2020 Volkswagen T-Roc review

the Volkswagen Group sells more cars than any other car maker has more vehicles in its range than its rivals spend more money developing them but some critics argue that its strength is

also its weakness and too many of its cars are too similar but e-rock though this small SUV wants to appeal to your heart as well as your head so how well does it stack up against rivals the

theater owner and MINI Countryman in this review we’ll find out as well as what it’s like to drive how easy it is to live with and what it’s like on the inside and remember if this is the car for you

and you would like to buy it but not haggle go to what car new car buying where we can help save you thousands first though let’s see what the T Rock is like on the road most T Rock buyers

will be choosing between the two lowest powered petrol engines with many of them going for the 1 liter which is the smallest yes it does sound very small a 1 liter engine however it’s got plenty

of punch it can hold its own on the motorway and also a roads and it’s also smooth and quiet and all that high revs we’d recommend it unless you feel you

really need something with more go if so the 1.5 liter petrol is worth a look with the step up in price and running costs reasonable the bigger engines again both diesel and petrol are more

fun but much more expensive so we don’t recommend them the six-speed manual gearbox is great but the automatic DSG which is standard on the range-topping petrol is a little bit jerky at slower

speeds whichever engine you go for so long as you stick to the smallest wheel size the T ROC is one of the most comfortable small SUVs you can buy

soaking up bumps better than rivals while still keeping its body from bouncing up and down too much along undulating roads that said the higher

ride height does mean that you still feel bumps more than you would in the lower riding Volkswagen Golf the compromise for this is that the T Rock is not as agile as its rivals

leaves more in the corners and so that’s fine for most people but if it’s a sporty ride that you’re after you’d be better off with an Audi q2 or SATA right now

you’re on immediately feel at home inside the T Rock if you spent time in other Volkswagens but if you haven’t don’t worry because all the buttons are

logically laid out so you will quickly feel at home how the team Rock differs to other VW’s is you can inject various trim colors here and there’s a bit of

ambient lighting as well to really lift it but you still cannot get away from the fact that there is a lot of hard scratchy plastic an interior quality is

on a par with the cheapest at aronia which is unfortunate because the audi q2 is much more premium inside if you like a high seating position and the tea Rock

puts you in a higher seating position than both the Kearse donek and set aronia however a Nissan Qashqai is still higher again and in any event if a Range

Rover pulls up alongside you you will still feel very small now with that seating position and the slim windscreen pillars forward visibility is excellent

rear visibility not quite so good but great news you get front and rear parking sensors as standard to operate the infotainment system it is a little

bit fiddly and you almost have to study it to really get good at it and hit those buttons on the move physical controls are a little bit easier and if

you’d like sat-nav it’s a very expensive option on all but the range-topping SEL so a cheaper way to do it is to use a sat-nav in the phone app and use apple

carplay or Android auto whatever your shape or size you are unlikely to complain about the space inside the front of the Volkswagen T Rock because

the seats go a really long way back and really far forwards even too far forwards for my five foot four and a half and there’s plenty of adjustment in

the steering wheel for reach and rake when it comes to story we’ve got large door bins two cupholders here storage there something underneath the arm last

and a decent-size clever box it’s a similar story in the back because there is plenty of headroom especially if you don’t opt for the panoramic sunroof

although that only eats into it slightly in terms of legroom it is better than a certain Rona however the t book is slightly wider which means you can fit

three children side by side in the back quite comfortably the boot is both large and a practical square shape there’s also some useful tethering points dotted

around on the downside you can’t move the seats forwards and backwards to change the balance between rear legroom and luggage space and there’s also no

option for electric front seats which do hinder the tea rocks practicality school our advice is to stay at the lower end of the tea Rock price scale so the 1

litre and 1.5 liter engines are very reasonably priced but if you move up the engine scale or add four-wheel drive we reckon you’ll be paying a price that

will get you a much better car running costs for the tea rock also looks sensible with the 1 liter version returning over 55 miles per gallon in official tests the tea Rock also gets

the full 5-star Euro n cat crush safety rating and it has notably higher marks for pedestrian child and adult occupant safety if you’re buying on a PCP finance deal expect to spend more money per

month than the equivalent setter owner or Audi q2 the reason for that put simply the aronia is cheaper and the Audi has the benefit of an Audi badge to stave off a little bit of that

depreciation however it is not quite as practical there are a lot of trim levels to choose from and our recommendation is to go for the one just above basic which is SE or the one above that which is

design on top of the standard kit which includes dual zone climate control Bluetooth a da B radio and alloy wheels both get extras including adaptive cruise control and front and rear

parking sensors design adds a wider range of personalization options and styling accessories including twin chrome effect exhaust surrounds

contrasting roof and door mera colours and bumpers with a silver metallic underbody protection it’s at this point that they claim that this is a vault where the difference really starts to

ring true overall the T Rock offers a great package it’s a smidgen more stylish than false wagons of recent years only at the expense of interior quality so the nverdict is pretty good for Volkswagen.


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