2020 Seat Ibiza review

2020 Seat Ibiza review

until recently say it cars were rather middle-of-the-road not bad but not brilliant either that was until the arrival of the attacker which quickly became our favorite small SUV well say it would like to do that

again with its Ibiza but the Giants it has to topple this time a Britain’s best-selling car the Ford Fiesta and scoters fabulous Fabio so does it have what it takes in this review will tell you what the ibiza

is like to live with and which version is best to go for and we’ll help you save money thanks to our new car by a marketplace first though let’s see what it’s like to drive there are four

engines to choose from and the pick of the bunch is the turbocharged 1 liter that we’re testing today it offers punchy performance at low revs and whisks the IB fur from naught to 60

miles per hour in around 10 seconds which for its class is pretty respectable other engine choices include a non turbocharged version of this engine a more powerful 1 liter and a

range topping 1.5 litre petrol all are quiet and there’s not much wind and road noise to invade the cabin either when it comes to ride comfort to the IV that

matches the very best small cars it’s able to smooth over minor imperfections in the road and feels settled on the motorway even the sporty fr models which come on stiffer sports suspension don’t

feel overly harsh more impressive though is the way the Ibiza feels like a bigger car and we don’t mean in terms of its size or how composed it is who aren’t it a Ford Fiesta is more fun through the

corners however the ib4 handles better than any other car in its class the driving position is great especially if you like sitting nice and low there’s

plenty of adjustment in this seat and steering wheel it’s a shame though that there is no lumber support what you do get though is a great view

out the front and the back and if parking is not your strong points you can spec front and rear parking sensors and a reverse parking camera which all of those come standard on the excellent

model while everything in here does feel pretty sturdy and well put together quality is more on a par with a Skoda Fabia than Volkswagen Polo there’s very

little in the way of soft touch materials although the excellent dolls bring part Alcantara seats every IB fur comes at the touchscreen infotainment

system and only the entry-level model misses out on a color screen go for the fr and the screen jumps from five inches to eight inches not only that it gains

sat-nav d a.b radio apple carplay and android auto mirroring it’s very easy to use the menus are logically laid out and even the small screen is easy to

navigate you can also upgrade the stereo if you wish and add a wireless mobile phone charger all of this means the set I beeth has one of the best infotainment

systems in its class even if the Audi a1 is very user friendly there’s plenty of space to really stretch out in the front of the Ibiza unless you’re driving in

which case you should be holding on to the steering wheel there are also lots of places to put your everyday clutter two cupholders and a decent sized glovebox

move to the back and it’s a similar story yes it might be a little bit of a squeeze to fit three adults side-by-side on this rear bench however two can sit

very comfortably behind a couple of six footers and if you do load up with passengers you’ll have plenty of space for their luggage because the Ibiza has

one of the biggest boots in its class and you can opt for a false floor to reduce this load lip and boot nets as well as storage drawers underneath the

front seats the seat ibiza is priced in between the Skoda Fabia and Volkswagen Polo and should hold onto its value pretty well our favorite trim level is

fr because it gets you the larger infotainment screen automatic lights and wipers rear parking sensors and cruise control all models come with six airbags

and it’s called the maximum five stars in the Euro end cut crash test overallthen it’s one of the very best small hatchbacks it’s great to drive spacious

inside and has a strong range of petrol engines for plenty more on the SIRT Ibiza.

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