2020 Mercedes E Class Review

As you can see we are at the restaurant Canyon in Nevada with all new Mercedes-Benz E-class facelift this will be very special and you can always see if there’s a little bit, so we will start at the front of the car.

 This is the AMG package you can see the aggressive and just elegant front bumpers and you can also see hear the LED light in the CLS Benz new models does it close Mercedes store in the front with one horizontal line and the hood is completed new aggressive so let’s move over into

 the soil and the AMG line as well as the avant-garde is 50 mm lower to the ground which is better for the fuel consumption so let’s move over to the rear and this is the rear of the new E-class facelift the AMG package so you can see the diffuser in the center vertical line and sequin already noticed the new tail lights it’s a special surprise what’s behind this cover so now it’s time to take the eclipse face look for a test drive and I will be sitting.


here in this cold very thing that’s in your position and it has the newest mbux system so let’s check it out so nice we are currently driving to New E-class facelift so in this beautiful scenery at the Rock Canyon explain something about the interior of the new face ship next to me I have the expert name is Peter working at Mercedes-Benz I’m happy to present you know details of the new Mercedes C Class facelift interior month of May AMG Sport package Especially if you have two new touch control functions on the steering wheel so now that we have seen the AMG package.


it’s time for the exclusive version of the E-class facelift let’s start at the front of the car is very elegant for the exclusive line it has one Chrome horizontal line in the front close vs. close and you can also see hear


 the LED light is a V shape love you mother and Aunt exclusive look very thick accents and keep in mind guys this is the calm of lost version and for this exclusive version that will be a Mercedes store on the top and you’re going to see it is very real, flushed the podium the hood is only for the AMG package I really love to see the new E-class facelift the most comfortable car with the newest technology the mbux so let’s move over to the front of the car and you can notice that more elegant wheels and then we will take this E Class facelift for a drive that will show you something from the interior so we are now continuing an E-class with the six-cylinder engine and this is the oven. 


Version you can already see it in the luxurious details in the interior it’s a nice steering wheel so Peter how does it drive the new 6 Miller engine because of the 48 volt system and HP generator it’s about 207 and 505 seconds continue Inc Los Gatos DMV your ex love you also can open our then be weeks as you remember maybe he’ll be weak Cetaphil also special needs a touch function is West Point five in on the instrument cluster in unit and all the functions you can choose all the composite functions also a speech example or equally into a famous high Mercedes how can I help increase the temperature I’m increasing the temperature on the front you still.


Have all the important Bolton’s here at your fingertips so can still press the button for the temperature and vehicle settings notification system beautiful scenery near people cycling The Rock Canyon National Park different to the life away and then change so the right side steering wheel by a touch that you can change


 The functions of the instrument cluster for example and you also have the trickmaster here it is the setting of the language of the discipline again song I was just open the door materials I can see hear.


 it does the root term kind of festivals like this round wood surface and especially for the US comes driving off this car, but you can change by which we can change to a more sporty or stop plus adding combination of suspension economic program another feature that is very impressive for the cost Mister integrated solar generator that’s the idea of the start-stop function of the CEO of stop-and-go and so and then starts and stops

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