2020 Seat Arona review

set is relatively new to the SUV market but its first effort the attacker rose to be one of our favorite cars in its class of course having the vast expertise of the entire Volkswagen Group behind it helped but say its first off-roader was practical good to drive and well priced so we’re next well for those who don’t want to car as big as their tech er there’s now this smaller

aronia it’s competing against rivals including the listen Juke Renault Captur and Suzuki Vitara and is based largely on the Ibiza small car can the aronia match the success of the attacker then in this review we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive when it’s like inside and how easy it is to live with and if after all that you’re interested in buying one head to our new car deal section on

What this set aronia is like to drive the erroneous engine range kicks off with two versions of a 1 liter petrol one has a 94 brake horsepower and the other 114 or there’s a more powerful 1.5 liter petrol which has 148 brake horsepower or if you do lots of miles

then there’s a 1.6 liter diesel which could suit you despite being the lowest powered it’s actually the 1 liter TSI that we recommend it’s perfect for a car this size it offers gutsy performance and never feels frustratingly slow both the one liters are very refined with a little bit of Road and wind noise above 50 miles per hour and the clutch and gearshift are precise to use where the

aronia really ends big points though is its handling it’s much more car like the most small SUVs and is genuinely fun to drive quickly if you go for fr or excellence models you get a feature called Drive profile which allows you to select different driving modes and change the weight of the steering very

few small SUVs ride with the poise and comfort of a family hatchback but if you stick with smaller alloy wheels than the aronia deals with the kind of bumps and ruts you’re likely to find on UK roads pretty well in fact better than most of its rivals you should be able to get comfortable in the set aronia because there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering

wheel plus the pedals line up perfectly this raised up driving position gives a great forward view of the road unfortunately the heavily styled rear end certainly hinders the view out the back especially when you’re trying to park thankfully there you do get parking sensors are standard on all models above

se if you’d like a reversing camera and front sensors then you’ll have to go for the excellence Lux model now if you spend any time in the new Ibiza you will recognize this dashboard because the two are virtually identical there is quite a lot of hard scratchy plastic on show but it does feel well put together all cars

get an infotainment touchscreen which ranges from five inch to eight inch when you go from SC 2sc technology this bigger screen is bright easy to navigate and responds quickly in fact this is one of the best systems in its class although we would still prefer a rotary controller instead of doing everything by touch

even taller drivers have got enough room inside the Sator owner to get comfortable and the seat goes back far enough for even those with very long legs the door bins are a little bit on the small side however there’s quite a few places to store your everyday items and with your mobile phone and there’s

also a decent sized glovebox move to these back seats and you might be surprised at how much space there is two-six bitters will be absolutely fine there’s more room in here than there is an anise and Duke or Citroen c3 air cross but like its rivals if you do want to have three sitting side by side it is

a little bit of a squeeze the erroneous boot divorce that of the Dukes but you can still fit more in a Citroen c3 air cross you get this floating boot Flores standard which when setting to the highest position minimizes the load lip which makes it easier to get heavier items in and out the seats split and

fold 60/40 although there’s no quick release handle you do have to walk around and press a button next to the headrest the aronia is more expensive to buy them both the Duke and capture that said it won’t lose as much value as those cars and the good news is that even the entry-level models come with lots of kits EFI cars come with 17-inch alloy wheels cruise control air conditioning automatic headlights and metallic paint we reckon it’s worth

upgrading to se technology trim though which gets you a larger infotainment system plus rear parking sensors it’s even better news if you’re buying on a PCP Finance dealers most will because there’s lower monthly payments than most of its rivals and running costs should be minimal every year owner comes with

automatic emergency braking and it was awarded the full 5 stars in the Euro endcap crash test rather disappointingly though you only get an alarm as standard if you go for fr models and above the certain Rona is a truly impressive SUV it’s good to drive roomy inside and affordable to own in fact we’d say it’s one of the very best SUVs.

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