2020 Nissan Micra review

for the past three decades Nissan has sold its micro in bucket loads partly because it’s cheap to buy also because it’s easy to drive which makes it appealing to first-time car owners and

those downsizing from larger cars this latest version is a little bit different though it promises a sportier drive and it’s Pasha interior could make it rise head and shoulders above its competition

so is the new micro now a better choice than rivals such as a cert IV third Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo let’s find out but before that don’t forget we can help save you money on your next new car

go to watt car comm and head to our new car deal section where we can help save you thousands engine choice is simple there’s a slow one litre non turbocharged petrol engine which has 70

brake horsepower and a puny 71 pound-feet of torque which means it gets to 60 in a truly colossal 16.9 seconds it has just enough poke to be able to cope around town but as soon as you get

to abbey road it really starts to struggle and at over 3,000 rpm it also starts to get a little bit noisy we recommend going for the naught point 9

litre turbocharged petrol engine which is the one we’re testing today and is definitely worth the premium over the entry-level engine it has the right blend to use around town and also on the open

road yes it does get a little bit vocal when you really push it through the rev range but it has enough low-end grunt that you still don’t need to do that and if you’re doing enough miles to warrant

buying a diesel there’s the 1.5 liter diesel engine which has a good delivery of power across the rev range and it’s one of the smoothest in its class

sadly the 5-speed manual gearbox isn’t impressive the action is a little bit vague what is impressive however is the clutch is light and positive and the

brakes are progressive which makes the Micra a breeze for driving around town in terms of how the car rides the micro suspension is fairly stiffly sprung which on the plus side means it stops

the car bouncing round over undulating roads but on the downside it means the rb30e ester and polo are all smoother riding this is particularly noticeabl

around town where the microphages sand has a tendency to crash over the kind of sharp potholes that those three rivals would cross without much bothe

at least the microjet arena smooths out when the speed increases which makes the Micra are very good at motorway cruiser the micros light steering lends itsel

perfectly to city driving trouble is when you get out onto the open road it doesn’t wait up nicely like a Fiesta or Ibiza it does however have plenty o

grip around the corners and very minimal body lean but the back end can feel a little bit skittish in wet conditions overall it is reasonably sporty but not

quite as sporty as we were expecting it’s a small car but most people should be able to find a driving position that works thanks to the adjustment in the

seat and also the steering wheel adjusts for reach and rake which is great in terms of visibility it is excellent out of the front apart from the sleeping

a-pillars can cause a slight obstruction at junctions it’s out the back that it becomes a bit of a problem because the pillars are very thick and the screen is

very shallow however you can spec reversing camera and parking sensors on the mid-range a centre model and they come a standard on the top of the range

techni that we’re testing today in terms of interior quality and the dashboard is logically laid out and the buttons and switches are very clearly labeled when

criticism I do have unless you choose one of the priciest models on offer the steering wheel is plastic and the gear leaver rubber and these two main points

of contact feeling quite cheap is not ideal overall the fit and finish it’s not quite as pristine as say a Volkswagen Polo Ascenta models on above

come with this 7-inch touchscreen crisp easy-to-use screen it does however have quite small icons which a little bit tricky to hit accurately on the move

you do have to buy an optional Kinect package or go for the pricey end connector or technodrome’s if you want to built-in sat-nav and da B radio the

apple carplay and mirror link are standard on mid spec Ascenta models allowing you to use your phone’s apps fire the screen the optional bose stereo

has speakers on the side of the driver’s headrest and creates very effective surround sound up front the Nissan Micra is one of the roomiest cars in its class

it’s also fairly practical with two cupholders they’re a decent sized Orban and a large glovebox if you regularly carry

more than one adult passenger it’s probably worth crossing the Nissan Micra off your list because in the back there’s not exactly loads of legroom and

even five foot four and a half me is very aware of how close the roof is so overall being in the back of the Micra is not the most comfortable place to be

as for the boot it’s a decent size and is usefully wide so you can fit a buggy in there or the weekly shop but you can still fit more in an IB third polo or Fabia

if luggage space is a real priority to you you probably be better off with a Honda Jazz or a small estate cast such as the Fabio estate although there are

cheap versions of the Nissan Micra the versions that you really want with the best back and trim and not noticeably cheaper than our favourite

versions of the Fabia Ibiza and polo and those cars have got more favorable finance deals plus it’s set to lose its value quicker than the best cars in its

class and it’s set to have more expensive service costs that said our favourite engine the naught point 9 litre returns 45 miles per gallon in our

real-world fuel economy test as for equipment the entry-level Vizia does not come with air conditioning so you need to upgrade to the Vizia plus to get that

our favourite though is the mid-range a centre because it comes with a touchscreen infotainment system alloy wheels and cruise control above that you have n connector and Tecna micros which

are both far too expensive to recommend even though they come with a long list of equipment including sat-nav folding

mirrors and rear privacy glass all micro has come in a very impressive list of standard safety equipment which includes

front side and window airbags a lane departure warning system and an automatic emergency braking system that can stop you from running into pedestrians or another car the UK spec

micro gets the maximum five-star safety rating from your end cap which matches rivals such as the SIRT Ibiza and

Volkswagen Polo unfortunately for the micro though even though it comes with a long list of standard safety equipment Overall it is a little underwhelming.

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