2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR review

2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR review SVR it’s the most powerful SUV Jaguar has ever built and in this video we’ll be telling you how fast it is how loud it is how good it is at going around

corners and perhaps more surprisingly how practical it is as well but first a quick recap for those of you who aren’t familiar with the F pace at all it’s the larger of two SUVs in Jaguars lineup the

2020 Jaguar F-Pace SVR review

smaller being a pace and it’s been on sale since 2016 it’s roughly the same size as an Audi q5 or a BMW x3 and it’s always been one of the most fun cars in the class to drive and actually right

now you can save quite a lot of money on the regular F pace so if you are in the market for one or indeed any other new car make sure you head over to our website walk cut across or click the

link up there at the top of the screen to find out how much you could save because let’s face it it’s a lot easier than trying to haggle with a dealer so what’s new what’s different about this test for your version

well SVR is almost like AMG is to Mercedes it Tunes Jaguar and Land Rover models and it produces the fastest and most powerful cars in the company’s

range and the F face is the third SVR little after the f-type sports car and the Ranger of sport now until now the most powerful engine you’ve been able to have in an F phase is a 3-2 v6 petrol

with 375 brake horsepower now that’s not bad at all but this thing has a frankly ridiculous 542 brake horsepower from its 5 liter supercharged v8 and that means it’s up against some of the fastest SUVs

this side of a Lamborghini euros so its rivals are the alpha still vo Quadrifoglio the Mercedes GL c63 AMG and of course the Porsche and the car let’s

start with some numbers not 62 well that takes 4.3 seconds – that’s and you slightly behind cars like the stove you Quadrifoglio and the GL c63 and it’s

actually faster than any Porsche Macan you can buy right now now you might argue the top speed is irrelevant in his sort of company but if you want bragging rights it’s good to know that this car is the joint

artists out of all those cars I just mentioned along with the Estelle V o GF because it’ll do acclaimed 176 miles an hour all the looks front you get much

more aggressive looking front and rear bumpers with larger air intakes along with extra vents on the bonnet and in the wings and Jaguar claims that none of

it is for show it’s all to help that v8 engine breathe properly or in the case of the wing vents to help cool the huge brakes tasked with stopping this two-ton

sports SUV there’s also a bigger rear spoiler 21 inch alloys quad tailpipes and seven paint colors including this ultra blue which is exclusive to the SVR

in short it isn’t as though anyone’s likely to think you’ve just bought the run-of-the-mill 2-liter diesel model but if you’re still worried someone hasn’t

noticed then what you can do is you can push this little button down here on the center console and that turns the exhaust volume up several notches it’s

not a quiet car to begin with so you can probably hear ham v8 engine sounds absolutely spectacular and it’s not just when you’re accelerating it’s when you

lift off the accelerator as well because you get pops and crackles and things like that from the exhaust and let’s face it this car isn’t gonna be cheap to

run it’s not economical by any standards so you want to be able to hear that engine and you really can hear now as I just said this is not a quiet car at any

time but if you press the button again you can at least calm everything down so it’s not too embarrassing when you go through small villages like I’m hearing

you know upsetting any locals or anything like that what about ride comfort well Jackie Ashley told us in a presentation earlier

on that what it was trying to create was a car that owners could take the kids to school in the morning and not so you hate the experience but then on the way

home or later on in the day could go for a drive and really have some fun and we reckon they’ve struck that balance pretty much perfectly because

although this car is firmer than a regular F pace it’s got stiff suspension at the front and the rear and this particular car I’m driving now has 22

inch alloys as opposed to the 21 inch wheels you get a standard in towns in cities at low speeds you do notice yourself being jostled around a bit

but actually when you get the KO on some faster roads like I’m on now then it really starts to flow and it writes really well and actually at a speed it’s

more comfortable than something like a GL c63 AMG which is really stiff and firm and the weird thing is you might be thinking that stiff suspension is a good

thing for going around corners quickly but it’s not always the case particularly in an SUV because something this tool naturally wants to lean a bit

and if you stop that from happening you get this weird phenomenon where the car almost wants to kind of hop around corners whereas this flows much more

smoothly and it’s more enjoyable because of it now the steering is another great thing about this car and it’s something Jackie always does really well it’s

really well judged for waiting is very precise it just allows you to place the Chi exactly where you want it’s quite a big thing but even on quite a narrow

winding road like I’m on now you can put it exactly where you want it you can cover ground a surprisingly quick rate now if anyone’s ever told you there’s

something like a Porsche Macan is really just some 911 on stilts then I’m sorry but they’re wrong because SUVs they’re always taller they’re always heavier

than conventional sports cars and they never feel quite as agile because of it and ultimately they can’t go around corners as quickly but as long as your

expectations aren’t that high this is something you can really have fun with the driving position is pretty much perfect and I particularly like the

sport seats we should bespoke for the SPL version of the F pace and they hold.

you in place really well through corners but importantly they’re comfortable the long journeys as well I’ve been driving now for a couple of hours and I’ve got no back pain at all interior quality

well that’s a bit more of a mixed bag the good news is the SVR is definitely classier inside than something like a stale VA Quadrifoglio and all the things you touch regularly all the surfaces on

top of the doors for example and the send console they’re trimmed in leather soft touch plastics vinyls things like that but nothing feels as plush as it does in a Porsche Macan or even the GL c63 AMG

and frankly these buttons here on the steering wheel but they just feel quite cheap but as well as the looks if you’re choosing one of these over a performance saloon and Alfa Julia Quadrifoglio

see 63 for example chances are it’s because you need something a little bit more practical and that’s something the F pace does really well there’s loads of space in the back much more than you’ll

find in a Mac ant or a stove vo and the SVR has a bigger boot than all of its direct rivals as well we will of course be putting the SVR up against these key

rivals when we get hold of the car in the UK in a few weeks time but until.

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