2020 Kia Picanto review

if you’re a city dweller then cars such as the Kia Picanto will have a big appeal and that’s why most manufacturers offer such cars the brief is simple offer as much space as possible while

remaining good to drive and crucially cheap to buy and run competition is stiff though coming from the likes of the Suzuki Celerio Hyundai i10 and a trio of cars from the

Volkswagen Audi Group the Volkswagen app set me and Skoda Citigo the previous generation for Kanto failed to impress us so let’s hope the new one does a better job if you’re thinking of buying

one we could save you thousands go to our new car deal section on whatcar.com firstly let’s see how the current generation fares on the open road there’s three engine choices with the

Kia Picanto and just like other city cars they are all small petrels the entry-level model is a 1 liter non-turbocharged and is the cheapest to buy and it makes a lot of sense if

you’ll be spending most of your time around town if you’ll be venturing on – faster roads or motorways then you’ll appreciate the extra power from the 1.2

liter or the turbocharged 1 liter it’s the latter of the two that we recommend thanks to his extra pulling power from low revs which makes overtaking other traffic quite easy

both the non-turbocharged 1 litre and 1.2 liter engines can send plenty of noise into the car if they’re pushed hard and whichever version of the canter you choose there’s plenty of road noise

in terms of transmission that there’s a four-speed automatic or 5-speed manual but we feel the manual makes more sense the pecan dough doesn’t ride as smoothly

as rivals from home dye or Volkswagen but it does settle down at motorway speeds a while it’s not quite as fun to drive as the up that still makes it one

of the better handling cars in this class offering quick responses and turning evenly into corners every piccante apart from the entry-level model gets height adjustable driver’s

seat and the steering will adjust for height but not reach sadly however that said you can still get a comfortable driving position thanks to the slim

pillars forward visibility is very good however that small rear screen does hamper the rear view visibility and if you move up the trim levels you can get

reversing camera and parking sensors but you can’t spec them on the lower trim levels 3 and above gets you a lovely sliding armrest this one doesn’t have

that but it does add a slice of luxury and just like other small city cars it is very much function over form although everything does feel pretty solid

although there’s not much in the way of soft furnishings on a positive the dashboard is logically laid out go for a pecan tow one or two and you get this

3.8 inch monochrome screen we do have USB and your auxiliary in there which is quite handy and if you go for model 3 an above you get a 7-inch touchscreen with

sat-nav Bluetooth da B apple carplay and android auto smart phone mirroring and if you go for GTS line and above you get wireless charging for your mobile phone

the screen itself is crisp and bright and easy to use and you will have to take my word for that and it easily matches up to the high-end AI 10 in ease

one of the best in class as with most city cars the emphasis is on space in the front and rather than the rear seats and there is enough room for two adults

to sit comfortably side by side plus there’s two cupholders a tray there another one here the Durban is big enough for a bottle of

water and a glove box is also a decent size climbing into these rear seats is a very different story because only average-sized adults are going to be

comfortable in here I mean it’s fine for me but anybody tall would find it a bit of a squeeze and if you would like to sit three adults side-by-side in the

back well that’s just a little bit too much and there’s a miniscule armrest and no door pockets so what about the Pecan toes boot well there’s absolutely one of

the biggest in its class it holds two shopping bags or one large suitcase or perhaps some bad weather attire and the rear seats written fold to create even

more space and if you go for GT line and above you get a dual height floor so you can put your delicate items underneath compared to the hoenn de i-10 and the

Volkswagen Group of rivals the kippah canto does look good funny for money whether you’re buying it outright or on a PCP deal it also has a market-leading

7 year long warranty which is all good stuff but the only downside is that it will lose more value than its rivals in terms of which model to go for we’d

steer clear of the entry-level one model which is a little too basic we’d even gloss over the version two and put our money down on the three model which gets

you climate and cruise control rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with sat-nav and automatic emergency

braking GT line and GT line s come with sporty styling and some extra luxuries but they are quite expensive so we’d avoid those the Kia Picanto is one of the better

city cars on sale and if you spec it right can be a great urban companion for plenty more on the cure for Kanto including our full online review.

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