2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS

And the quality inside exclusive two-tone exterior color and the obsidian Black Pencil stripe alongside the exterior it’s a gorgeous Maybach emblem the rear c-pillar I’ve got the key was here with a special light cover on the back side this episode has a lot more characteristics

that it will show you later on in the video the front is just gorgeous such a great design the my book and a GLS form is like a dream car for most people it has Chrome details here at the front bumper just like the Maybach S-Class and vertical my bow front grill with a closed part for the dish 20 + it says here and the center table and for the first time of the SUV Mercedes store on the top of the hood

the mill T beam LED come in a standard and it’s really has a great presence the lower part of the bumper is actually glossy black the same paint as Xavier still some over roads elements such as the lower bumper the Maybach GLS is available as a four seater with two exclusive seats in the rear with also as a 5-seater so let’s move over to the side of the car and who can notice it this is very long 5 meters and 21 centimeters the height is around to run meters in 85 centimeters furthermore some more money but Chrome elements here on the b-pillar very thick just like the S-Class Maybach what is the side skirt which is Chrome with a glossy black design which matches the exterior color it does the multi-spoke

2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS
2020 Mercedes Maybach GLS

23 inch Maybach rims with them Wh It opens automatically and there you can see it has a lot of space with the heart top Culver and it also feels very soft from the inside this is to protect the VIP passengers for the noise coming inside a large fridge which diminishes the train capacity but it still has a round 510 liters of turn volume similar to the S-Class you can notice the word on the rare top with romance is found sound system and it kind of gives a waterfall feeling some additional storage space so let’s go strength do I have to look at the interior soft closing doors of course search has the my book front of the GLS as well as the Mets ring with a gorgeous

Mercedes store on. I was just press the button for the electronics to work a beautiful ambient lighting with the height as burmester surround sound system and the Maybach emblem on the center display screen the first thing that I noticed is the huntress it has a Maybach emblem on it and boot it used to be leather just waking every other

Mercedes-Benz here on the steering wheel it has the emblem on the lettering on the bottom and it has the new my birth display infotainment system like you have for the AMG from the gas pedal and the brake off the Maybach emblem if it will interviewer has great quality look up brown with a white combination brown stitching and there’s no plastic and record it is

Nappa leather even the roof horizontal lines at the door trim into can adjust the seats in many different race including the hats rust don’t already know this but ambient lighting just alongside the fender of my groove and not to mention the rear seats they are amazing storage space that you can leave your phone there for wireless charging this is the dynamic select you can change the dynamic driving characteristics and there is also a special by this suspension is even softer and the Comfort level is amazing it does the Maybach vertical Chrome lines in the arrogance to can already see how the visual Minecraft looks like vehicle navigation system can actually zoom out is the touchpad also Jamaican Souls players

Entertainment System screen So currently we are in Germany so tell me you guys where are you from so let’s start the engine so let’s have a look at what is under the bonnet off the Maybach GLS there it is a V8 producing 558 horsepower it takes its from 0 to 100 km an hour in less than five seconds keep in mind that this car weighs 2600 kilograms is 750 newton meters of torque ends with C E cube of give me some additional 22 horsepower and 250 ml of torque taking this car from 0 to 100 km an hour in just five seconds so that’s close to bonnet beautiful store so let’s have a look at the back seats soft closing doors and believe it or not but the rear seats are the most important parts of this Mercedes Maybach GLS it has the exclusive extension

all the way to Rivera just like the eskimos and the S close is extended with a few centimeters so it is around 5 metres and 45 cm and this my book is 5 M 21 cm but it does have a lot more space I’m actually laying down and you can adjust the seeds here in the rear does the newest infotainment system screens so let’s press the button they’re just my book and to also have a tablet over here you can control everything of this car including the seats navigation system and the temperature settings you can connect with your iPhone let’s push it back it also has the airplane tables just like in the S clothes can also rotated so it’s easy for you to work with your laptop function This Is A New Concept for my box with two glass

holders also has a large fridge with the ambient lighting Mercedes Maybach has try to make a Coke on feeling so it actually goes all around you behind you and it connects at the end you can control the windows with these buttons and as you can see it as a sunshade not only here on the site is also behind you and that is to protect you from the light because the seats are a little bit more to the back compared to the standard GLS and also more to the middle so you have more arm space and you can easily be safe here in the back seats it has a great teaching position higher than all the cars in the great interior burmester surround sound system the high end with ambient lighting around it you can also be close the panoramic roof in one Park furthermore test USBC connectivity and a champagne glass

Maybach emblem here at the front seat on the same position as you saw on the S65 video with the AMG emblem so guys thanks for watching mersman skating I hope she like this exclusive Mercedes Maybach GLS 

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