2020 Range Rover Velar review

this Vela is a very different kind of Range Rover it’s the most Road biased yet it’s more about style and tackling muddy mountains and it’s got some serious competition to chiefly the BMW x6 Porsche Macan Mercedes dearly coupe a and even up to all DS q7 it’s also been cleverly positioned to fill the gap between the entry-level Evoque and the cheapest Range Rover Sport is it then

just a clever marketing exercise or is this substance to its style in this review will tell you what it’s like to drive how much you can fit inside it and which version is best if after watching this review you would like to buy a Vela then head to what car calm and go to our new car deal section to find out how much money we can save you first though let’s see how the new Range Rover Bella

takes to UK Rose the entry-level 2-liter diesel could be a good choice for company car drivers thanks to its excellent blend of performance and economy there is however a more powerful version should you need it our Pick of the rain is the 3 litre d300 diesel we’ve got fitted to this car it offers effortless power and is wonderfully

refined if you won’t be doing enough miles to justify a diesel there’s a pair of 2 liter petrol ‘s and a range topping 3 litre v6 petrol also found in Jaguars F pace in each case you’ll get this smooth automatic 8-speed gearbox which shifts gears almost imperceptibly choose a v6 engine and you get air suspension a standard which lets you adapt the Bella to the driving

conditions and if you leave it in comfort mode you get a cosseting high-speed ride we’d also recommend sticking with smaller alloy wheels because while the large 22 inch options make the Bella look impressive they don’t do its ride any favors at all being such a large car is no surprise

the Vella does not offer pin sharp handling that said it’s still possible to drive it relatively quickly thanks to the immense amount of grip but if you really want a sporty SUV then a Porsche Macan or Audi sq5 or definitely put a larger smile on your face if you do end up off-road the novella I can tackle most surfaces with ease and in this

respect it feels like a true Range Rover it’s easy to get comfortable in the Range Rover Vella thanks to these electrically adjustable seats and also steering wheel which is electrically adjusting as well however you only get adjustable lumbar support on high-end versions which is a little disappointing

when it comes to screens there’s loads of them if you go for se models on above you get this twelve point three inch screen to replace the traditional analog dulls which is quite similar to outies virtual cockpit now as well as the traditional infotainment touchscreen you’ll also get this second screen to

control the air conditioning and various off-road driving modes it’s visually very good but can be a little slow to respond in terms of material quality everything you can see looks brilliant but start delving a little deeper and there’s a few hard strata plastics overall though interior impressions are

excellent the fella is a big caster is unsurprising there’s plenty of space upfront even for taller people and there is an abundance of places to store your everyday items including large door bins a cup holder here operated with this Land Rover badge which is quite neat cupholder here another little puppy

there the armor splits to ensure that people in the front are super comfortable and a decent sized glove box anyone sitting in these rear seats is unlikely to complain about Headroom even if you’ve gone for the panoramic roof the same however cannot be said for legroom I’m only five foot four and a

half however if there was a six footer there and another six foot passenger behind then it does get to be a little bit of a squeeze and it’s the same with sitting three side by side the lump in the floor here isn’t as bad as some rivals but it is still there so it can be a little uncomfortable on a plus

point though behind the armrest we’ve got some USB ports you can charge your mobile phone and the seats on this model are if I can reach the button electrically adjustable for reclining the Vella’s be is sizable but you can fit more in a BMW x6 or Audi q7 there are various options to make the most out

of the space and if you’d like to turn your Vella into a fan you can do so by dropping the rear seats avoid the petrol powered velar models and you’ll find running costs aren’t too painful especially given the size of the car and residual values are likely to be strong so when it comes to resale time you

should get a good chunk of your money back it’s worth noting that the Vella is very much a car of scales at one end is a little more expensive than an Audi q5 which by the way is quicker more efficient and better equipped and at the other end of the scale it’s in the same territory as an Audi q7 even the most basic versions of the valar come with 18-inch alloy wheels a DOB radio with Bluetooth connectivity and keyless entry but we’d upgrade to an S car which gets

you large alloys sat-nav a rear-view camera and a power tailgate high rupture levels bring luxuries such as softer leather seats and a 360 degree camera system but they’re also rather expensive in terms of safety all Bella’s get emergency braking as standard and euro and carp awarded it the full five stars

in its crash safety test the Vella is stylish and refined and while there are more practical faster alternatives around we can see why you be tempted


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