2020 Suzuki Ignis review

this is the Suzuki Ignis a car that looks like a massive off-roader that is really far away and in this video we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about it including how it compares

to all of its rivals but before we get started don’t forget if you want to buy an Ignace go to what com2 make sure that you’re getting a great deal because there you can browse through a list of

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the bell icon turned on because we have loads of great new videos coming out every single week in recent years we’ve seen plenty of manufacturers getting in on the small SUV market and Suzuki has

taken the small part to the extreme it’s three point seven meters long and one point seven meters wide which makes it similar in size to city cars like the Fiat 500 Volkswagen Up and Kia Picanto

but the SUV bit is still there you get flared wheel arches boxy dimensions a jacked up stance roof rails and unlike so many other SUV rivals you can

actually spec all-wheel drive on this Ignace styling wise it bears little resemblance to the previous versions of the ignasi’s the big knives that have gone before it and the second-generation

model actually instead parks back to the suzuki wizkid if you come and look at the rear of the car here you can see that this boot line and the gills here all hark back to that 70s City car from

Suzuki but in all other areas this Ignace now in its second generation is much more modern although the interior does feel like a little bit of a

throwback and that’s mainly because all the materials feel like pretty cheap plastics and are certainly nowhere near the plush interiors that you get in the

hoenn do I turn the Volkswagen up and the Kia Picanto I mean look at this I can probably shake this off the dashboard without too much effort so it’s just generally not particularly high build quality although

it is slightly nicer to look at than the very very bland dacher duster and that’s in part thanks to this nice two-toned Finn you get on the dashboard which does

slightly help lift the interior it’s also good that all the physical controls are grouped closely together on this wobbly thing hanging off the dashboard

here and it’s within easy reach of the driver although the buttons down here you will probably have to Crane your neck to see what you’re pressing in case you don’t

accidentally turn off the lane keep assist when you actually want to put hill descent control on but the infotainment system up here is really

disappointing it’s not very sophisticated it’s not slick the resolutions quite low and it also is entirely touchscreen and the shortcut

buttons that you have are a bit small and awkward so that when you’re trying to hit them on the move it can be a bit difficult but it’s just generally not

got much to it and it’s disappointing however the good thing is that you get apple carplay and android auto so you don’t have to completely put up with the

Suzuki’s infotainment system you can use the features on your smartphone instead entry-level s said three cars get a simple system with no touchscreen but it

does still get do be radio and bluetooth the steering wheel only adjusts for height rather than reach so as you can see you can move up and down

but you can’t move it in and out now that is a pain but in fairness lots of the ignasi’s rivals suffer from the same thing and you also don’t get adjustable

lumbar support and there is really much side support either so if you’re absolutely owning around a corner your best bet is to just grip the steering

wheel and then wait for the slide into the door it’s not quite that bad but it could do with some extra bolstering around here certainly and it’s also

worth pointing out that on entry-level s-said 3 trims they don’t get a height adjustable driver’s seat but on SN T and s ed 5 you get exactly that and yes it

does appear to be very height adjustable which is good and also having such a short bonnet means that the front visibility is brilliant out of the Ignis

these front pillows are quite thin as well and it really does just feel like a small go-kart when you’re getting it I’m gonna move this seat down now

I might take a bit of time so bear with me however the view out the back isn’t that great because there’s quite thick rear pillars either side of the rear

windscreen and also the rear windows sloped upwards at the back which again kind of add to that blind spot so that is a bit of a pain as for the space and

the Ignis how good it is depends on what you’re measuring it against obviously but let me explain so technically this is a small SUV and by those standards

it’s pretty unremarkable however many people will see this as an alternative to city cars like the Volkswagen up and the Hyundai i10 and compared to them it

is very impressive so it has a really boxy shape which gives you loads of headroom I mean look at that and you certainly don’t feel cramped in

the front at all there’s also a good amount of storage on offer you’ve got these door bins which are relatively thin but still big enough for a bottle

at the back of the center console you’ve got another storage tray a couple of cupholders at the front and another cubby there you’ve also for the

passenger got this random slot thing in front of the passenger seat which probably you shouldn’t really put anything in because it’s just gonna fall

out but I suppose it’s must be there for some practical purpose and also it’s interesting that that actually feels like some of the best quality materials

that’s used and you’re never going to touch it but anyway let’s see what it’s like in the back in the back the Ignis is very impressive two adults will sit back here

very comfortably and that is something that not many small SUVs can do let alone City cars so you can see plenty of headroom thanks that box.you shape again

legroom is especially generous and there’s also plenty of space for your feet under the seat in front of you and another trick hidden up the sleeve of the Ignis are these two seats in the

back which can slide forwards and tilt as well so let me explain if you go for entry-level s-said three trim then you get three seats in the backlog of conventional family car however because it’s quite

narrow in here if you have three adults sat next to each other it would be very very uncomfortable so what we’d recommend you do is go for s-said T or s ed v because those cars get a four seat

layout so you can see in the back the rear bench becomes two seats and each seat can individually slide forwards and also it’s hilt however it is a bit annoying that it can’t recline more because you

can see I’ve moved the seat forwards so surely that would mean that I’d want to be able to lie back a bit more as well however the seat can’t go past that point so really this is great having

this flexibility in the rear seats but it’s only really something that you’re probably going to use to give yourself more boot space which we’ll take a look

at next this boot is very big by city-car standards and it’s great having that added seating flexibility that we just looked at to give you even more room however there is quite a big lip at

the front here and when you do fold the rear seats down it leaves a bit of a step in the floor but still it’s very practical and if you go for s-said 3 the rear seats fold in a 60/40 split-folding

fashion but because you’ve only got two rear seats in this it’s 5050 be warned that due to the space required for fitting the four-wheel drive bobbins the

boot of all grip versions ends up about 20% smaller than that of standard cars but it’s the Ignis of bargain and what does it cost to run well these are the

key things that you need to know about buying and owning a Suzuki Ignis there is very little difference between the list prices and PTP finance deals of the Suzuki Ignace Volkswagen are pound III

10 and Kia Picanto but in our favourite SCT trim the Ignis is fractionally cheaper as a cash buy however a dacha duster which is admittedly in a class

above is available for the same price and offers much more space but if you want four-wheel drive than the Ignis is the cheaper got our real-world fuel

economy testing on a non hybrid two-wheel drive Ignace returned the result of fifty point nine miles per gallon which is impressive however the

mild hybrid s HVS returned a result of fifty nine point six miles per gallon which is the most economical car we’ve ever tested and the good news doesn’t

stop there comparatively low co2 emissions makes this competitive as a company car while resale values are expected to be strong too however

insurance and servicing costs are relatively high s z-t is the best-selling trim and it’s easy to see why it adds 16 inch wheels a rear view

camera and the clever sliding rear seats to the entry-level as said three models front electric windows do be radio bluetooth for speaker stereo and

all in all it represents the best value in the range that said we can see why you’d go for s-said five trim because it adds automatic emergency braking as

standard with that fitted it pushes the ignasi’s europe end caps core to the maximum five stars without it it’s only three stars you can add it to lesser

trims but it’s very expensive suzuki has a fantastic reliability record and for further peace of mind every agnes comes with a three year or 60,000 mile

warranty which is pretty standard for the class the ignition is available with one engine in two different variations now the standard 1.2 joule Jets 89 brake

horsepower might not sound like a lot but remember this is a small car it doesn’t weigh a lot so it feels perfectly peppy we’d say and you

certainly wouldn’t describe it as slow it also gets 88 pounds for the torque which gives enough pulling power for some decent in-gear acceleration so that

essentially means that you don’t have to be constantly shifting through the gears to go relatively quickly in the eagerness you can just plant your foot

wait for the revs to build and it looks accelerate nice and smoothly without much of a fuss but what you do have to use this gearbox then the 5-speed manual

that comes with it as standard is nice and slick with a short shift and it’s generally pretty good and makes the whole driving experience fairly enjoyable when you do

the engine above that is the 1.2 hybrid which is what we’re driving now now it’s not a hybrid in the traditional sense it doesn’t have a big battery that gives

you an electric only range it is a very very very very mild hybrid like a calmer hybrid essentially so the real benefits are a slight increase in performance but

it’s not hugely noticeable but the real real real good thing about this engine is the fuel economy because as we were mentioning earlier the fuel economy that

you can get in this car is absolutely fantastic you might spend a bit more cash to get this engine but you get a bit of extra performance and also you’ll

get some brilliant fuel economy as well but in other areas the Ignis is less accomplished so take the brakes for example if you do an emergency stop in a

Suzuki Ignace and a Kia Picanto X line from 70 miles an hour then the inglis will take eight point three meters longer to stop than the Kia plus the

pedal itself just feels quite grabby and it’s difficult to break smoothly which is a bit irritating plus the steering feels inconsistently weighted so you

can’t really corner with great confidence especially because there’s a lot of body roll as well more so than you’d get in a Volkswagen out still the

Ignis is low weight and compact dimensions helped it at least feel maneuverable and grip levels are reasonable provided you’re not trying to

drive the wheels off it but the real trump card with the Ignis is the fact that you can get four-wheel drive as an option which is brilliant and there are plenty of other SUVs that don’t offer it at all so the fact that a car this small

offers it is great however ok Suzuki’s all grip technology is designed more to get you across a field rather than a mountain but it’s still great to have the option there as for the ride well the suspension

setup is relatively soft so over dips and crests on these flowing country roads of Iran now it actually manages quite well however when you go to town then there is a kind of constant fidget

to the ride and if you get any pronounced imperfections on the road like there but there is a bit of a whack that you hear when it kind of reverberates around the interior so it

doesn’t cope with those quite so well refinement is okay this engine note is quite nice however when you get it close to the redline then it does sound pretty coarse so don’t want to be doing that

too often and when you’re on the motorway at about 70 miles an hour you do get some road noise but it’s more the wind noise there’s a problem and it

gets whipped up around the door mirrors and the pillars as well so if you’re doing loads and loads and loads of motorway miles then the Ignace can be quite tiring so this dinky SUV has

plenty of character it’s well packaged and it’s well priced – but the stodgy handling and so-so interior quality do let it down a little bit still if you’re interested in buying one make sure you go to what Cottle comp

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