2020 Mercedes EQC review

if you think about what’s improved most in the world of motoring over the past decade it’s got to be electric cars actually remember rounding up some of the best options about ten years or so ago and frankly they were all a bit of a joke you could actually watch our video from back in the day by clicking up there in the top right if you fancy your laughs.

But not before you’ve the rest of this video because these days electric cars are really rather good and today we’re driving what could be one of the best yet it’s called the Mercedes EQC and we’re at Norway today to get behind the wheel for the very first time but before we do that chances are you probably know us best for our videos or our written reviews these days though we can also help you get a great discount

When buying so if you’re in the market for any new car electric or otherwise head over to our website watch icon and check out the new car buying section to find out how much money you could save now the EQC isn’t the first battery-powered Mercedes but it is the company’s first dedicated electric car that is to say that there isn’t a petrol or a diesel version on offer as well it’s the first of ten V’s the German brand is planning to launch between now and 2025 under a new EQ sub brand although while many of those future

models will be built on a bespoke electric car platform the EQC is actually a heavily modified GLC underneath it’s slightly more futuristic looking bodywork with prices starting at just over 65,000 for the entry-level sport model rising to around 79 thousand for the bells and whistles 1886 launched edition the EQ seat has two very clear rivals the Audi e-tron and the Jaguar ipace both of which are also fully electric SUVs the Tesla Model X is a bit more expensive but is also likely to be

on the radar of potential educ buyers but let us know which of those four cars you choose by voting in our poll so inside you can definitely tell it’s Mercedes and that’s mostly a very good

thing this huge screen up here is pretty much identical to what you find in an e class for example as is this upswept gloss-black centre console and the C controls here on the door this air vent in the middle here is new and to be honest it’s a little bit wobbly so overall build quality isn’t quite up there with the likes of the Audi e-tron the infotainment system well that’s pretty much the same as you’ll find in the latest a-class so this touchpad here you just swipe left and right and you just press down to make a selection another interesting thing is that the navigation system can actually work out the quickest route on longer journeys that involves stopping for charging so if you had to go from London to Scotland for example it would work out the faster.

charges on route and the quickest way for you to get there sitting in the back here legroom is absolutely fine I’m sitting behind my imaginary self here I’m six foot and no complaints at all Headroom well that’s not quite as good my hair is just brushing the ceiling there but on a long journey I wouldn’t be too uncomfortable and as for the boot well it’s a little bit smaller than Andy

Tron’s it’s fairly shallow but you’ll still fit a few suitcases in there and there is some extra storage space here under the floor and if you need to carry even longer items you just flip this switch here and the seats fold down now if you haven’t driven an electric car before the first thing you’ll notice about the EQC is just how quiet it is now admittedly the same thing could be

said about the vast majority of v’s but this one is particularly quiet even compared with rivals like the Audi e-tron for example because you hear less of a wine from the electric motor as you accelerate and you decelerate in fact the only noise you do really hear other than the sound of the rain that’s just starting is hitting the screen there is a very faint hum as the ties slap away at the surface of the road but to be honest the only reason you really noticed that is because of how little noise there is coming from anywhere else

in here now if you’re interested in going around corners quickly then this isn’t the car for you you’d be better off with something like her Jaguar type a saw better still something that isn’t an SUV at all like a Tesla Model 3 for example but if you’re more interested in getting where you’re going in comfort.

which let’s face it the vast majority of SUV buyers are likely to be then there’s a lot to like about this car right I’m driving along now is terribly finished even compared with most of the stuff you’ll find back in the UK for example but the EQ C’s dealing with it really well but although this car is the sort of sporty through the corners it is

pretty quick that’s probably not surprising given that it has a 402 great horsepower electric motor and normal 262 takes just five point one seconds that’s

quite a bit quicker than an Audi each one can manage if not quite as fast as cars like the Tesla Model X and the Jaguar ipace but it’s more than enough

it’s a smile on your face another thing I really like about the uqc are these panels here behind the steering wheel because they allow you to change the

level of regenerative braking to suit your personal tastes all the type of driving you’re doing now if I pull this one here on the left a few times well

that increases the effect to the point you don’t really need to use the brake pedal at all on the other hand if you pull the one here on the right a few

times that takes the regenerative effect out pretty much entirely so it’s much smoother when you’re driving on the motorway you don’t come

you feel the car wants to slow down every time you just lift off the accelerator slightly one thing I’m sorry that skiing on about this car is the

feel through the brake pedal because what happens is when you apply pressure you get an increase in the level of regeneration and that can make it quite

difficult to judge exactly how much pressure to apply to stop smoothly but it is at least something you get used to quite quickly now the EQC has an 80 kilowatt hour

battery which is massive compared with what you get in a Nissan Leaf or even a Kia you narrow but don’t forget this is a much bigger heavier car so it needs a

lot more power to drive itself around and that’s why the maximum range between charges according to the official W LTP test at least is not that impressive

it’s 259 miles on the plus side that is a few more miles than the Audi e-tron can officially manage despite the Audi having a larger capacity battery but the ipace has an

official range of 292 miles and even the much cheaper Kia Niro promises 282 miles between charges now we will of course be putting me you see through our real

range tests when we get hold of a car back in the UK and that will give you a much better idea of how many miles you can expect in real world driving but in

the meantime if you want to find out the real range for any other electric colors on sale at the moment just head over to our website whatcar.com or click the

link up there in the top right so finally what about charging well if you plug in at home at a regular 7 kilowatt charging point then a full charge that’s

from 0 to 100% will take around about 11 hours you can of course charge much more quickly than that at a public CCS charger most of these deliver around 50

kilowatts but if you can find one of the latest that deliver 110 kilowatts then a 10 to 80 percent charge in the EQC takes around about 40 minutes in other words

it’s a bit longer than it’ll take you to charge up a Tesla but it’s still not bad at all now we will of course be putting if you see up against its closest rivals

the jockey what I faced and the Audi e-tron when we get hold of a car back in the UK in a few months time

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