2020 Mazda CX-30 review

636 in the middle the Mazda CX turkey is a rival to SUVs like the skoda karoq in the attack of the pricey versions of it got pretty close to the new Mazda 3 hatchback Idaho It feels no higher than just a normal hatchback isn’t such a lot on the steering.

 wheel itself feels really nice and big and it’s not too skinny it is just right feels like really nice material around as well also has loads of adjustment to even got the option of lifting up the front of it to support your thighs but you called get adjustable lumbar support on the trims below the top two ones these front pillars could be a little thinner you over the shoulder towards the back it’s okay but you got pretty smooth red windows and also the red screen itself is pretty small as well as there’s not a patch on the noise large glass front and rear parking sensors and a reversing camera standard 360 degree cameras to Ocean is that you get a top digital driver display to show you the breadth of information is customizable as that in the sad and scared

 but is still very crisp very clear used to display a standard on every model but where the cx30 really stands out again because it excellent to all these materials on the dash or incredibly plush feel really nice solid durable and all the buttons have a real good feel quality tune as well get this nice kind of two tone leather effects on the dashboard to and you can also have a nice bright leather interior view of seats to w x 1 in the Volvo xc40 to get close to a cx30 office another area

 where the inside is with a simple timing because screen which is recessed into the dashboard and send it here but it’s just a touch screen because instead and you can only use this on the show coupons on the steering 

wheel to control it has decided not to use a touchscreen because it says that it’s too distracting to use on the move this isn’t the touchscreen because it’s incredibly simple to use very responsive just as responsive as the other SUVs as well and the shortcut buttons a very intuitive Eco simple menu layout and really it’s just great to use plus don’t forget that comes with Apple carplay and Android auto and Bluetooth space up front is pretty good even with the Toronto Sun reported as plenty of Headroom and if you said it was a relatively wide interior and the storage you got this sort of alarm rest here which is very well placed you can see underneath storage compartment with USB ports and further up on the center console underneath a couple of cup holders

 which are very neatly disguised with this late when it’s closed and I had a very handy Trail looks pretty good size with the door because you look so getting in is it more of a struggle and is in other SUVs when you are here isn’t as good as a skirt or sciatica special few behind it to drive a hopelessly but there is an okay amount of room for your feet under the seat in front Headroom is alright to but generally occur if you are far greater sense of having a special 

because if you can save these windows are pretty small X32 so it doesn’t really feel very spacious and you only have a 60/40 split-folding rear seats what are the corrupt gets 40-20-40 split for message account for those receipts from the boot or the space you do get is more than you will in a Volkswagen Golf or any other hatchback football family SUV stand this is below average entry level trade pretty much in line

 with the the trim levels Sandy got closer to other versions of 37.6 miles per gallon is skyactiv X 30 X to the 3 year 60000 mile warranty which is the same effect by Audi and Volkswagen the driver and front-seat passenger score for protection organizations top writing cx30 comes with automatic emergency braking blind spot monitoring Lane departure warning with Lane keeping assist in Surrey cross traffic alert system to one traffic on a Droid attention alert system that’s most kind of safety equipment than many competitors combustor there are few problems with the master 6:30 on the right. Because we’re useless in every other Master naturally aspirated engine turbocharged just doesn’t offer low rev in gear flexibility cat in the crock and an attacker now there are two of them it’s a skyactiv g to liter

 which is the better one Auntie skyactiv text to notice the extra pasted it brings one benefit of these four cylinder to smooth and quiet 3 cylinder turbocharged engines and it’s excellent 6-speed manual gave us a really short Snappy drives great to use a 6-speed automatic option and well that’s actually very responsive and pretty good when it comes to the Royal Inn cx30 there is a bit of fidget to it 

when you pass I report how he got pretty strong thud after the seat and something I can talk just officer much more cushioned comfortable relax is that the body control is actually pretty good so he go around some Corners called quickly heal a to contend with the toes down not respect the first like there is such a thing and the steering as well but it’s a good way to it and it feels as well however not to mention locks is the one guy for his one up from entry-level SEL and it gives you an electric tile guy heated front seats, control and keyless entry physical activity is the pick of the range and we’d stick with Two Wheel Drive Suite 6 speed manual gearbox to keep the price down after the paint there is a no-cost arctic

 white solid paint option but the metallic paint cost 550 x 16 in. Always because if you want these bigger 18in channel is that the right time is 64 Pence

 what is 124 lb even more information on this call and every other call with mention this video this car you can save my life and please subscribe because we have loads videos coming out every week 

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