2020 Porsche Taycan review

you join me inside what’s got to be the most exciting electric car of the year and I’d argue quite probably the most exciting car full stop actually it is the Porsche it’s high cap and if you don’t already know it’s Porsches first pure electric car in more than a century and the first serious threat that Tesla’s faced at a high performance end of the evie market

we’re one of only a handful of titles to get behind the wheel at this early stage and in this video we’re going to be finding out how fast the Taikan is how well it goes around corners what it

sounds like how quickly it charges up and because we always do the job properly here at what car how practical it is as well before we kick off though make sure you’re subscribed to our

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there or just Google what car deals to find out how much money you could save well let’s start with a few fundamentals and I’ve already said this is a fully electric car so despite this turbo badge

here there have been a few raised eyebrows about that one there is no petrol engine in here at all like you’ll find in cyma Porsches plug-in hybrid models at the cayenne and

the Panamera now batteries weigh quite a lot so this isn’t the lightest car in the world it weighs several hundred kilos more than a 911 turbo for example

but it actually has the lowest center of gravity of any Porsche model currently on sale and if you’re going to carry around a lot of weight as all electric

cars need to and you want it as low down in the car as possible and that’s exactly what Porsche has done power comes from two electric motors one on the front axle and another on the rear

and together they pump out six hundred and seventy brake horsepower on the regular turbo model and on the range-topping Turbo S effect ludacris

750 brake horsepower almost as much as the most powerful Ferrari you can buy now there are a couple of caveats to that those maximum power figures are

only available for two and a half seconds when you’re using the launch control function after that maximum power on both versions drops to 616

brake horsepower the electric motors are fed by a 93 kilowatt hour battery and if that means absolutely nothing to you well it’s roughly

equivalent to 1500 laptop batteries or perhaps more to the point is bigger than a Jaguar opuses battery if not quite as huge as the one you get in a Tesla Model

S officially the tycoon turbo can do 279 miles on a full charge and the turbo s 256 miles although we will of course be putting both versions through a real

range test when we get our hands on them back in the UK and you can find out more about this test along with a real-world range of any other electric car by

clicking the link up there at the top of the screen on the subject of charging this car actually has an 800 volt electrical system rather than the 400

volt one that you get on most electric cars and that means you can charge up really really quickly if you can find one of the latest ion or T charging

points there are only a handful of those in the UK at the moment then a five to eighty percent charge it takes from as little as twenty two and a half minutes

so that’s a faster charging rate than any Tesla can manage you can of course charge up at home and from a regular seven kilowatt hour home charger a full charge

that’s from zero to a hundred percent will take roughly 13 hours right before we take a look inside we want to know what you think of the styling so which

do you think is the best-looking electric car in the world the new Porsche ty can the Tesla Model S the Jaguar I pace or the Audi e-tron let us

know by voting in our poll so the first thing you notice in here is how low you sit by electric car standards in something like a Tesla

Model 3 for example you actually sit higher than you do in a conventional saloon and that’s not necessarily a bad thing it does bring some advantages in

terms of visibility for example but in here you feel like you’re driving something properly support you sit nice and low and actually there are similarities to the 911 in terms of

where this steering wheel sprouts are the dashboard and it’s rising center console here that sort of fences you off from your front passenger there are also some pretty major differences though and

one of those is the almost complete absence of physical buttons in here there are four well up to four touch screens the one over for the front passenger here is actually optional but

the screen behind the steering wheel that standard as are the two on the center console the one at the top here and the one down below the 10.9 each one up here on the top is the main

infotainment screen and it can either be used as a touchscreen or you can swipe and press on the central area of the second screen below to control it a bit like you would on a laptop we prefer a

physical rotary controller like the one you get in a BMW i8 for example but overall the Taikan system is easier to use than a pure touchscreen in a Tesla

Model S a word of warning though if you have an Android phone you won’t be able to use smartphone mirroring because Porsche only offers that to iPhone users courtesy of apple carplay now today

we’re driving the range-topping Turbo S version so I know what you’re going to want to know what does it feel like when you unleash seven hundred and fifty brake horsepower from a standstill like

this what I have to find out so I hope that camera is suck it onto the windscreen well there because I’ve got a feeling this is going to be pretty brutal

that is absolutely bonkers honestly one of the fastest cars I’ve ever driven and if anything it makes the official not sixty two time of two point eight

seconds seemed quite conservative but assuming that figure isn’t conservative believe it or not the Taikan isn’t quite as fast as a range-topping Tesla Model S performance but in the Tesla you can

only do that really quick nought-60 to time once and that’s only if you engage something called ludicrous mode before you need to wait for everything to cool

down again whereas in the tie can you can do it again and again and again to the point you actually start to feel quite ill and acceleration feels just as

savage I promise you you might be have to hear that strange whirring noise in the background now that’s a 350-pound option and i suppose it’s a bit of fun

if you like that sort of thing personally I think one of the great things about electric cars is how quiet they are so I’m not really sure what

some artificial whirring really adds to the experience but perhaps that’s just me being a boring old fart through the corners this doesn’t feel like a 2.3 ton

car at all and I know there are a lot of Tesla fans out there who won’t appreciate me saying this but even compared with the model 3 performance

this thing is in a completely different league for handling there’s barely any delay between your turning the wheel and the nose of the car reacting and when it

does the tie can just Spears off in the direction you want it to go like a proper sports car and then there’s a steering which is another thing that I

can does better than any Tesla model it just gives you a much better sense of connection with the front wheels and that’s partly because of how nicely a

weight builds up when you apply lock but also because of how accurate it is every little millimeter of movement has a really subtle say on the direction of

car goes in the tie can is also surprisingly comfortable if you put it standard air suspension into normal mode less so in sport or Sport+

like all electric cars there is some regenerative braking when you lift off the accelerator pedal although not the sort of extreme deceleration you get in

some V’s instead maximum regeneration two feet back into the battery when you’re slowing down is activated by pressing a brake pedal Porsche says that is a

better solution for high speed driving and we found the brake pedal much more predictable than in many V’s our only minor complaint in the driving

Department is that there is quite a lot of wind and toys on the motorway although you do notice that more than you would in a petrol diesel car of

course because there’s no engine noise to drown it out but here are five more things you’ll want to know about the Porsche Tyco the word tie can roughly

translates to spirited young horse and it’s a reference to this steed here on the company’s famous crest unlike most electric cars the tycoon has

a two-speed gearbox on its rear axle rather than just a single gear ratio that’s one of the reasons it canaccelerate away from a standstill so

quickly but still wind itself all the way up to more than 61 miles an hour we reckon interior quality in at I can’t is better than any other electric car we’ve ever driven including the Audi e-tron so if that’s your thing forget a Tesla

you’re want one of these practicality isn’t half bad either there’s enough space in the back for a couple of six-footers even if you’ve added the optional glass roof and the boot will

swallow roughly the same amount of Kluber as a VW golf’s pricey to start a roughly one hundred sixteen thousand pounds for the turbo model rising to

around about 139 thousand for the even faster turbo s but you can easily spend more than 150 thousand if you add a few options when we get our hands on the tie count

in the UK in a few months time we will be putting it up against the Tesla Model S to find out which is the ultimate high performance electric car but until then for lots more information on this car

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