2020 Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman

¬†Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman guard this is a very special car fully armored with a vr10 protection this video I will show you the complete exterior interior and all the fun gadgets these doors are huge very heavy and thick Los it’s even blows resistance from the inside you can see the protection unit so if something explodes outside of the car the window volume gloss inside until you guys the soft closing and as I open the door electric motors that assist you and it stops at every point where you wanted to stop.

Yahoo so this is the driver seat of the Maybach S600 Pullman guard and this is the place where the bodyguards will be shipping and you can see it’s very luxurious but I have to say let’s go feeble this due to the partition wall you’re sitting very surprised and you can’t change the seat backwards for your back and if.

You do that your lecture to go forward because there’s not really a lot of space to turn around Huntsville Airport deals so let’s press the button for the electronics and we will listen to the sound of this vitro buy silver very powerful door so thick if you try to look outside to see this Distortion in your picture also in sport mode open

The window you can see the ghost protein before it closes Gort emergency buttons so the siren the songs you can actually listen to what people are saying around the car but this wasn’t so let’s listen about people are telling us outside okay you can talk to the people outside there are also some good life options such as this one very fleshy and of course the patrol so you can move your car around the country with a lot of police protection this might be a full moon is a mixture between the pre-facelift and the new face with Muzzle you can see the home the front grill with the protocol lines and that’s because it takes 1 and 1/2 years for the car to be ready after you order it and that’s because the protection concept has been adapted to the special circumstances of this six and a half meters.

long maybe it is completed design for Mercedes Maybach but it is outsourced to Bravo’s rather do the extension from the exterior the special protection equipment is barely visible it has outstanding strength and stability thanks to the specific reinforcement of the basic structure integrated into the protection of the body show the rear windows to the armored but it also has a steel bulkhead positions behind the scene with secure they had the area of the passengers the new Facebook mercedes-maybach drill with the vertical lines emblem on the front as well as a Mercedes intelligent light system tires with a design in rims combined with a j how to get the sign of thesis this car is longer than the S-Class Maybach and one meter and 25 cm longer than the Longview bass vs class diesel such heavy doors let’s just have a seizure does a large pillow.

With a Maybach emblem let’s go to the other two passenger seats so that’s close these heavy doors assistance the soft closing doors and as you can see this interior is a full VIP one over there Maybach emblem at three different television settings these are the VIP private jet tables don’t you have more than four different headphones in here with some more buttons to fill the seats so let’s put the seat on the left the television goes down and there appears a seed you can do the same for the but we have a lot of pillows here so let’s pull back the pillow it says.

Maybach emblem the television screen appear so if I press the television button the TV and if it still goes down such an amazing interior partition wall does the transparent mode and the foodie visible mode so full privacy even for your chauffeur furthermore the curtains you can close them automatically only this one you have to manually open and close so that’s a good breakfast table and I will show you some more nice features it even has two smaller marble pillows MP ambient lighting this is your device to control the infotainment system so let’s put this back and we will finally have a look at what’s under the Bonnet as I open the door he will get his assistant easy to get outside if you push it harder the door were actually open all the way with the electric assistance can also press the button so that you can make the seats lay down all.

The way does he mind before free monologues Ox on the left side the speech in which you’re driving the center says the time to write the temperature outside so let’s have look at the train capacity it is significantly less because of the adjustable seats in the rear around 400 so nice of this High protective guard so it says stall a vitro what does a 4 liter V12 engine producing 530 horsepower that is actually also the weight of this car is raceland’s 5006 on the skillet and it is also Limited in speed it takes it from 0 to 100 in around eight seconds so that’s supposed to be I think she’s watching Birds been screwing guys I hope she like this video and they will see you soon bye bye¬†

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