2020 Mercedes Maybach S650 BRABUS 900

650 900 so it has 900 horsepower interview and this video I will show you the complete exterior interior and you will listen to
the song the Broncos record 900 is the centerpiece of the fastest luxury sedan in the world so let’s
have a look at the front of the car good phones for sale with his carbon fiber gives you the very strong appearance also
The Panamericana Grille which is new for the facelift is closed and lettering as well as the Broncos emblem on the top the Bravos also has enforced
Aero Dynamics you can see
that’s when the Gibbs brothers front bumpers and the aggressive front goes beautiful into the more elegant side of
this Maybach G650 and you can already notice the Bravos characteristics such as the monoblock rims a gorgeous color 21 in and it also has the vetro 900 in a contrast red collar emblem on the side so the total length of this S-Class is 5 m and 45 cm you can already be noticed here want to see pillar so let’s move over to the rear side of the car and then you can notice some major differences it has the Broncos lettering on the left side and people

Ambush emblem in the center as well as the 900 large round specific exhaust tips Duo at both sides and it also has a diffuser blacked out in

the center with bravo specific LEDs so besides that it has a lot of space it is also very luxurious with the find the other in every corner of the trunk even the ceiling it also has a fridge which diminishes the trunk capacity but it still has a lot of space so let’s go

strength and do I have to look at the interior self-closing of course so let’s press the button for the electronics to work gorgeous ambient Lighting and Sound System flips out Angela Samoa live in Germany resume let’s go to the right and Russia India to the left all the way across the ocean to the United States and tell me guys where you are from in the comment section below the interviewer is full with fine leather in a brown mocha cooler so let’s press the button to start mice amazing Dodge doors so let’s get inside it even has a bubbles hello and also a little car

the other side and everything in the interior is a fine leather quality amazing with the ambient lighting also here at the ceiling so let’s press the button for the infotainment system USS mobile even has the month of the clocks on the ceiling just like the pool Mount guard you can adjust the seats in much different race including

the windows with the curtains for the money books long-wheelbase beautiful panoramic roof with a sunshade that you can also press the button to make it transparent or blue here we have some more storage with x’s to the fridge it has room for two champagne bottles price of jet tables show me fun quality in chicken turn it around I flipped it over here we can work with your laptop so let’s put it back amazing quality do you know if your wireless phone charger and two cup holders you can coils rings and also heathen the term romantic multi-zone climate control enter gorgeous interior used for magic sky with the rear sunshade let’s hear the wireless charging is an action amazing drone interior with this boats and you can actually hit the sheets for words enter own seats

will transform into a bed so you will go all the way down Yvette’s rust in front goes down and here is his little foot worse appears amazing self-closing so lots of Lucas what is under the Bonnet of this Beast this is the rocket Brothers 900 so it has a V12 engine producing 900 horsepower and 1500 newton meters of torque it takes this car to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.7 seconds

the top speed is 350 kilometers an hour a gorgeous engine the complete cover is carbon fiber with a beautiful bubbles emblem in Center in the ceiling of the hood is also covered in carbon fiber materials so let’s close the bonnet thanks for watching Marie Osmond skin guys I hope you like this God was 900cc you guys

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Palmer Madonia

Palmer Madonia

I really like how you wrote about 2020 Mercedes Maybach S650 BRABUS 900 .