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Let’s talk about the new small SUV so it’s very closely on the small car to write but you can see the dimensions are different and similar to self listen to point out is the grill on the toilet that has this kind of small a horizontal design to it but now on the two thousand and you have a vertical design so trying to give it a big kind of SUV Focus look to it you may recognize.

These headlights hair and the three claws as well as that’s fine the Bottom now they are exactly the same but crucially the differences on the toilet right next to each other on a 2008 you can see except right now again stretching out the car trying to get a bigger.

 Bolder more robust off-road look around the side here you can see it’s kind of interesting design element of a crease in the side of the car and if you’re in should not come to think the designer was explaining that they wanted to give like text you again try to give it an off-road look however I will just point out this is another SUV SUV that is only available in two wheel drive on road focused but you can see the back again the same Kris and it leads to annoys design of the tail lights and again you will recognize these from the to write exactly the same unit using that car this call is significantly bigger than the two a right and it’s also significantly bigger than the previous generation

 2008 the biggest challenge is the length of a patient with the main focus really was for Tracy passenger space for now let’s check out the boots you can see a reasonable size you can fit some families Luggage in the Box the type of your family’s.

Wealth in another Brandon family’s luggage and it’s not costly to Bonnie stretch the imagination but still fairly good and impressive he have the ability to prop up the floor on these kind of possible hidden things that I breathe Now this is certainly one of the most impressive Interiors in the class and if you recognize.

Iit again it is exactly the same as the tear in disc golf the only difference is this is slightly wider so pleasurable explaining these door cards in different to try and cope with the extra width of the cabin but otherwise pretty much finished to everything lip gloss black Plastics to really good quality and another annoying.

Thing is that if you go for the bigger entertainment screen and you lose some Shortcut buttons around the screen itself and instead they go down onto the show of piano keys style sticky outside bit down here but do you know anything is when you press the show company contact me feel when you press them on account of physical movement that goes with it small point that still a pretty okay system of the core standards and steering wheel which one of your problem for some drive to find a can moving it and it doesn’t block the drive-in Supply little.

Bit but another point to mention hair is it just looking to tell you that you have the option of going for the 3D on my cockpit which essentially takes to drive in this place and give some kind of 3d effect to it now it’s very hard to show and explain what is really cool there’s no real practical use that it looks really cool and you’ll find nothing else in the class will do the same thing voice no problem at all up front and the storage options really good night ecobee hold a couple of cup holders a tray for phone and this pretty pretty impressive quality hidden cabin up in the middle of space.

Like in the back it is very impressive again Buckhead from a practicality point of view this is certainly one of the receipt spaces in the small SUV so you can see loads and loads of an acute amount of space to put your feet on the front seat as well head room is sort of Chicago sunroof which finishes before the receipt but it does leave a bit of a Belgian especially to live as well as he won the Shelby.

The most comfortable play Stand well back here to get to USB ports and Germany now push it was set the bar very high with SUVs the 5008 in the 3008 really really impressive cars but there’s no guarantee of success for the 2008 because it’s built on a different platform uses different underpinnings to those calls and enormously it doesn’t quite reach the same height as caused the problem with this platform return lots of other cars like the DS3 crossback the pleasure to await the course of the room.

Built on the same underpinnings as this 2008 speed ride was just feels a bit unsettled and has a sort information as well so around town however  way .

Then it’s enough to drive this one is bigger and more packed so it’s more fun to just drive through some back Country Roads the 2008 does feel a lot bigger than all those and you do get a bit more body roll.

With it as well but it’s still predictable enough there’s nothing hugely wrong with the steering is not full of fail but I know it’s nothing in this class really is something that’s hugely exciting but it sure grip and it’s pretty swollen stable which you have a few different petrol to choose one Diesel and for the electrical with the petrels we would say that the choice really would be between the periodic 1:30 which is it called when charting now and it’s pretty strong very impressive Knox and pepe around town but really good of a nice way as well be a 6-speed manual gearbox is standard and it’s a big believer in itself is a long drive is slick and a pleasant but is still fine and miss engine is really impressive.

With the Pew Attack 100 Which is less powerful but it’s the cheapest way to flush a 2018 and that brings me on to the next point.

Which is it this is an expensive car compared to order really would probably make sense to keep the price down as much as you can take 100 engine is still fine we tried in other products and we’d expect in a 2008 it wouldn’t feel massively on the pilot could suck the Papas for many potential buyers but it is an expensive car so what you’re getting free money is one of the biggest small SUVs

But it’s still a small it’s clear the mange or that scar look at our right is installing inside and out so that was a petrol and Diesel 2008 this is a fully electric e2000 the night and will point out the grow slightly different is horizontal and vertical moving out the side and the back of the car instead of a charging bull so in the e2000 like you got all the typical electrical trade so you can hear used to have the big acceleration on offer is well straight away.

When you put your foot down and it’s generally quite relaxing it does have quite a low speed but you still have a nanny 2008 at low speeds when it’s got a big bump it does feel quite phone I need a quart low suspension noise as well so that’s the only kind of thing the time relaxing low speed element to this car but when you do get some speed into it it feels pretty stable it’s quiet it’s smooth the brake pedal is quite Good Friend Electric all this still a bit of dead travel right at the top of the pedal but then once you get into the meat today may seem quite easy to judge music smooth as well as a huge difference in handling between this car and the previous mmix we were driving so the extra weight doesn’t necessarily mean this is awful to drive around the corner but of course with electric caused the ready ready crucial thing is how far is it going to go on a full charge well well from a full charge be able to cover around 200 miles which is a respectable number it’s certainly not one of the longest range electric cars around but it’s still pretty good and really think about it 200 miles should be enough for lots and lots of people but again just for the 2008 this is a very expensive car and when you consider your options

 Like A Renault Zoe and even something like a sap me electric which doesn’t go as far as pay is much cheaper than a bit more of a tough sell for a 2008 for the 2008 and in 2008 or still in college and if you want to read more about those calls you can go on a website and see our extended.

Written review of both those cards and in fact every other new console and if you have enjoyed this video electric cars or you just like new cars and reviews and it’d be great if you subscribe to a channel because we have loads of videos and of course when you call them to get the best day to go to walk out and ready in less than 60 seconds you can find out exactly how much money

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