2020 Mercedes GLB 35 AMG

The heights around 1 meters in 66 cm but it has a lot of practicality the cargo space is just amazing.

The size of the front tires are 255/35 21 in with a performance AMG silver calipers does the turbo 4matic emblem on

the side a freak black view Archer which goes alongside the side skirts with a glossy black design 2:35 AMG comes with a chrome wheels on the top but these are black further into the saw that you can notice the black line with a little slope to indicate of these are different dimensions the size of the rear tires are the same 255/35 21 inch steaks is over to the rear side until you can notice it is very upright built a gorgeous design with the AMG spoiler at the top black holes as well as the black tiles windows and the design here on the side it does gorgeous two lights with two oval lines

for the SUV Mercedes-Benz glb 35 emblem as well as the MGM and for the 35 you have single exhaust tips on its side so let’s open the trunk and you will see the trunk capacity there’s opens alongside the vehicle tours very practical if you fold the seats forward to test over 1,800 of trunk capacity that’s for the five seater for this one is a 7-seater so that makes it around 1618 capacity with the seat so up it has 517 you can already see suitcases Banks and 2000 lots of space left especially at the top so

This AMG deal b35 is a 7-seater I took the luggage away from the trunk area and I will show you how the two additional seats work first you have to put the second row forward has a rope so just pull it and there are the two seats for forward it even has something to adjust so you can pull it back now you have to safety and grab the Rope and there’s a third row of Pierce still a little bit of trunk space so let’s go inside and I’ll show you the space as for the spec I’m actually Heating and Air my knees are touching the seat in front of me but it’s not as bad as I expected starting the ceiling so this is really for kids I know you can notice the USBC slot and Evans for the two additional passengers even as a cripple the section so let’s

have Lucas what’s under the hood of this AMG govt 35 and this engine we know from the A35 is this a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine which produces 306 horsepower with a maximum of 400 units of torque the character of the 35 realizing the AMG speedshift DCT AG Tronix on HP automatic transmission from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in just 5.2 seconds and you will stay good for a drug so guys let’s take the Gob 35 AMG for our drive here is already says AMG until you have two characteristic panamericana Grille so let’s start in the Sport Plus and you have to done Amex select richer on the steering wheel

Nelson Sports Plus the engine is said to Dynamic the AMG Troll 2 Sport Plus reverse here’s has the Camera 360 degrees and the rear camera if you put it in Drive can I see the front the book green and check out the camera the city is beautiful and the people drive for a lot of scooters so we have to be careful let’s take a right turn in 100 meters is it says right here you’re supposed to turn right the life camera does an amazing steering wheel of a mg with the two vertical lines AMG emblem in the flat bottom and this is new with the dynamic select feature and the exhaust button so you can change the suspension comfort and Sport Plus nice Monument driving to govt is very different the dimensions are not quite the same as infants yearly or GLC this pillar feels very far away and it’s so high you have a lot of his room my city the starting prices in the US or just above $35,000 and that’s great for an SUV like this it definitely feels like you have more space and interior than to GLC the augmented reality can also disable it by pressing.

This button over there was mr. behind Z in roundabouts and driving in the city if they’ll see exactly and what street you are and where you have to turn let’s do a rolling acceleration from 50 overs very first as you would hear the sounds very reduced sport bus again sounds better home button let’s go to me engine data performance Engine engine torque 18 kilometer winding Rose check especially with the 4matic has great I press the home button and go to design and change the stove to display into classic again and also change it into sport then it.

Becomes orange and the ambient lighting also changes new for the Gob icing here at the center console so guys thanks for watching Birds fence King I hope she like this video and stay tuned for more the book lights to car to see you guys bye bye 

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