end with a handle that you can on its key rivals there’s seven trim levels to

choose from the entry level style is priced in line with a Skoda Octavia while it is slightly cheaper than five-door versions of the Volkswagen

Golf we’d recommend going for a mid-range titanium model if you can because it comes with everything that the big selling z-tech cars have but

also adds front and rear parking sensors keyless entry and start heated front seats and the larger infotainment screen with sat-nav it’s still keenly priced –

and as already mentioned we team it with the punchy but frugal 1 litre EcoBoost 1 to 5 petrol engine when it comes to safety equipment every model comes with

automatic emergency braking and lane keep assist and if you’d like to add adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition you can do so at a very

reasonable price so the Ford Focus remains as the driver’s car in its class and it’s practical okay some of the interior is not on a par with some of its rivals but if you’re looking for a family car

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