2020 Ford Ranger Raptor review

hello and welcome to Morocco where we’re

driving the brand new Ford Ranger Raptor

pickup but what is it and how good is it

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so first off what is the Ford Ranger

Raptor well if you’ve heard of the

Raptor name before that’s probably

because you’ve heard of the f-150 Raptor

now that is a very different car it’s

available in America it’s much bigger

even than this and it has an enormous

engine under the bonnet unfortunately if

you’re expecting that in the Ford Ranger

Raptor you’re gonna be a bit

disappointed under the bonnet you’ve got

a 2 liter twin turbocharged diesel

engine which is pokey enough but

certainly nothing to trouble the f-150

Raptor but you get plenty of other

changes as well if you go for a raptor

which by the way sits at the top of the

Ranger lineup so perhaps the most

significant of all is at the back

because in the other ranges you have a

kind of old-school leaf spring setup for

the suspension but now if you go for the

Raptor you get a more sophisticated coil

spring setup instead so hopefully that

will improve the ride you also get these

absolutely enormous tires which you can

see help raise the ride height and it’s

actually 50 millimetres higher than the

other ranges in the lineup what else is

new well you can get this optional

branding on the paintwork and it’s

available in gray or performance blue

you get more branding along the side

here and then up front you get bigger

brakes all round and you get a

completely redesigned front grille as

well to kind of echo the bigger f-150 as

well as that redesigned front grille you

get different bumpers and you get

slightly better approach and departure

angles as well which is especially good

because even in standard range of form

they were some of the best approach and

departure angles in the class but what’s

it like inside and on the road so what

you need to know about how the new

Ranger Raptor drives well probably the

most important thing to know is that now

the latest Rangers come with an updated

automatic gearbox so before you could

only get

6-speed Auto and that actually was one

of the worst automatic gearboxes

available in any pickup on sale but now

you have a much improved 10 speed

automatic gearbox which comes a standard

in the Raptor and is also available on

some other trim levels with different

engines now it’s actually the gearbox

has been borrowed from the Ford Mustang

policy changed slightly differently

because this is a two and a half ton

pickup but the end result is something

that actually shifts pretty smoothly and

is generally a massive upgrade to what

was available before but the Raptor is

only available with a 2-liter diesel

engine now if you’re chasing that

American dream of the f-150 Raptor and

hoping for a massive engine under the

bonnet then perhaps getting into the

Ranger app so you’re going to be a

little bit disappointed to know that

this is the only thing that you can get

with it you’re only able to get this

2-liter diesel engine and while of

course it’s fine it’ll be relatively

frugal and it’s pretty talking and it’s

coping pretty well over the rough

terrain that we’re driving on today you

might be a little bit disappointed in

its outright acceleration and straight

line performance you know I mean it’s

fine but it’s not a high performance

pickup truck that you might be hoping

for so the fact that this is the only

engine that’s available in the car might

not be such an issue if it wasn’t as

expensive as it is so this range of

raptor cost quite a few thousand pounds

more than the next top spec model in the

lineup so it is a bit disappointing that

they couldn’t have just offered a

slightly more exciting engine for this

kind of halo product in this lineup as

for what the new suspension is like well

it’s slightly difficult to tell on the

sand here but we did do a little bit of

road driving earlier and it was

impressively comfortable and this still

remains one of the best handling pickups

on sale as well just like the standard

Ranger was before the Raptor also

apparently gets some noise cancelling

technology in the cabin as well but if I

was to tell you that I could especially

notice it happening

then I’d probably be lying but it is

fairly quiet and I mean you can still

hear the drone of this diesel engine but

refinement generally is pretty good

especially for a pickup

so really the Ford Ranger remains a

extremely impressive pickup especially

in its standard trims this new Raptor

trim really it it depends how sold you

are and its looks and how much extra

money you want to fork out just for the

way it looks and again if the engine is

not such a big concern for you then I’m

sure you’ll get on with this car very

well indeed but if you are hoping for

some more performance focus pickup kicks

then maybe you might feel a little

shortchange we’d certainly recommend

probably sticking with the lower trim

levels because that’s where the best

value in the lineup is you should also

know in the UK most pickup trucks

qualify as a light commercial vehicle

and therefore benefit from a flat tax

rate as a company car which can make

them much cheaper than an equivalent

family car however the Raptor has a

reduced load capacity of 600 kilograms

still a lot but under the 1,000

kilograms it needs to be an L CV that

means it no longer qualifies for this

tax break so you’ll be liable for the

same co2 emissions based company car tax

as a regular SUV it does though still

qualify for the flat road tax rate for

commercial vehicles but for much more on

the Ford Ranger including our extended

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