2020 Peugeot 3008 SUV review

this is the Peugeot 3008 like its sibling the 5008 it’s a car that’s transformed from MPV into SUV so now in its second generation it’s got sharp looks a flash interior and a decent lineup of engines to choose from – but how does it compare to other family SUVs like the Nissan Qashqai and say it a tech er that’s what we’re going to find out in this video and don’t forget if

you want to buy a 3008 or any other new car go to work or calm where you can find the best deals on every new car now if you remember the previous 3008 you probably remember that it was a bit of a frumpy looking people carry on but this new 3008 is clearly very different so these are the key changes in its styling well it’s longer than before 80 millimetres longer in fact and the

distance between the rear and the front wheels is 62 millimetres longer the grille is larger and more upright and the bonnet is flatter – the a-pillars and the windscreen are less raked and the waist lines higher and the end result is quite plainly a family SUV but it’s a pretty stylish and classy looking one with a floating roof and chrome

touches used to good effect but it’s not just the outside that’s had a huge overhaul in its design because inside as well it gets pojos new I cockpit now we’re quite used to Pozos latest interior design but even still the 3008 feels like it has the interior of a Motor Show concept car so there’s plenty of plush plastics around and you won’t appreciate it now but there’s some LED

lights that provide some ambient lighting at night and there’s also some quirky touches like this fabric wrapped dashboard here and the piano keys shortcut buttons it’s in the chrome effect detailing as well as these cloth inserts really give this interior a big premium feel and it’s all impressive build quality – so this really is one of the best interiors in the class now these small Pozzo steering wheels caused quite a stir when they first came in the 208 and 2008 and in those cars actually

quite a lot of drivers complained that the small steering wheel obscured some of the views of the dial depending on your driving position but Peugeot have spent some time fine-tuning it and in the 3008 there’s no such issues but there’s a good range of adjustment in the steering wheel and wherever you put it

it shouldn’t obscure your view of the driver display at all so that digital driver display comes a standard and as well as that you get an infotainment system with dear B radio and Bluetooth now this infotainment system it’s an eight inch touchscreen that sits nice and high on the dashboard so it means that when you’re driving your eyes don’t have to move too far away from the road to operate it and it’s all within easy reach plus you have these shortcut

buttons too however it’s not all good news this infotainment system is pretty good for the class but some of the sub menus can be a bit confusing and the icons for those sub menus are a bit small as well it’s also annoying that you have to control everything through the touchscreen so for example these shortcut buttons helpfully bring up the menus but you can’t actually control and select things with those buttons either you have to do that through the touchscreen and the most annoying thing about that is that even the aircon is done through the touchscreen to all models also get smartphone mirroring

with apple carplay Android auto or mirrorlink and that’s really great that it gets that standard some of the optional features you can choose or some wireless phone charging and a premium sound system as well there’s nothing wrong with the driving position as we said there’s plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel the seats have a good range of adjustment to you have really good visibility at the front these a pillars aren’t too thick so don’t obscure your view at junctions and the view out the back is reasonable as well and the storage that’s on offer that’s good too so starting with the door bins

down here they’re a good size they’re not particularly wide but they are quite long and still enough for a water bottle and then on the center console pop this open here and it reveals an absolutely enormous storage bin that’s incredibly deep and wide and also a handy feature is that it’s got a light inside so that means that if you’ve got something hidden right at the bottom of it down the mine then it will still light it up and you’ll be able to get your keys out

there somehow you also have this kind of tray thing on the top of it which just helps keep your phone or keys within easy reach but still hidden in the storage been down here so in front of that you’ve got two cupholders and you another kind of storage tray next to the gear selector here so that’s for your phone or for the keys to the car and right at the front of the center console you’ve got another storage area which in this model has the wireless phone

charging because that’s been added as an optional extra and you’ve also got a USB port and a 12 volt socket glove box isn’t a particularly brilliant sized space in the back isn’t quite as good as it is in the front now if you have a panoramic sunroof fitted which we do then it greatly reduces the Headroom on offer so with it fitted it’s a little bit cramped however if you don’t have a panoramic sunroof then even if you’re over 6 foot tall you’ll still be pretty

comfortable in the back of the 3008 legroom is reasonable but not quite as generous as cars like the Volkswagen Tiguan and the SE attacker those two cars are also wider so that means if you’re sitting three passengers in the back then you’ll be more comfortable in those cars however one good thing about

the 3008 is it has a relatively flat floor so if you’re sat in the middle seat you don’t end up having your feet right up by your knees just to try and fit in the back so that’s good other things you need to know well there is a door bin back here as well which is a good size enough for a water bottle you have a storage net behind the driver

seat you’ve also got these air vents so that you can keep cool or get warm and a 12 volt socket underneath the 12 volt socket you’ve got a very small tray for one key or a receipt and then underneath all of that you have a very handy three-pin plug you also have these ISOFIX mounts on the outer two rear seats and if you pull this down you have two cupholders and a ski hatch which you

can open from this side and gives you access to the boot folding rear seats are standard but these are split 60/40 rather than a more convenient 40/20/40 arrangement that some rivals can offer handy quick release levers next to the tailgate opening make it easy to fold the backrest down and they lie completely flat once lowered unlike the Volkswagen Tiguan

the rear seats don’t slide or recline but the front passenger seat can fold flat now the boot it’s not the biggest in its class but it’s still a reasonable size so that means you’ll be able to fit a buggy or a couple of large suitcases in the back no problem at all it’s also got some handy features in it which will talk you through now so you can see it’s

got some tethering hooks at the front and at the back it’s also got a 12 volt socket here you’ve also got these levers which lower the rear seats and these handy storage pockets on the side it’s also got an adjustable boot floor so you can take it out and make it a little bit lower down there or if you put it in its highest setting back there then it means there’s no lip on entry and it also leaves you some space underneath to put in extra things unless of course you have what we have which is a spare wheel under there and that takes

up quite a lot of room but another incredibly handy and ingenious really feature in the back of the 3008 is these spring-loaded catches on the top here and it basically means you can put the adjustable boot floor up like that it will hold it in place and amuse you have both hands-free to load things into the bottom of the boot and then you can push it back down but how does the Peugeot 3008 stack up financially is it good value these are the key things you need to know about buying and owning a 3008

this isn’t the cheapest family a severe in its class but it’s very well equipped compared to its rivals its residual values are impressive to over three years it’ll hold onto its value better than an equivalent high-end I’d Tucson and Skoda karach if you’re a high mileage driver then you should look at the blue HDI 134 it’s impressive fuel economy but for private and company car buyers they are probably going to be better off with the pure tech 130 all

three thousand eights get dual zone climate control and rear parking sensors as well as apple carplay Android auto and mirror link or favorite trim is a lure which adds blind spot monitoring Lane Keeping Assist High Beam Assist Sat Nav interior ambient lighting power folding mirrors front and rear parking sensors a rear-view camera and a folding front passenger seat purchase reliability record isn’t particularly brilliant in our latest reliability

survey it finished 24th out of 31 manufacturers but the 3008 did much better than the brand in its class it was second only to the Kia Sportage the 3008 got the full five-star verdict from safety experts euro endcap that’s important to its standard six airbags and active safety features blind spot

monitoring a speed limit display and lane keep assist are all standard on alert rim upwards plus most impressively automatic emergency braking is standard there’s a simple line up of four engines in the 3008 and that’s to petrels and two diesels of the petrels we’d say that the 1.2 liter pure tech 130 is the pick of the range and it’s the best because even though it sounds like it might be quite a small engine for a big car like this actually because it’s turbocharged

then it’s surprisingly peppy and really nice to rev out as well so plenty of power even in an SUV like this if you do go for the pure tech 180 then of course you do get more power and better performance but it comes at a cost so that engine is more expensive and really we’d say that the pure tech 130 is so impressive that you probably don’t need anything more than that for the diesels well the blue HDI 130 is extremely economical and also it pulls

really easily and even with a fully loaded car it really has no trouble getting up to motorway speeds and offering plenty of overtaking opportunity as well if you do want to stretch your budget even further and get the blue HDI 180 diesel then of course just like with the petrol you get better performance and it is a quicker engine too but while the fuel economy is still decent buying outright will cost you much more than the cheaper diesel engine so we’d stick with the blue HDI 1:30 in the pure tech 180 and it also has a sport button which if you press makes the engine sound rather hilarious and very fake but also quite surprisingly loud for a SUV like this so I mean it’s

not pure driver enjoyment but I suppose it’s nice having a sport mode and it does sharpen up the throttle response adds a bit more weight to the steering as well and obviously brings this kind of crazy engines there’s only one suspension setup on the 3008 and on the whole it’s pretty good it’s ride is not quite the soft as in this on cash cars but it does take the edge off ridges and expansion joints that the firmest say a tech er thuds over the 3008 handles perfectly adequately but not exceptionally so the steering is well weighted and fairly precise apart from on the motorway it

can feel a little vague on the straight ahead and the small steering wheel as well seems to add a slight touch of nervousness into the car’s response but aside from that it’s fairly sure footed and easy to drive however if you want a family SUV that’s slightly more exciting to drive then we’d recommend looking at something like the sail attacker which is firmer perhaps not quite so comfortable but it has better steering and better body control as well as for refinement and this an Qashqai is quieter inside but the 3008 is still

reasonably refined and the engines are nicely hushed the 3008 is stylish practical good to drive and well equipped it’s one of the best family SUVs that you can buy and for much more on it go to walk home.

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