2020 Kia Sorento review

the original Kia Sorento was a budget family workhorse the modern one however is a premium large SUV and its price tag is closer to thirty thousand pounds which means it’s competing against the

likes of the Skoda Kodiak Peugeot 5008 and Land Rover Discovery sport which is tough competition so is it up to it or if you need to log seven people around should you be looking elsewhere in this

review we’ll answer that question as well as share with you what it’s like to live with how easy it is to drive and how spacious and practical it is and remember if you’re thinking of buying a

new car we can help save you thousands just head to our new car buying section on whatcar.com first of all though let’s take this for a drive engine choice for the Kia Sorento is very simple because

there’s just one it’s a 2.2 litre diesel it has 197 brake horsepower and although he’s not very flexible by modern standards it is punchy enough especially if you keep it between two thousand and

three and a half thousand rpm and it’s faster than both in listen x-trail and discovery sport the good news is that unless you’re revving it really hard

you’re barely notice it’s there like wires you only really get steering wheel and pedal vibrations if you’re really really pushing hard on the pedal there is some wind and road noise and today

rain noise four-wheel drive and a six-speed manual gearbox come as standard on the Sorento however the gear changes are long and not she we much prefer the 8-speed

automatic which suits the Sorrento’s relaxed nature a bit better rather than trying to make the Sorento feel sporty kia has instead focused on giving the

car a comfortable ride and the results are generally impressive its soft suspension soaks up larger obstacles such as speed bumps and it Lopes along

the motorway very well things get a bit more unsettled around town especially if you go for a GT line or GT line s model which ride on chunky 19-inch alloy wheels but the Sorento stiff body stops

most others from being felt inside to achieve that comfortable ride the kiyose sacrifices agility it’s nowhere near as nimble as rivals from Skoda and

Land Rover the steering is vague and it’s unevenly weighted which means you’re never really sure what those front wheels are doing

the driver’s seat offers a good amount of sideways support and all but the cheapest kx1 and cakes two models get adjustable lumbar support there’s also

plenty of adjustment in the seat so it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position you’re also sitting very high up so you get a great commanding view of

the road sideways visibility is excellent unfortunately due to the sloping roofline the rear visibility is compromised however you do get front and

rear parking sensors and a reversing camera as standard and if you go for GT line s you gain all-round visibility and even a South Park system the Sorento has

one of the best interiors for build quality among non premium SUVs everything in here looks well put together and built to last and aside

from some flimsy switches on the steering wheel most of these buttons and well damped sure it’s not as good as what you’ll

find in an hour d but at least as well-built as a discovery sport even entry-level kx1 models come with a seven-inch touchscreen which gets you

bluetooth d a.b radio USB in and also apple carplay or Android auto depending on what phone you have up grater cakes – and you gain an inch you get an

eight-inch touchscreen and also satellite navigation take it one stage further and if you go for the K x3 or GT line S models you get an upgraded stereo

system which is great if you love your music now a large SUV should be spacious and the Kia Sorento doesn’t disappoint there’s plenty of

room for tall adults in the front and there’s also lots of storage so we’ve got two cupholders plus somewhere for your mobile phone underneath the central

armrest there’s some more storage which is actually very big in that decent size Corbin and a medium sized glove box which is just like that and the doors

open very wide which makes getting in and out an absolute total step into the middle row and you’ll find that there is plenty of room even if you

would like to fit three adults side-by-side that is definitely possible be warned though if you go for kx3 or GC line s you get this panoramic sunroof

not a problem for me but if you’re six foot tall you may find that your Headroom is slightly compromised now what about these very rear seats fine if you’re a child but a little too cramped

if you’re an adult however there is more room in this car than you’ll find in a Skoda Kodiak or Land Rover Discovery sport it’s just a shame that you can only access these seats from one side of

the car boot space is another of the sorento strong points because in five seat mode there’s more space for your luggage than you’ll find in either the Discovery sport or volvo xc60 and even

with all seven seats in place you’ll still be able to fit a couple of small suitcases or a weekly shop this boot is a practical shape too and there’s no annoying load lip to lift your items

over the Kia Sorento does have a fairly hefty price tag however you do get a lot of car for your money even the entry-level kx1 has everything that you’re likely to need including air

conditioning bluetooth dob radio seven-inch touchscreen including apple carplay and android auto we do think though it would be a smart upgrade to go

to kx2 where you get some luxuries including heated seats dual zone climate control automatic wipers and self-levelling suspension the Kia Sorento isn’t the most fuel-efficient

large SUV around and it will cost you more in company car tax than a lot of its rivals and in real-world fuel economy tests it performed less well against the Skoda Kodiak and Land Rover

Discovery sport and it will also lose more of its value over three years than both of those cars there is peace of mind however that all Kia’s come with a

seven-year warranty and there’s a whole host of driver aids and six airbags automatic emergency braking though can only respect on high-end models and you

can’t spec it on the options list with the lower models the Kia Sorento makes a lot of sense if you regularly need to fill all seven seats it’s also a very capable towing car it’s not the class

leader but we love its big practical interior and generous equipment for plenty more on the Kia Sorento including our full online review.

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