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2020 Mercedes G Class G500

Soul Surfer the new generation G Class has increased in size the ground G-Class veins with these indicators of the top stand-up structure it has the nice package you can see that’s from The blacked-out Grille and it has an amazing color the Platinum black designer from some angles it actually looks grayish and this is an amazing car because it has the new 500 engine it is a V8 which produces 423 horsepower in less than 6 seconds is an amazing 210 kilometers an hour is a very upright built structure so you might hear a lot of wind noise cuz we will see those later on let me take this car for his right and it still has the very iconic windshield wipers for this G wagon because I’m amazing built quality so I was just open the door and let’s listen to the song I was just freaking East or the engine for you to show the Mercedes emblem Miss listen amazing I put it in reverse there we can see

the Mercedes emblem on the ground so let’s continue so let me just look the car and listen to the song of The Doors the point of this car is amazing it is 1 metres and 95 CM High how’s this side skirt for the SUV design so let’s move over to the rear side of the car and the advantages of the new generation G Claus really come Forward Air in the rear side has a camera this spare wheel and it used to be on top of it then you couldn’t really see what’s going on around the car I was just unlock it and it has the new design till she calls me to notice it because there are small just like their predecessors decades ago I really love these are also with the blacked-out windows doesn’t have the exhaust tips over here special AMG air intake design on the side of the car iPhone stop a black line which goes all over the design of the GR8 October here at the center but it also has an additional toolbar over

there G wagon can pull a lot of things from trucks to machines and Descanso 3500kg nice black spare tire with Mercedes store so that’s open the trunk area with a button you have to press the trigger thumb there’s opens very wide door for the trunk and who can see a lot of space it has around 500 liters of turn capacity with with the ceiling goes too far higher numbers than that which definitely improves the trunk space I’m here you can have a look at the special interviewer with all new technology

for the G Class I really like this to Quality a handle this really shows her boosters of this G wagon so that’s close friend you could see the wool car shake so that’s a fluke of the interviewer massive the mule to digital screens both of 13in I was just press the button for the electronics work here says Mercedes-Benz very upright windows and the seating position is very high of the ground a very special thing is that the passenger can also look and unload the car which is unique so let’s press the button to start the engine nice VA song does the ambient Lighting in the interior as well as the newest burmester surround sound system turbine still air vents with coats in the center the center console

with wood trim at the Mercedes store clock it has a very iconic handle and now with would option on it the AMG package steering wheel with clutch pressed in the side you can just swipe through the settings Mercedes-Benz emblem as well as G close the circle proof emblem so let’s sit inside beyond my own driver’s position the main thing is that you have a lot of headspace the niece is very decent and you have to lift that’s ready to sit in a comfortable way you have amazing view outside because of the high seating position and who can also see the gorgeous ambient lighting they’ll just open the window open more than this just like

the Garth Motors so let’s have a look at what’s under the bonnet G wagon very compact this is the new engine of the 500 model with a V8 engine produces 423 horsepower from 0 to 100 in just 6 seconds so that’s close to bonus and you go take it for a drive so here we are on the road G500 you can also swipe to the right two stills hit the supportive design nose becomes orange nextplus and is really feels great sitting in this High position so much space the chieftain position is gray ambitious

the G500 with over 435 horsepower let’s take this turn we will see if this difference compared to the previous estrategicas it doesn’t feel like a boat as it used to sounds great surround sound system with the stereos at the edges of interior upright building structure if you do hear a little bit of raised around 2350 kg who is 200 kilograms less than the producer Dynamic chillax down here you can switch driving characteristics from Echo the comfort and Sport with a sport mode the steering wheel is more direct and the gas pedal is very responsive add to splice from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 5.9 seconds that’s amazing considering the size of this car So let’s put it back into comfort  And it becomes a cruiser so guys thanks for watching more expensive thing I hope she’ll like this video of the all new generation Mercedes G Class I will see you guys in the next one bye bye

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