2020 Ford Puma review

Ford piu and spoiler alert it’s all 2020 car of the year it’s been reborn as a small SUV sitting above the brand sneakers for foot below 

the Ford kuga so that means it’s a royal to call a Nissan Juke things you need to know about the new Ford.

 It’s based on the stuff at 6:30 a.m. it’s also longer solar water and has a longer distance between the front wheels and wheels there’s also a trick of its leaves in the foot a trick under the Bonnet to Ramon’s Hollywood Tech the interior is typical with more than 4 days but there are few bespoke touches to the real flowing sense to the design and this is just being a jerk because it looks nothing like they really want to separate the headlight on the tail lights in a move away from a current trend of joining everything up so so if that is partly what is so distinctive it does look a little bit like the original. 

You might be looking at the pyramids in Syria and thinking I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before and it has a very very similar the Puma stands out because you can get a digital driver display an x-ray extra if you want to do is great that you can get it pretty clear Graphics nothing big enough to cycle through the different menus he got that and so I can change the display in that

White elsewhere in the interior we describe a decent food has at least try to spruce up the Pima by giving us some soft touch materials and effect trim hair as well as flimsy plastic surround on a particular good Quality Inn is brilliant now Meridian that’s so good because that really supports one of my to everybody comfortable and then if you going through some squishy bands

Is why they hug you and really nicely adjustable lumbar support which is really good and generally a great range of adjustment in the steering wheel and in the driver’s seat as well so it’s really really good how the position of the pillows because the front and the ones in the back of pretty thick office slightly better visibility sync 3 entertainment system and I look a little bit basic when it’s 8 inch touch screen but the system itself is all right it’s not a cloth leaders and you also get Apple carplay and Android auto so you can get some wireless charging space up front in the fog is really good you shouldn’t.

 Have any problems until getting comfortable in the summer if you got a good amount of Headroom two storage options like under the arm rest a tray to put some stuff underneath that cubbyhole with USB port in front of that couple of cup holders some of the key and where the wireless phone charging is another kind of small but still useful trait put stuff along with its 2 and I’m okay but if you’re taller than you found your Niche brushing against the seat in front and your head pretty close to the roof as well as a small 

Windows to passengers in the back regulator going to be better off looking at the sky to come in and there’s no way to pull this middle seat down to give an armrest like he’s got another car so now the boots of the Ford payment one of the most impressive areas of this car we can explain exactly why now sorry.

 The Practical touches you can see the boot floor head looks pretty hard but doesn’t really have much of a lip however you can move it down to give yourself even more space and whither you can fit 6 carry-on suitcases into the back which is an impressive number however

 Pump It Up with these puppy outing things on the side and you can see it Reveals His extra two suitcases or you can sit next to each other awesome plants or something else too but it is a very very very useful thing they not refund any other car especially in the small SUV category do so you can take a floor out to reveal a plug which means you can hose down this entire section if it gets muddy or if you so I don’t really know but you can wash it and not great I do know that it’s great so clearly this is one of the most practical cars in this class and it’s very very very impressive but the Practical. Just don’t even stop that because. 

You got a couple of hooks on the front as well and some small hooks on the side to hang your shopping bags so very very impressive from a practical standpoint receipt might not be pleased the key things you need to know about buying and owning before FEMA assistance you get great acceleration and great fuel economy to a few much should be cheaper than the Juke and the Volkswagen T Roc and tons of list price if your bong in cash very similarly priced to get the best deal on all of them Adam I Madero Street rooms to choose from in the Puma lineup titanium St line and Espeon ex which is what we’ve got here for even a consensus high beam assist heated windscreen and lumbar support standard but if you want him to go for St Lawrence to get sport suspension and digital display along without actually recommend going up to St Line-X you get bigger.

 Alloys Portland seeds climate control privacy glass and a brilliant vinyl respectable mid-table finish and if anything does go wrong it’s covered by a 3 year 60000 mile warranty but it does include the people received a fool for store crash safety rating from experts you are mine, you can also get adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring as part of the optional driver-assist pack now the original.

l Puma had a brilliant reputation when it came to a tonne road ability simple a small SUV stand at this Escalon X Puma is amazing and which is so responsive inaccurate the best conflicts which are the Puma with a one liter turbocharged petrol Engine with 153 brake horsepower and it pulls really well but if you do want to push it a bit harder than it is significantly quicker than its Rivals solutely destroy them in a drag race car noise short Snappy action and it just shipped really slick shut the engine off when you slowing to stop wow.

keeping steering and the brake supply the power to save fuel for you when you start and stop start system when you press the clutch again it will start the engine and then a few guys but in the pubic is when you press the clutch and then put it into gear with engine kicked back in the smoothest stop start system and then helping hand to the engine now that is a small step on the way to fool an expectation is the Puma expert he’s a bit so pretty well controlled but if you were and then come into the fold Puma you would notice if it felt so uncomfortable writing is not annoying when you do want to read this a bit harder then sharp pain during a cut the engine and Technology the new Ford Pima.

What is a mix of fun and frugality that never been seen before in its class plus it’s well priced well-equipped and it the Practical is it is started and show it truly outstanding the best small SUV that you can buy impressive new cars around if you want even more information on the phone you can look for a list of sales on every new car on sale to save yourself a thousands of pounds over next week and if you really enjoy this video cannot be great if you can avoid any questions comments or opinions than make sure you typed in the box below

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