2020 McLaren 540C Review

the term entry-level usually refers to the cheapest and most basic version of a car now while the 540 see may be the cheapest McLaren you can buy it’s anything but basic its rivals are

seriously impressive – and include the Audi r8 and Porsche 911 Turbo in this price bracket buyers are expecting a thrilling driving experience hefty performance and plenty of luxury

enough in fact to make their six-figure purchase usable every day so how well does the 540 see fit that brief in this video review will tell you what it’s like to drive how easy it is to live

with and how practical it is yes stay with me and if you would prefer to shop for your new McLaren from the comfort of your own home go to a new car buying section of what car calm and normally we

can help save you some money first though let’s see what it’s like to drive if there’s one area every sports currently is to shine it is out here on the open road in the 540 C your right

foot is connected to a 3.8 liter turbocharged v8 petrol engine it’s the same one found in many other MacLaren’s and in this guys pushes out 533 brake

horsepower which gets this beast from north to 62 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds and if you keep going you can get to almost 200 miles an hour now Wow mid-engine sports cars do have somewhat

of a reputation for being scary to drive you don’t have to be a racing driver to have fun in the 540 C and if you’d rather not change gear there’s a very competent dual clutch automatic gearbox

or you can take control with these paddles here on the steering wheel even pottering the city streets won’t cause you too much stress the accelerator

pedal isn’t overly sensitive and while the steering may be heavier than many it used to its very communicative so you always know what your front wheels are

doing the 540 C is also surprisingly comfortable on scruffy B roads even though it’s not fitted with the more expensive hydraulic suspension that you’ll find on other McLaren models once

you’ve found an open bit of road the 540 C has the kind of performance which leaves you grinning put your foot down for more than a few seconds and you’ll

be securing the speed limit I really complained in fact is that while this engine sounds great the Audi r8 v8 petrol motor sounds better

finding a comfortable driving position should be a doddle whether you’re tall or not so tall because there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat and the steering

wheel has reach and rake the seats also quite comfortable so they’re good on long journeys and there’s some sideways lateral support if your cornering quite

hard you can feel quite snugly in the seat forward visibility is excellent rear visibility is quite good but you can spec a reversing camera which is

displayed in front of you here and there are no analog dials instead there’s a configurable screen showing the most useful information which is just below

your eye line for the road the same can’t be said for MacLaren’s infotainment system called iris because it sits quite low so when you take your

eyes off the road you are actually moving them quite far that said it’s quite easy to navigate but some of the menu systems are a little slow to

respond and the icons are quite small and you only get four speakers with the stereo so if you like your music you might want to spec the quite expensive

stereo upgrade as you’d expect from a car in this price range build quality is right up there with the best of them and there’s an extensive use of high quality

materials I just love this stitching that goes up and down here you certainly won’t feel shortchanged like it’s sounding Porsche rivals the

McLaren 540 C is a sports car that’s been designed to be usable everyday so it’s actually wider than its more expensive siblings which means you can

drive along without rubbing elbows with your passenger unless you are exceptionally large of course and you may have noticed that you will just have

one passenger because there are no rear seats and if you are 6 foot tall you will find that there is plenty of headroom now I did say stay with me

because it is a lot more practical than you might think there’s some secret storage here which I think might be perfect for a banana yes it is there’s

two cupholders here to here some more storage underneath the armrest which also has three USB ports and a plug socket so this bottle will probably have

to travel in the netting there yeah that’s secure and instead if you’re driving in McLaren you have to look cool so I’ll put my sunglasses in there there

we go if your golf player you’ll be pleased to know that you can put your golf clubs behind these seats and if I’m driving there’s a little bit of space so

you’ve got an umbrella there in case it rains and then you don’t get a traditional boot but what you do get is space in the front to fit a couple of

suitcases let’s be honest a brand-new mclaren 540 c is going to be a little bit too much of a financial stretch for most of us okay you get niceties for

your money such as climate control leather seats and a touchscreen infotainment system but not many cars are going to leave the factory standard

and if you get blase ticking on the options list the price and ratchets up dramatically although you’re not likely to be worrying too much about fuel bills

it’s still good to know that the 540 is less thirsty and has lower emissions than most versions of the Audi r8 although a Porsche 911 Turbo is even

more fuel efficient the 540 C is a magnificent sports car it’s surprisingly usable everyday it’s shockingly rapid and it’s great fun to drive even at

normal everyday.


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