2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Review

Things up in a small turbo diesel. Engine under the hood of the Ram 1500 half-ton truck that engine was so successful. That everybody decide to join the party.

General Motors has a new 300 inline 6 under the hood of the Sierra and the Silverado and Forest Ford has a 3 liter V6 under the hood of the F-150 as well for 2020 RAM have brought the 3 turbo diesel back in its third generation form now producing 480 lb of torque. 

Which is the most torque you can get in this particular category at the moment only been able to spend about a day with this truck right here and drive it for about a hundred miles or so so if you want to know all the details on this truck be sure and stay tuned for our full review on the Ram 1500 Diesel but in this video about the basic talk about why you might want the diesel over the gas line is and how much it’s going to cost and then of course we can talk a little bit about the competition


Ram decided to keep a turbo diesel versions pretty discreet right there on that side of the hood the front end looks exactly the same as the 3.6 Liter V6 or the 5.7 liter V8 versions of the ramp to get the same drill this particular model is the top and limited trim to grill does change depending on the version of the Randy get and the diesel is now available in the ram

2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Review

Rebel that’s when was sort of the 🙁 right up front if the more off-road oriented version of the 1500 pickup truck the Bible that were driving here has the full LED headlamps and bees do steer in the corners these are some of the better headlamps in this particular segment the lot of from going on here we have a metal bumper as you’d expect and Fifi tow hooks down at the bottom according to Ram you’ll be able to find the 2020 EcoDiesel on dealer lot for test drives for purchase around November of the 2019 calendar year but when you go to the dealer to test drive one of these you’ll notice that the

2020 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Review

Ram 1500 classic EcoDiesel will be parked right next to it is still selling the older generation of the Ram 1500 concurrently with this brand new generations but there are a few differences the first difference is it the Ram 1500 classic is still available with a regular cab and long bed configuration something that you cannot do with the newer 1500 design all the ram is not specifically commented on this I expect the Ram 1500 classic to hang out for awhile this even talk about it getting a mild refreshed and there’s also talk about this generation of the 1500 getting a two-door variant so both of those are likely the future but they’re not announced that the most at the moment if you want a two door


Ram 1500 you’ll be getting the Ram 1500 classic and if you want the top and trims in your 1500 you’ll have to get this model right here because they’re no longer busy making the very top entrance of the previous body style the other thing to keep in mind is that under the hood we don’t get the same 3 liter diesel engine at least for the moment the 1500 classic the second generation 3 EcoDiesel V-6 that produces 240 horsepower lb of torque are a little bit behind the GM inline 6 or the Ford 3 liter V6 diesel that’s why this generation of the Ram 1500 classic gets an entirely new third-generation engine according to Ram only about 15 to 20% of the parts are common between Ram 1500 classic did given this a new block cylinder head new injectors a compression increase and entirely new turbo we also get new Pistons a slightly tweaked crankshaft design and then approved Cooling in order to support the massive increase in torque we get out of this engine from 420 pound-feet of torque in the previous generation to 480 pound feet of torque in this generation horsepower goes from 240 up to 260 horsepower to be fined in the new General Motors inline-six turbodiesel but 20 more pound feet of torque and 40 more power to the wheels by a standard vs 8 speed automatic transmissions it’s essentially the same 8-speed that we find behind the V8 although it has been a little bit in the software in order to accommodate the three leaders power curve fuel economy numbers for the sentence just yet we’re told.

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when will the 2020 ram 1500 ecodiesel be available

That this has not been certified by the EPA for fuel economy but I expect at the combine numbers are going to come in between 24th and perhaps 26 miles per gallon will the nearest dialed up the power and torque they dialed down a little bit quieter on the inside and on the outside than the previous generation diesel Cummins diesel that we find of the 2500 and 3500 you may be a little bit disappointed but it’s on the other hand you were looking for a very quiet and hanging out right next to an exhaust tip you can’t really hear a whole lot going on it’s worth noting that this generation of the three or on the GM 3 liter inline I think that’s a little bit of a Pity I would have liked to have seen limited exhaust brake functionality on this engine design is that really would have helped improve Mountain Towing 20/20 that means you’ll find it in the entry-level Tradesman trim the top and limited trim and even the off-road Rebel trim the top and chrome exhaust tips and this model has Rams neutrik tailgate

which split like a barn door right there it’s a 60/40 design you can open this side independently and then close this site if you wanted to present and leave longer item hanging out right there or if you were to last it back into place you can still open it like a traditional tailgate this is not quite as handy as the multipro tailgate that we did the GMC Sierra tailgate available in the Ram pickup line so you can get this in muscle lower trim much less expensive versions of the Ram 1500 then the multipro tailgate features that are a little bit different if you wanted a forklift something into the Ram 1500 this is going to be easier to do in here then with something like that multipro tailgate cuz you could just come right on here and drop it right there on the bed student in a little bit closer that remove the tailgate from the equation with candy little bit tricky when fork lifting things into the pickup now this face is a little bit tight here I think it would have been nice if these doors open just a little bit wider but again this is still definitely going to be a handy option rubber bumper over here on this side that way if you decide to try and close the barn door in the in proper fashion you won’t end up spending.

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2020 ram 1500 ecodiesel towing capacity

the side of your tailgate when it comes to tailgate capability and tells us that the weight rating on this tailgate is identical to the regular tailgate lift design defense mechanism to Comedy the same sort of weight that we find in the rest of the Ram truck lineup Atlanta’s together right back here there’s a separate hens for east side of this Barn Door Arrangement so it’s not like the way that you’re putting right here is truly going into the bend of the tailgate you can see that there’s a little bit of independent for my mother but it never fold like a taco right there in the middle so you’ll have no problem driving force the motorcycle up into the bed of your truck if you want to do that when it comes to Ram 1500 is definitely at the top of its class because the interior is the same as the rest of the week Silverado also as one of the most comfortable back seats available to see how much legroom I have left with that driver seat recline function which is a nice touch right back here the bottom slides forward allowing the rear to recline in that manner that’s definitely a lot of room back here if you wanted to put child seat or larger adult Factor they shouldn’t have any problem at all with 480 lb of torque on tap and all of that to work arriving at much lower RPMs in the previous-generation EcoDiesel or even the 5.7 liter V8 want to get the EcoDiesel in your next 1500 depending on the trim level and option do you select towing could top out at 12560 lb now that is a little bit lower 12750 why is that well the diesel is a little bit heavier than the 5.7 liter V8 and all of the other systems that go along with the diesel engine like the diesel exhaust fluid tank and filling it with exhaust fluid all that have to be taken into account and that does result in a very slight reduction in overall Towing ability to take a little bit of a hit for the same reason this person right here will Top out at 2040 lbs but the mall of it for driving with has a lot of options on the inside that add extra weight this one comes in at 1400 pounds of payloads on average you will find slightly higher payload ability in the Ford F-150 diesel but this is a lot closer than the last generation Ram suspension in your 1500 here is why when load-leveling is going to return the suspension to the midpoint is travel that’s going to make handling in the 1500 and off what better especially emergency maneuver handling that if you didn’t have the optional air suspension and disconnecting a trailer of breathe order the vehicle down to its lowest setting and the trailer will simply come right off the ball and then you can drive away when you want to reconnect trailer you reverse the process lift it back up to its highest height setting that you won’t really have a whole lot of Jack we don’t have that sounds like a smaller version of the Cummins diesel in the 2500 and 3500 either but I think you will hear a little bit of a little bit of that Classic diesel clatter but it’s very very muted inside the cabin on the throttle right like there or whether we’re just cruising along at 60 miles an hour you’re not really going to hear much of the ends and the other thing you’re going to notice is that acceleration is not as slow as you might think a diesel could be in our initial 0 to 60 test it took 9.2 seconds for the season what is a little bit slower than the 5.7 liter V8 but not too far out on the highway 25 miles per gallon in mixed driving over

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2020 dodge ram 1500 diesel mpg

Dave driving us out here in Duluth the temperatures have been pretty mild having a very quiet in a recent testing of the 5.7 liter V8 model this word one of the lowest even luxury cars out there we don’t have a very good ride for a pickup truck keep in mind this is still a truck was still design to have 1,400 pounds of payload back there in the bed so the suspension is definitely going to be firmer than something like a Ford Expedition or Chevy Tahoe but the suspension is not going to be a fun gilding as a suspension that we find in the Ford F-150 or Silverado 1500 this definitely has a softer to an overall when it comes to overall suspension tune the air suspension definitely makes things a little bit more compliant in a little bit more comfortable than the standard suspension looking for a comfortable Highway Cruiser in a truck this is definitely the option that you’re going to bottom line out on the road if you’re looking for the sportiest engine options that’s not going to be going to be the 5.7 liter Hemi not only are you going to get better exhaust note is really really great in the 5-7 Hemi on the other hand if you’re looking for a comfortable highway fuel economy for a really really great right here I have to say if I was looking to haul a 10000 pound trailer for any decent distance this is the option that I would want we had a lot of low-end torque that really helped improve the overall Towing feel out on the road again 0 to 60 times maybe a little bit better with a 5.7 liter Hemi even with those heavy are trailers the cat but the way the vehicle feels will Towing you take off from a standstill for the heavier trailer attached to the truck now this particular trailer way it’s about seven thousand pounds that’s clearly not anywhere near the top and Tow limit of this particular truck which is over 12000 lb winch properly equipped as I usually the slam obviously keep in mind the tow rating of your particular vehicle because options trim levels etc those dudes Saints overall payload and towing ability payload figure in mind because you should be putting 10 to 15% of the overall weight of your trailer on the tongue so obviously you cannot tow 12,000 pounds will also having a thousand pounds of car inside your 1500 if you’re the kind of truck stop or that does need to put a thousand pounds of cargo in the bed or thousand pounds of people right here in the cab and still tow a 10000 pound trailer that you’re going to be looking at a 3/4 ton or 1 ton pickup truck if I put two 200 pound people inside the cab that would give us about ten thousand pounds of theoretical maximum towing capability 10% of the Way Taunton equals 1000 lb and you can do the math from there the more people you put in the cab the fewer things you could put back there in the back but the 7,000 lb boat is definitely a realistic load for this kind of truck you could carry four or five people and all the supplies you’d want for a weekend of fun away from home and then of course the boat right there behind you in order to help get you up the hill. Medic Transmissions a little bit better time tripping over itself picking the wrong gear here or there we never seem to see that in this case before they were talking about the Ram 1500 5.7 liter V8 EcoDiesel Motor Vehicles out there from BMW from an Audi 8 speed automatic transmission button right here on the pier wheel rather than a true manual transmission mode not as big as a 5-7 therefore we just don’t get the same kind of engine braking even though this is a diesel now before I really wish that was given an exhaust brake because I think that would have been a nice teacher in this truck at this point I’m the only with the inline 6 and that will give you more into breaking ability than be seeing this or in the Ford engine braking is important but also your trailer behind because remember when we’re telling heavier weight and you really should have electric brakes on your trailer I have a trailer connected it’s a good time to talk about things you’d expect all of the pickup trucks out there have such a ugly enough Francis the Ram 2500 Ram 500 they have a blind spot monitoring system trailer where you can tell and it says 30 feet it knows how long this trailer is over also let me know where it may be a little bit more exactly what’s in your blind spot that’s a good reminder to give you that extra level Adaptive cruise control a feature that is not yet available on a Chevy Silverado for some reason and we have autonomous emergency braking that is also trailer or where it will interact with the electric trailer brakes even though this truck has electronic trailer sway control and it has the Adaptive air suspension with load leveling in the rear you should still be using a weight distributing hitch and personally I think you should also still be using a physical method of control Factor on those heavier trailer I prefer the belt suspenders approach because of physical get trailer sway even with those mechanical trailer sway control system control on this vehicle will help things out there because the suspension height in the rear for better handling especially better emergency handling the latest hits will help move some of the weight for the front axle Health even the load out that improve overall vehicle Dynamics both of those trailers like this diesel is certainly would likely get it over the 5.7 liter V8 turbo diesel engine under the hood of the benefit from the extra 480 lb in a quart and a really low Rock crawl ratio we haven’t been talking about pork when the torque happens is just about as important as Peak torque with a 30% slope right here this is definitely pretty seat with the 5.7 liter V8 torque by just a little bit but that torque happens at very low RPM that’s really obvious when we’re climbing this hill here for a second stop there they gave this more torque across every RPM Reigns versus the previous sentence what does lower RPMs right off idle thousand RPM ourselves we get considerably more torque of an hour or so without having to sit this back to for Huynh that’s definitely handy in some situations the fact that the 8-speed automatic transmission have a pretty widespread and a high-end is high enough that an offer in situations like this even when were in the lower speeds around 40 to 45 miles an hour or so before you want to go to those higher speeds and an older truck you’d have to go out of 4 low back into 4hi you don’t have to in this particular vehicle available adaptive air-suspension what’s gives us more overall than you find in the regularly from Rebel you don’t have as much special travel at the top of the suspect of the wheels are really pushed down by far and that does result in a slightly curved that one for just those lower speed rock crawling type situation for you really need the maximum clearance remember we do have skid plates here on the rebel but again the area where you really notice the difference between slower speed Maneuvers like the very very stable and he’s lower speed crawling situation that’s exactly why we saw the also why is going to be available in the Jeep Wrangler and a Jeep Gladiator coming very soon bear in mind again that when you go to the dealer to take a look at a 1500 Diesel you’ll find this model and you’ll find the Ram 1500 classic diesel on the dealer lot at the same time this is going to be the more expensive option starting at $36,890 for the Tradesman with the quad cab and two wheel drive this is a $5,000 over the naturally aspirated gasoline V6 and a $3,000 option in most trim over the V8 with etorque the Bighorn to Lonestar etcetera which engine is right for you really will depend on your personal priorities the massive amount of low-end torque we find out of this will definitely pay dividends when it comes to Towing hauling and off roading and we do get incredible rained out of this engine as well because we get very high fuel economy probably over 30 miles per gallon on the highway in the EPA number that’s my estimate you should be able to drive from Duluth to Dallas on one fuel take us about a thousand miles on ridiculous at first but if you were to connect a 10000 pound horse trailer to this vehicle remember that your fuel economy numbers could be cut in half that’s going to give you about five hundred miles of Rainsville Towing one of those larger trailers and that’s definitely a big reason to get this over 5.7 liter V8 to save you money for the quote compared to the V6 or probably the 5.7 liter V8 Seether gasoline is less expensive than diesel in most areas of the country the V6 is very fuel-efficient in its own right $5,000 left to buy them if diesel right here if you’re looking for half ton diesel

Pickup in America you should definitely put the Ram 1500 on your shopping list exactly how it Compares with the competition will you have to wait until they are completely we can run it through our usual battery comparison tests give you official 0 to 60 + 60 and do our complete comparison review at the end of that particular video but at this time I can definitely say this is really high on my list has an interior that is definitely a leap above the Sierra and the Silverado definitely still A step above the current generation Ford F-150 definitely good for diesel in a half-time segment overall telling numbers from this are definitely higher than what we see the F-150 and the Silverado diesel at the moment outside of the capability numbers the Ram 1500 also has a more premium feel to it and better ride and better handling because of the suspension design and that’s even before we start taking look at options like the Adaptive air-suspension I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again in my opinion the Ram 1500 is quite simply the best half ton pickup truck in America at the moment now whether or not the diesel engine is the best engine option for you that really will depend on your particular situation but this still compare is very well with the four competition if you’re looking to spend as little as possible the Tradesman model isn’t about the same price as a Ford F-150 diesel but we’re going to get more torque out of this ends and then we find in the Ford and this is going to be a little bit less expensive than the General Motors Twin and the Ford pickup trucks do get a 10-speed automatic transmission we won’t know how that affects the overall performance numbers until we get this at home to give it an official number we’re going to be fairly close because the 8-speed automatic in this is definitely a solid transmission and I like the way that this one’s shifts more than the General Motors and Ford 10-speed automatic but as always you will have to wait until we get our hands on one of these for completely so we can run it through our usual battery of tests and of course deliver our complete comparison sections that you normally expect at this point in a regular review Ram 1500 Diesel down there in the comments section below

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