2020 Skoda Karoq Review

2020 Skoda Karoq Review

you know not too long ago Skoda only had one SUV in its range the Yeti and it was consistently one of our favorite family SUVs because few rivals can compete in terms of practicality

versatility while remaining excellent value for money so when Skoda announced it would be replacing its Yeti for the karach expectations were understandably high the karach is up against some stiff

competition though from the likes of the peugeot 3008 and Sirte tucker in this review we’ll tell you what it’s like to drive how spacious it is inside and how easy it is to live with and

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this karach is like to drive the co-op’s engine lineup is pretty simple it kicks off with a 1 liter petrol which is best suited to town and urban driving then there’s the smoother and quicker 1.5

litre petrol which is our pick of the range and if you do a lot of miles then there’s a 1.6 and 2 litre diesel to choose from just like the 1.6 litre diesel we’ve got

in this car both of those engines do sound a little bit grumbly under hard acceleration ride comfort is hugely important here and the coop does a better job of smoothing out the ruts and

bumps you’ll find on UK roads than rivals such as the set attacker and peugeot 3008 if anything that ride gets even better at speed making the karach a great companion for longer trips the

karach shares most of its underpinnings with the volkswagen tiguan and Sirte tech so it’s no surprise that it feels just as composed as those cars through the

corners what is a surprise though is Skoda has managed to give it extra character it feels fantastically agile through the corners and the steering is well

weighted and precise so you always know what those front wheels are doing this manual gearbox is good to use but there’s an automatic option if you prefer no matter what size or shape you

are you should be able to get comfortable in the crock because there’s plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel for reach and rake

forward visibility is excellent so it’s great to see out and the same goes for the back but as a backup all cars do come with rear parking sensors and if

you go for SEL and above you get front parking sensors and a rear view camera despite sharing so many of its parts with the attacker and Tiguan this

interior is a hundred percent Skoda it’s functional stylish and built to last it’s more modern than most of its rivals and with touches such as this piano

black metallic and soft touch materials give it a real sense of class every car comes with an eight inch touchscreen which includes apple carplay and android

smartphone mirroring so while it doesn’t come with sat-nav as standard you can use the one on your phone the screen has clear menus and crisp graphics so

overall is a very good system move up to an SEL model and you get sat-nav built-in plus a Wi-Fi hotspot and go for a range topping addition car and you get

a huge 9.2 inch screen with gesture control and wireless charging here in the front of the karach there is plenty of space although do be warned if

you go for the optional panoramic sunroof that can eat into your head room a little bit there’s certainly no shortage of storage places we’ve got

decent sized door bins we have some more storage under there two cupholders another little cubby there another one here and there’s even an umbrella

underneath the passenger seat and finally a decent sized glovebox move to the rear and even a couple of six-footers sitting behind somebody who

is equally as tool we’ll find it comfy enough because there is plenty of headroom and legroom as is the case with most cars in this class though try to

squeeze three in and it does get a little bit too hemmed in go for sel and above and you get scoters barrier flex seats which means these are individually

reclining and sliding they are very useful and are optional elsewhere the Cox boot is not the biggest in its class however you can still fit more luggage

inside here than you can in the attacker’s boot plus you can fold down the rear seats to create even more space and there’s an array of hopes and trays

and other clever features to help keep everything in its place don’t be put off by the fact that the cheapest Skoda karach is more expensive

than the cheapest attacker because you get more standard than you do on its set cousin in fact we recommend the entry-level se models because they come

with everything you’re likely to need including 17-inch alloy wheels cruise and climate controls and an 8 inch infotainment touchscreen in terms of

options we’d suggest getting the Varia flex seats and possibly a heated windscreen and rear view camera as well running costs are very much in line with

the sart attacker and all cars come with automatic emergency braking and it’s called the full 5 stars in the year and cap crash tests the crook is one of

our favorite family SUVs it’s comfortable and practical with lots of standard equipment and has a smart interior for plenty more on the Skod

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