2020 Mercedes AMG GT 4 Door Coupe

Closing the classic Mercedes-Benz really gives you a different feeling and I will show you that later on and it’s driving me nuts emblem on the back side and the cute dog Amazing so this Mercedes-Benz was actually the first Eagles to my wife also the World War II first to have the union body so this is connected to the chassis of the car restaurants

1300 kilograms is that is 85 horsepower that’s what I really can appreciate from this classic car or the details those clothes in my 1956 Mercedes Benz has made free cars for the Mille miglia race track and it looks exactly like this one the design is really suits the function name is called ahead of the curve and the artist called potato from the side you can see the weed eater design of Mercedes Benz has always been into DNA you can open the door with the handle and there is a button that you have to press and of course you remember.

This from my G Class videos and now you know where it’s from from the classic Mercedes-Benz even for the songs of the door closing sounds great and even the windshield wipers the G Class has the same design with two at the pretty upright built window you a lot more features of this song first of all getting aside is a little bit difficult because it has the racing suits Sangre as I mention it’s also right.

William Mercedes-Benz 220 emblem here at the center and as you can see it doesn’t have the sense her phone so maybe it will be back in the future the close of the left side brake and the gas pedal but you don’t have a gear changer in the center it’s behind the steering wheel so the first gear is actually a second gear is done if the 3rd and the 4th gear to put it in reverse you just have to grab it and pull it more to wash you shut up like this you can see the best over here because we still active in the Mille miglia so the next year hopefully a new emblem.

Will be added a very special thing in the interior is of the indicator is actually mounted to the steering wheel to the right you just have to grab the circle turn it to the right and all the way around furthermore there are a lot of manual adjustments in the interviewer for example the windscreen wiper there’s a button it even has a dual zone climate control which is very special in my opinion can also coolest Mercedes clock in the center of which we also know CVS close unless you want to see close so this is the last picture you have to switch it two times.

They have to put it out and throw the headlights you have to push this button with your food I really like the Vintage design with the root door trim and center console and that’s the same quality I should see nowadays a Mercedes-Benz what does a plank Doyle on the right side and actually Wiggles when you’re driving so it is not so easy to see what’s in your tank only when you’re standing still there’s one more special thing I have to show you and this is the space this car has especially the classic course they have a lot of volume so we will have to look at the trunk space let’s open it with a key and there.

You have it a lot of space and this car only weighs 13 on this kilograms is 4 meters long as you can see it fits more than the cover store they have a spare tire and the road before wedding so I guess it has about 700 beaches of 20 besties First Quality gorgeous design and that’s how they also see now in the new GLE a little pervy rear so let’s sit in the back seat and I’ll show you some more and the best seats are not adjusted August 4th Cups he’s in front of me so it’s very soft to sit here a lot of amazing features such as here behind the doors also closed with a great song a little pet space and because this is the six inline.

It has increased with 170 millimeters compared to the 4-cylinder so we have more legroom so we are actually here as part of a road trip we started in GPS route that you’re heading to the Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart Museum that you will see in the next video so the front of the car is very iconic it does a large grill with Mercedes store on.

I was just open the hood for you to see the engine so let’s open the door you have to press the smoke just like you so long the GE classes in my videos.

I will open the hood it has a handle down here just press it very firm Celeste blue cat was under the bonnet I guess you can see the bone at the solo almost to the lower bumper the Lost radiator Grille the horns here in the front which is amazing and just sounded all so very funny German emblem and the engine to blow us with a lot of details I will show you the inline 6 cylinders and everything here is Manual High School electronically like.

You see nowadays it has a joke so you have to grab it so no Heroes actually flow into the engine.

Easier when it’s cold so let’s close the bonus what’s a good classic on the racetrack I was just open the window I look forward it up usually it has only two keys but in the past 50 years they change the keys quite a lot so that’s inserted then break it’s in neutral let’s press the button to start sounds amazing I’ll put it in the first gear release the handbrake and we are ready to go and try from the racetrack let’s see how it is I think those guys aren’t used to a car like this on the racetrack actually good cure for Mika henican overcooked 2 Formula 1 players have you barely managed to get off the cliff I’m holding turn on the ceiling view because as you can see it’s kind of holding

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