2020 Skoda Kodiaq SUV review

there’s quite a bunch when a car maker enters a market – the first time there’s the anticipation of something genuinely new and genuinely different even if that market has been around for a long time

it shapes up the rulebook on what buyers can expect for their money so the world was certainly paying attention when Skoda announced it would be building its first-ever large SUV the Czech car maker

already had the Yeti sure but this is the first time Skoda has entered a significantly larger and no less competitive market it’s called the Kodiak and whilst it’s got a lot in

common with some of the other Volkswagen Group SUVs including the Serta checker and our DQ – it’s also up against some of our favorites larger SUVs including the Land Rover Discovery sport and Kia

Sorento will it be a clear winner then or is Skoda too late to make its mark in an already crowded market keep watching to find out there’s a choice between two petrol and two diesels and most come in

a variety of power outputs you might think in the entry-level one point for petrol would struggle with a car this size but they actually take pretty well

as long as you’re not expecting any Swift progress there is a more powerful 2 litre petrol that comes in four-wheel-drive if that’s the sort of thing you’re after

the vast majority of UK buyers will head straight to the trio of diesels available with one one three one four eight and one eight seven brake horsepower our favorite is the mid-range

because it’s got fiat low revs and has enough power to haul around seven people go for front-wheel drive when you get this DSG automatic gearbox as standard

while buyers of the 4-wheel Drive can spec a six-speed manual for those who are looking to do a lot of towing the top-end 187 brake horsepower version

will suit well be warned so this sells push the price up considerably when it comes to ride comfort the Kodiaks and suspension setup works well and it’s generally

comfortable giving you a decent amount of control to little and most large SUV sway through the corners but the kodiak feels remarkably stable and agile

especially for a car this size unfortunately the steering is inconsistent and is too light in all but sport mode inside the Skoda kodiak is a

pleasant place to be there’s plenty of soft touch materials and it does feel good quality in fact it makes a nice sound extra or home dos Santos pay for

one little low-rent being an SUV there is a good commanding driving position and visibility is excellent out of the front and sides although if you’ve got

the third row of seating up it’s quite tricky to see out the back that means you’ll probably want to go for the FE and get rear parking sensors and then

front and thirds either you can respect as an optional extra you can even get this car to park itself but there’s only really if you’re very nervous Parker to

get adjustment to find a comfortable driving position that is easily done with the seat and steering well although if you’re looking for a bit of number

support you’ll have to go to the FPL model the dashboard is logically laid out and these chunky buttons are even hard to find in the dark this

touchscreen is easy to use and the menus are clear and logically laid out it’s got all the functions that you would expect including VAV radio USB in and

iPhone and Android mirroring systems apple carplay and android auto and if you go to the FEL and above you also get sat-nav there are a couple of clever

features to mention – including wireless phone charging on edition models well assist in which turns a Kodiak into a Wi-Fi hotspot is on the options list for

high-end version so let’s see how easy it is to pair my mobile phone and set destination in the factor in automatically things select

telephones find telephone and bluetooth is on can I find oh there we are Rebecca zifang now set a destination in the Sun now where would I’d like to go let’s go to Manchester Street

please once okay okay 28 that’ll be fine and crossing extreme pletely made-up that up I have no idea what is there that is where we’re going excellent well that was easy

the good news is you’re unlikely to feel cramped in here because there’s plenty of head and legroom there’s large turbines that can

accommodate a big bottle of water more storage underneath here and as it is a size glovebox you can specify the Kodiak with just five seats however the higher

end SEL model and range-topping Edition only come with seven seats this middle row slides backwards and forwards split 60/40 and has an adjustable back there

isn’t as much room as a Kia Sorento however if you’ve only got four adults in this car there is loads of space adults and teenagers relegated to this

third row will find it very squishy small children however will be absolutely fine and when these seats are not in use they fall down like that

and with those rear seats stowed away or inside Peter guys this route is absolutely huge as lot much that you won’t be able to fit in here even with

these two seats in place there’s still enough room for a couple of small suitcases or modest weekly shop and the green floor is virtually flat as long as

you go through the bearable boot floor which is standard and are recommended at the L model with its low starting price to Kodiak looks like a very intelligent

proposition bear in mind so the entry-level model comes with a petrol engine and five seater guys only willpotter is going to be the 2-liter

diesel although that still undercuts the kia sorento and the kodiak is expected to hold on to its residual values better than a lot of its rivals in terms of

equipment we’d go for SEL trim which gets you most of the kits you’re going to once in the Kodiak including those all-important extra seats LED headlights

Alcantara seats keyless entry and start and a powered tailgate it’s worth noting though that even the entry-level versions get aircon and all models getautomatic emergency braking and standard the Skoda Kodiak.

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