2020 Mercedes-Benz A-Class review

2020 mercedes-benz gla-class review as film fans will know I film with multiple sequels rarely matches up to the original and the same can be said for the Mercedes a-class the original was innovative and unique and subsequent

mercedes benz a class sedan 2020 review

versions have been nothing special in the family car market however this latest version is a whole lot better and proved that we should remain open-minded and it needs to be good because the 2020 mercedes-benz glb-class review

competition is outtie a3 and BMW 1-series but can it compete or should you go for something cheaper such as the Volkswagen Golf that’s what we’ll find out in this review as well as what it’s

like to drive how easy it is to live with and how practical it is and remember if you’re in the market for a new car or fancier new Mercedes a-class go to our new car buying section on 2020 mercedes benz c class review

whatcar.com where we can help save you thousands first of all though let’s see what it’s like to drive the range starts with a 1.3 liter petrol badged as an a 200 it feels nippy especially around

town but you do have to work it quite hard to get some pace out of it if it’s more power that you’re looking for this at a 250 which has the 2 litre petrol

engine it packs a lot of punch and it will get you up to motorway speeds in just over 6 seconds which is quicker than a lot of hot hatches if you’re doing enough master warrant it

then your only option at the moment for a diesel is the a180 theme it has 114 brake horsepower and it’s on a par with the Audi a3 1.6 diesel it’s powerful enough and it has mid-range poke and

delivers its power progressively which makes it an ideal commuters car no matter which engine you go for you get an automatic gearbox as standard which

is mostly good although it is a little slow to respond on the kickdown however you can change gears yourself using these paddle shifters engine refinement

isn’t the a classes strongest point with most of them being quite vocal when you put your foot down you can hear road noise inside the cabin just like you can in an Audi a3 however wind noise is neatly suppressed

when it comes to ride comfort this a-class is far more comfortable than the older car sure it’s not quite as good as the Gulf but the Mercedes feels much

smoother than the rival BMW 1-series especially around town things get less settled at high speeds though stick to smaller ally wheels for best ride but

even the larger 18-inch alloys don’t make things do uncomfortable the a-class handles as well as you would expect for a car like this it does lean

a little bit more than an a-class through the corners but generally it does have plenty of grip on offer and does feel well composed

the steering impresses to building weight naturally as you go into the corners it’s also light enough to make parking and the dotted around town Wow

there is no other word to describe this interior it is absolutely fantastic your eye is immediately drawn to this huge screen that dominates the center console

if you go for the upgraded version you get to ten point to five inch touchscreens one per your infotainment and one for your dials even the standard

version gets to 7-inch touch screens to control all the functions you can either use the touchscreen or you can use this pad here or you can use the controls on

the steering wheel you get sat-nav dob radio and a couple of USB sockets as well as some other useful functions our full review you can tell you about this

system in more detail but it’s both graphically impressive and mostly easy to use although generally speaking the rotary Dells in the a three and one

series are easier to operate as the driver getting comfortable in the a-class is easy because there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat and also in the

steering wheel if you’d like electric adjustable seats you need to spec the Premium Plus pack you don’t get adjustable lumbar support

however the seats are very well contoured so that doesn’t actually matter and in terms of visibility it’s much better than the outgoing model but

even so you still get a reversing camera as standard if you would like front and rear parking sensors you need to spec the executive pack as I’ve already said

perceived quality is excellent because it certainly does have the wow factor and if you’re gentle with these buttons then that well factor remains however if

you’re a little bit heavy-handed like this the whole panel flexes so some people might think that the quality is not quite good as it could be even if you tower over most of your friends and colleagues

which is not me I hosted two out at five foot four and a half but if you are really tall you will find inside the Mercedes a-class is very spacious note if you go for the panoramic sunroof it does eat into the

Headroom a little bit but there’s a long way to go there’s also plenty of storage so you’ve got decent sized Orban’s you have more storage here and two cupholders here more storage here as well as a

decent-sized glovebox first thing to note is this wheel arch makes it a little tricky to get into the back however once here it’s on a par with the Audi a3 and slightly roomier than a BMW

1-series if you’re sitting three adults side by side then an a3 is slightly roomier but unless you’re over six foot told there isn’t really going to be much to complain about sitting in the back of

a Mercedes a-class and if you’d like a rear armrest you’ll have to stump up the extra cash for the optional Premium Package as you can see we don’t have one

in this car boot space is reasonably Goodes you can fit a weakly sharp or perhaps a couple of large holiday suitcases we fitted six carry-on suitcases which is the same as an Audi

a3 there is a bit of a lip here which you have to heave stuff over and there’s no adjustable boot floor to even things out you can though drop the rear seats to create an extended flat floor on

paper the Mercedes a-class is considerably more expensive than its rivals the BMW 1 Series and Audi a3 if your company car driver the Mercedes a

180 D diesel and the a 200 petrol make a lot of sense however bear in mind both of them emit higher co2 emissions than the Audi a3 equivalents the good news is

that even entry-level se versions of the a-class come with plenty of kit 16 inch alloy wheels air conditioning cruise control and keyless start all come as standard that said we’d recommend up

waiting to sport trim which brings LED headlights dual zone climate control and a beefier look range-topping AMG models such as the one we’ve got here come with

more added luxuries but they’re generally too expensive for us to really recommend they come with seven airbags Len keep assist driver monitoring

alertness system and automatic emergen braking the Mercedes a-class is

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