2020 Porsche 718 Cayman review

last facelift was a pretty dramatic walk for the Porsche Cayman it got some new numbers in his name to make it the Porsche 718 came in and it swapped its lineup of naturally aspirated

six-cylinder engines for turbocharged flat-four units that meant that Porsche purists who prefer the naturally aspirated sixes were left more than a little upset that the engine swap but

how have these changes impacted a model that has long been one of our favorite sports cars has it really lost any of its magic we’re going to find out and don’t forget if you want the very best

deals on the Cayman or any other new car head to the watcard new car buying section on our website and the caiman is available with three different engines they’re all petrol

they’re all turbocharged and they all have four cylinders the entry-level caiman gets a 295 brake horsepower 2-liter engine and that is good for a naught to 62 mile per hour time of 4.9

seconds if you go for the Cayman S that gets a 2.5 liter engine and that drops the sprint time down to 4.4 seconds as you’d expect both cars pull amazingly

well once the turbocharger kicks in around 2,000 rpm and really starts doing its business but you want to get it above 3000 rpm to really bring the best of the performance out of the engine and

from there you’ll get incredibly potent acceleration all the way to above 7000 rpm but it’s not all good news though because the power delivery does suffer from a few flat spots and they’re a bit

more noticeable in the S variant then above those two variants you get the car that we’re driving today which is the GTS that gets the same 2.5 liter engine

as that came in s but it’s tuned to produce a little bit more power so the acceleration is still ferocious but the outright pace isn’t actually

that much quicker than they came honest no the real benefit of the GTS is that the power delivery is just a bit smoother and more consistent than you get in the other engines the six-speed

manual gearbox is more entertaining for keen drivers but it’s long ratios mean you’ll rarely need more than second and third for spirited driving the 7-speed

PDK automatic gearbox costs extra but it’s wonderfully quick and smooth so might be worth considering if you spend a lot of your time slogging through

traffic you do lose some driver involvement though but performance is one thing what about handling well the Cayman absolutely does not

disappoint here the steering is beautifully precise and accurate and offers plenty of feedback through it to give you real confidence behind the

wheel there’s virtually no body roll through corners and there’s an enormous amount of grip on offer as well it’s essentially on a different level to

rivals like the BMW m2 howdy TT and the Jaguar f-type it’s only really the alpena 110 that comes close but don’t go thinking that you have to

be on track or Haring around corners to enjoy the Cayman because so broader its talents that it actually feels just as comfortable booting around town as well

it’s not all good news for the Cayman on the performance front though sure the numbers are impressive but if you’ve owned one of the older six-cylinder

Caymans you’ll be very disappointed by the sound of these engines it’s now a monotonous drone even with the optional sports exhaust replacing the glorious

howl that used to characterize Porsches entry-level sports car it’s especially disappointing when you consider that rivals like the v8 f-type and TT RS make hilariously entertain

if Raj remark could be well by sports car standards – sure it’s fun it’s a sports car what you expect but the damping is good enough to mean that you

never really feel uncomfortable the driving position is absolutely bang on the money the pedals are perfectly positioned and there’s plenty of

adjustment in both the steering wheel and in the seat as well now it’s on the center console here and on this upright part of the dashboard where all the

important buttons and switches are now it might look a little confusing at first but actually once you’ve learned how to navigate your way around the

controls it’s easy enough to use sports cars are notoriously hard to see out of with thick pillars small rear windows and a low driving position but the

Cayman is better than many it’s annoying that parking sensors are only available as an option though we definitely recommend adding them you get a

relatively crisp looking 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard and that comes with da B radio Bluetooth and sat-nav you also get apple carplay

although annoyingly for some anyway Android auto isn’t available the touchscreen responds quickly to your inputs and the menus are relatively

logically laid out you also get some helpful shortcut buttons to navigate around the different menus we would say that our DS MMI system is a little bit

easier to use on the move though and that’s largely thanks to having a rotary dial controller Porsches reputation for building luxurious interiors is

definitely on show here all the buttons and switches are extremely high quality and everything you touch is made of nice dense soft touch materials it certainly

feels more special to sit inside than rivals like the Jaguar f-type which is more expensive as well but we’d say it’s not quite as classy as the more

minimalist LD TT it might have its engine mounted in the middle of the car but there’s still plenty of room for tall drivers and it’s wide enough so

that it won’t be brushing shoulders with whoever you sat next to as well the bigger issue though is storage the glovebox is a decent size and there are several

storage compartments dotted around the cabin but none of them are particularly generous in their size so sure you can fit some keys in here your

phone your wallet can go there but it’s pretty stingy and the biggest problem of these door pockets down here which are extremely shallow and difficult to

access you won’t even be able to fit a big bottle of water in there as for space in the rear seats well they don’t exist the Cayman is exclusively a two-seater

now some rivals offer cubbies or luggage nets behind the front seats the Audi TT even has small rear seats but in the Cayman even though you can slide the front backrest forwards easily the space

you’ve got behind is only really enough for a newspaper or a magazine it does though have a handy jacket hanger at the top here it’s worth bearing in mind though if you’re tall driver and you

need to seat all the way back and there won’t be any space at all you do though get a little shelf at the top here which is useful for a couple of soft bags now because the engines in the middle of the

car that means that you’ve got a choice of two different boots there’s one in the nose and there’s one in the usual place at the back right here now it’s only really big enough for a few soft

weekend bags some small suitcases or a weekly shot but it’s a decent enough space for this type of car it’s worth bearing in mind though that an Audi TT

is a much more practical alternative if that’s your primary concern you’ll have noticed that we are talking about a Porsche so yes you are right to assume that is going to require a fairly hefty initial

investment to get one even if you opt for an entry-level Cayman it’s also worth bearing in mind that real-world fuel economy is pretty disappointing we took a cayman s on our true mpg

real-world fuel economy test and it returned just twenty eight point four miles per gallon the Cayman had a slightly more palatable result of thirty

four point four servicing and replacement parts we’ll all cost more than you might expect and like most cars of this type it’ll happily chew through

tires and brakes but it’s not all bad news on the financial front because the Cayman will hold on to its value well better than an f-type in fact however the Cayman does look very expensive

compared to the Audi TT and BMW m2 plus those cars get much more generous levels of equipment as even in range-topping GTS trim you still have to pay more for cruise control

parking sensors a reversing camera power folding door mirrors heated seats and even climate control our recommended choice would be sticking with the

standard Cayman and adding a few choice options if you’re tempted by Cayman S with a few options though he might actually be better off going for the GTS

because you’ll get some of those goodies thrown in and it will hold on to its value better as well Porsche finished 23rd out of 31 manufacturers in our latest reliability

survey which isn’t great and leaves it behind our D but above Jaguar every Cayman does get a three-year unlimited mileage warranty though standard safety

kit is fairly stingy six airbags are standard but you have to pay extra for autonomous emergency braking blind spot monitoring Lane keep assist and a speed

limit display the Porsche 718 came and is an absolute joy to drive a beautifully built offering incredible handling across the interior and a

strong choice of engines as well yes those engines don’t sound particularly great the real world economy’s fairly poor and standard equipment is far from

generous but all things considered it is undoubtedly one of the best sports cars on the planet for much more on the Porsche 718 came including our full review.

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