2020 Mazda 6 review

the mazda6 always appeared to have a lot going for it it’s got classy distinctive looks which separates it from the company car masses and underneath the bonnet our high-tech engines that are both frugal and

reasonably punchy but it’s had a tough time of late to have SUVs being flavor of the month of many car buyers and the ongoing onslaught against Diesel mean many motorists are opting to choose an

executive car that does not drink from the black pump to combat this Mazda has given the six a facelift that freshens up the exterior styling adds a new petrol engine improves ride comfort and

promises to sharpen up the steering keep watching to find out if this is enough to make the six number one amongst executive car buyers ahead of rivals that include the Audi a4 BMW 3-series

and Volkswagen Passat remember if you’d like to buy a Mazda 6 or any other executive car we can help save you thousands just go to our new car deals section at what car comm first though

let’s see what the master is like to drive there’s two diesel and three petrol engines to choose from with the mazda6 the biggest petrol engine is a two and a

half liter and it feels a little bit gutless off the mark and he’s quite booming when you push it hard even if it is punchier than the two liter the two least it comes in to power

guises so if you’d really like to go for petrol we recommend going for one of those although neither are particularly sparkly when it comes to performance and you have to push them quite hard to make

decent progress we think then the diesels are a better choice while Mazda has popped the power of the more muscular unit in doing so it has also

made it new easier and worse on co2 so we would go for the 148 brake horsepower diesel version which is what we’re driving today it’s got plenty of pulling

power past 2,000 rpm and enough mid-range booth for overtaking and punting around in a relaxed fashion all models apart from the 2.5 liter petrol come at this six-speed manual gearbox is

standard we prefer it to the automatic because the automatic feels a little old-fashioned by today’s standards as it holds on to the gears too long whereas

the manual has slick changes and a nice leeway to throw every master 6 also comes with something called G vectoring control which is designed to make

cornering easier and more stable by easing off the accelerator slightly on turning into a bend it’s hard to really notice it working but it’s reassuring to

know it’s there that said it is fun to drive with light predictable steering round tighter bends and one day or a superb is better and over pothole roads it can

a little bit choppy but when you get it on to the motorway it is quiet Cruiser the only noise you have to put up with is a little bit of wind noise from the door mirrors

and at faster speeds on country roads it behaves very well there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel so you should be able to find a

comfortable driving position relatively easily forward visibility is excellent thanks to these slim windscreen pillars about the back not quite so good now the

center console doesn’t have the premium look and feel of a Volkswagen Passat however the buttons are smart looking and well damped which makes the mazda6

feel a little clutter than a Ford Mondeo for example the infotainment system is very good you get this eight-inch touchscreen as standard which can also

be controlled with this BMW esque rotary dial the menus are logically laid out and functions are easy to find and all versions come with sat-nav which is

great in true executive car form the Mazda 6 has enough room for really tall people at the front then it’s not me I’m five foot four and a half but if you are

six foot you will find there is plenty of headroom and legroom there’s also loads of places to store your everyday items so a large bottle will fit in the

door bin we’ve got two cupholders here so it’d just be use of one of those and somewhere for your mobile phone and bananas and the glovebox is pretty big

and may fit my handbag in there maybe not not that big space in the back here is excellent if you’ve got two people in the front that are six foot two you can

also have two people in the back that are six foot tall and they won’t be complaining however if you are regularly transporting people that are over six

foot you may wish to go for a Skoda Superb because this sloping roofline does slightly eat into headroom bit space is great you can fit a couple of large

suitcases in here really easily and if you would like to create more space simple just use this and it folds the seats down the only downside is that

superb is more practical once again because it has a hatchback style tailgate opening where as the master six being a saloon means you do

get a smaller aperture if you stick with our favorite master six running cost should be reasonable because the 148 brake horsepower version returned a very

respectable 47 miles per gallon in our true mpg tests be warned though it is more expensive to buy than both the Skoda Superb and Ford Mondeo

which could be an issue if you’re buying outright privately there are keen deals on Finance though so a PCP or finance deal could be a good option the good

news is that even the entry-level SEL nav trim is pretty well equipped with parking sensors all around Jil zone climate control and the 8 inch

infotainment system are standard unless there are some added luxuries you can’t do without we wouldn’t bother considering a more expensive trim level it’s a dependable choice – because in

our annual reliability survey the six scored the third highest marks in the executive class be seeing both the superb and monday.a it’s a safe car – screwing the full five stars in the Euro

endcap crash tests every car as standard comes with Lane keep assist blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking however although the six is a well-rounded and appealing car it faces

some really tough competition and ultimately it’s firm low-speed ride tight rear headroom and average size boot hold it back from being our top choice as an executive Express for plenty more on the Mazda 6 including our

full online review.

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