2020 Mercedes GLB AMG

It’s the first compact SUV by Mercedes Benz it’s even available as a seven-seater so as you can see we are in beautiful Spain near the coast in Marbella and today I will show you the complete exterior interior and he will take it for a drive creating a compact SUV

is a very difficult and the solution of Mercedes-Benz is in the small details and I will show you that

all in this video I’ve got the key light are the new design so we’ll just unlock the car and let’s have a look at the exterior so here we have the new Mercedes-Benz glb design it used to be all about the horizontal lines that focuses more on the vertical lines to make it appear more large SUV like if the first goal line here at the headlights which is different compared to other mothers and because it has to do with one who isn’t the line Mercedes or into Center and the camera for the 360° camera package the AMG front bumpers and they also have the more hidden inside to order

Mercedes Benz cars so let’s move over into the side and that is the part which really gets me because it looks like the little brother of the GLS the appearance is so big SUV like so the question is how did they manage to make it appear like an SUV the first of all the length is only 4 metres and 70 cm they have this one up here which is a pop of line if it is also called the Beltline and normally with a horizontal line it makes it appear longer and smaller and that’s the reason why inserts of is hoping to make the fair larger you can also see some elements here at the new archers is a very thick line which makes it appear even larger and it also has a large 20 inch rims blacked out for the AMG night package but who can notice of these tires are also thicker also adding to the SUV characteristics Louisville thought of even here with her real on the top and here is a

2020 Mercedes GLB AMG
2020 Mercedes GLB AMG

CPR you can notice that they didn’t make it too long and because that shortens the car for the more they use a lot of glass which they called the daylight opening it also as to the SUV size it appears higher off the ground the ground clearance is around $0.20 Mercedes was inspired with a G+ and it’s GLS So This Is Us and like every Mercedes-Benz of has the graphic Light Element because it’s not and neither it is a circle that’s why it’s called Squirtle you know score for the Warriors has the off-road characteristics such as the chrome parts here just below the area and the tailpipes these are chrome exhaust is underneath and just like the GLC Coupe a AMG line because the diffuser which is large and let’s just yet by the figures he will open the trunk and he will see how much towing capacity does impressive here we can see the luggage that’s three suitcases you have a cover

this is the 5 C’s version tell me a price built and emphasis is really on the height it has 590 litres of train capacity and if you flip the seats forward it increases to 18 and 10 liters of turn capacity so that’s huge so let’s go strength and we will have to look at how much space this car has in the interior for a compact SUV the heights around the world meters in 66 centimeters and it has a gold leather interior you can already noticed it just very surprised for your back and that makes a sleeping position in the rear a little bit higher so there’s a lot of space down here free space to move your feet in and out so it’s easy to exit Great practical design I really would consider buying this car

Crazy Horse the G clothes feeling assaulted e l s a perfect combination one more crucial thing about the new govt is the MDX system update no you can actually Park and stay inside the car voice of the system and it also has a new Mercedes mbux store just like your Apple store or Play Store on your Samsung you can actually purchase new gadgets like this the radio and navigation system I will show you how to flip the seat forward you have this robe over here so just pull it it’s easy to enter the train from this position total just pulled back you can also pull the seats forwards and backwards for more legroom or to increase the trunk space and as you can see it isn’t so just pull the Rope more backwards I’m headspace doors are very scared so there’s no slope here

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