2020 Volkswagen Golf Review

Generation Volkswagen Golf R going to give you a full rundown of every feature on this new family car but before.

We start I will just let you know that you can save more than 2,000 pounds of the outgoing golf right now.

I’m working order, and of course, make sure that you subscribe to a channel with the new golf well it has a completely reinvented entertainment system and interior design.

It’s slightly bigger to the longest side here there’s also a new cave that feels slightly numb before and the exterior design Disney you can say it’s still pretty recognizable as a more chiseled front end with the show-up lines leading down to.

The LED headlights with a standard and also apparently called sold for next year will be able to have lights that stretch across the bone at the bottom of the car the grill is narrower than before you can say down here slightly more defined lines so it’s not a huge design Overholt on the outside but when I ordered about success story that every single Generation episode in massive numbers winning formula. Want to stray too far from it but having said that the inside is very different from the for now and you.

Have soft rock materials on top of the dashboard and on top of the door the whole world feels pretty good to be said that compared to call about the BMW 1 series build quality here isn’t anything to write home about because if you look close you can see especially this just doesn’t look. Nice if it pretty feels. Goodall either Halo 2 so you kind of get the impression that VW has gone for more the showroom wow factor and it has on out-and-out brittonfield quality so that’s an old car now but the bill courtesy that is outstanding and it’s certainly better than what you find in this and you go so we’ll talk more about that because you can see stop from having these two screens hair so to 10-inch screens display and 1 p.m. timer so it’s crispy it clear it so very effective configurable as well no problems with that however the entertainment is completely different than before and it’s not necessarily a step forward in fact which is a step backward because everything.

Pretty much is controlled through his touch screen here which would be okay because we used to unload systems now but it is very confusing me light out Taconic State was not the priority has been making it look really impressive and working

On the design of these Subs menu homepages rather than the functionality of the same features just isn’t as easy or simple as it should be for example these b**** hair you click on the shortcut buttons and it brings out this kind of interesting Lee designed homepage that looks nice but it just adds a layer of complication to it that you brought up wasn’t that I knew so here we have another entertainment system that doesn’t have physical control to the air-con so VW complete going to Sliding bar on the bottom.

When she slides up and down to control the temperature if you take two fingers and press it and it turns on the heat to see it again and again and again and you can gradually turn down the heat to see you as well you have the same kind of thing for the volume so sliding upturn the volume up or you can just tap it when they end up and down is it sinful to have some toys that you can turn up and down and ultimately it’s not just a simple but it’s less distracting as well so it just seemed to be going quite a style heavy with a software engineering focusing on the basics of its Rivals and plenty of other cars in VW air-cooled call 2x now what that is is a system where VW calls it quits with it can communicate with each other while asleep to report incidents on the road MC service vehicle somewhere or traffic than they can communicate with each other with that system know until you realize that only works on calls it quits with.

Call to add software which so far is just the new go so it will only be communicating with each other why do you use that is useful to be the same thing but much better already anyway plenty of Headroom legroom find does Lowe’s Winchester pellet in the steering wheel and the seats to the lumbar support doesn’t feel that affected synonym setting when it should be pushing through your back if it was quite weak and this is also a function on it as well. He puts a long ball to the maximum so you can’t really say.

That much anyway and then release it and then put it back on so it feels like a very primitive but it’s impressive legroom is okay but overall it’s pretty average for the clothes so I can patch a focus a place to plug map if they still exist anymore to with pockets up here which I guess funniest model heated rear seats and climate controls the back along with a couple of USB C ports as well this comes down to reveal Simchat POTUS and also hopefully there’s a ski hat chair which allows easy access to the booty from these receipts here which is practical but ultimately found me call that has loads of space in the back than the golf isn’t your best option now the boot is pretty much identical except Saturday and then you go because the roof drops down a bit more to what the back than it did in the previous go. It’s the same as before so that means it’s a fine size on enough rope shopping trip to go in there as well.

So that means you can take this out drop it down to increase the space or lift it again so it comes out the loading at the front of the car but you can see when you do straight down into where the spare wheel goes if you function on the car just put a cover over that to stop it from literally just going down into the well that but still reasonably practical but what is the go Floyd to Droid Psych the musical is available in five different engines to Diesel’s to turbocharged petrol on 11.5 ready-mades because this isn’t a traditional hybrid where you can travel for miles on electric power line instead it’s one of these new engines.

Racine on some other Mortals as well system electric motor slightly and performances well is good so it’s a very strong smooth engine powerful.

Crown town and build Pace effortlessly one downside to the 48-volt system that uses regenerative braking so that means when you use the brake pedal it harvests the energy created from slowing down charge the battery.

And because of that it just means that the brake pedal feels slightly more inconsistent than a traditional that means smoothly driving at slow speeds and coming to a stop it just has a charge that doesn’t have a major drawback comes with 7-speed automatic gearbox and.

What is this called like to dry well staring around town in Comfort so that’s fine for parking Maneuvers but he won’t fall off the road you will want to put it in sport mode but if you press this driving mode shortcut button on the dashboard mode home screen so you can see comfort sport an individual to choose from now within individual you have a fantastic amount of configurability you can decide exactly how you want to stay up and also the suspension.

With a golf, you have a terrific amount of choice for how you want it set up so you can see you sliding scale across the screen here is very very Comfort on the way on the right side is very very sport so these incremental differences level of specificity to choose exactly how you want this car set up with its Royal but how well this is certainly one of the most comfortable in the family.

Is really impressive absorbing Road imperfections and big speed bumps is Kimberly very comfortable with extreme Comfort it’s just a bit too soft a bit to wallow in lacking a bit of control and in very sport is just too far so you can find unit to hearts desire to find exactly the right mood for you but it’s great that you have the option to do that when you do Hit The Sweet Spot ultimately the handling isn’t as good as a real car to drive in this car so the goal isn’t quite so enjoyable in the same way the best of the rest. Pricing and specs are yet to be confirmed.

But we do know that the car is going to stop him around 20,000 if you’re watching this video in the future go to walk call. Come to find out more details on the pricing and you can get a great deal and 1/2 now the major benefit of going for the malls hard version is the fuel efficiency gains think we’ve been able to easily get more than 40 miles per gallon and more hardcore performance Focus GTI and all versions so guess what the new golf is very familiar.

With ghosts of all, that means it comfortable generation Moto the giant leap forward expected in some ways especially when it comes to dashboard layout but you can still expect this car to Fab very well against price eruptions like the BMW 1 series and Mercedes a class but whether it’s a better choice than the cheaper and much more on the go and if you want to save.

A lot of money off your next new car when you can do that on our website as well if you enjoyed this video that we have loads like it going live every week so make sure you any questions at all about.

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