2020 Lincoln Review Part 1

Lincoln really seems to be on a roll lately especially when it comes to luxury SUV’s we have the new Navigator which is really blowing up the sale starts and they can’t produce enough of them are the upcoming and very tasty rear wheel drive.

Aviator now we have the replacement for. The Lincoln MKC the all new Lincoln Corsair the Corsair borrows a lot of the design language. Is made in Lincoln’s most recent SUV is very successful definitely looks like a mini Aviator up front with these angry headlamp I definitely more distinctive and more attractive girl.

2020 lincoln aviator review

That was seen in Lincoln’s other recent product and then as I move around to the side we have what seems to be a bit of visual trickery. Because the course there looks like a big crossover in fact.

A lot of folks initially thought of course there would be sort of a tweener vehicle starting somewhere. Between an X5 and a BMW X3 in terms of overall size is actually awful lot smaller than.


It looks this is actually 7 in shorter than an Acura RDX making this very very solidly a compact luxury crossover but definitely.

Has a very big actually really like if you recall our last review of the Lincoln MKC and our last review of the Lincoln Nautilus I’m actually a big fan of the way the modern set of Lincoln crossovers Drive I like the fact.

2020 lincoln nautilus review

That Lincoln is marching to a little bit of A Different Drummer than the Germans part of.

That is definitely start Lisa Taylor model that ran from one side to the other we definitely have the blinker right there in the middle and overall look is definitely a lot cleaner than what we see over a Cadillac xt4 and xt5 we can’t show you what’s under the hood but we can talk about it the base engine is a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine.

That produces 250 horsepower this model right here that we’re looking at has the optional 2.3 liter turbo it produces 280 horsepower that’s a little bit less than a lot of the top entrance of the competition but still healthier than their base model if you were to look at something like a Volvo XC60 you could get 300 horsepower or so in the T6 model and then bump it on up to 400 horsepower later don’t expect Lincoln to stop at 280 horsepower however though I expect Mystic a more powerful engine under here in the future if not a plug-in hybrid system that produces more than 300 horsepower we just don’t know any details about that yet very much like me seeing.

The Aviator in the Lincoln on the inside of this we see the next generation of Lincoln’s Interiors definitely A Step Above what we see in the Nautilus there’s an awful lot of leather going on we have these leather accents right over here on the dashboard real wood trim behind the same sort of design for we have this infotainment screen perched on the top of the dashboard and then we have this row of transmission buttons right down there at the bottom that’s Lincoln’s new theme.

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