2020 Volkswagen Up GTI review

on the face of it this could be one of the most exciting new cars this year it’s the new Volkswagen Up GTI it’s a proper little hot hatch and it promises big driving thrills for an impressively

low price we already know the Volkswagen offers a city car is a great car but in the hot hatch arena it’s got a very different fight on its hands it looks as though it has the essential ingredients

to succeed though it’s light it has a character for guts the engine and it looks cool too in this review we’ll tell you if the up GTI has got the brawn to back up what it promises on paper and how it fares

against rivals such as the Fiat Abarth 595 and the Renault Twingo GT and remember we don’t just review curls at walk car we can help save you money on your next new car go to watcard calm and

go to the new car deal section first though let’s see what this baby hot hatch is like to drive don’t go searching for a big engine under the bonnet because all you’ll findis a three cylinder one liter turbocharged engine but it’s a cracking engine it pushes out 113 brake horsepower and it feels plenty gutsy

enough and you don’t have to rev it like a washing machine on its spin cycle to get it to go places either sure it isn’t explosively fast like the our bath 595 but it is a darn sight quicker in the Renault Twingo GT there’s nothing lazy about its power delivery either as it zips along to the redline quite readily and sounds pretty awesome while it’s doing it digitally enhanced to make it

sound a little more meaty the standard 6-speed manual gearbox offers a slick gear change and Road and wind noise isn’t overbearing either the regular Volkswagen up already offers tidy handling but this GTI feels even more tenacious especially because its suspension has been dropped by 15

millimeters over the standard car it changes direction sweetly and hangs on gamely three bends in fact dynamically speaking it wipes the floor with simile sized rivals and yet there are issues because there’s a layer of polish missing with the up GTI there’s very little in the way of steering feel and the chassis doesn’t have the composure

or balance for it to be truly considered one of the greats and the 17-inch alloy wheels and stiffer suspension does make you feel a little uncomfortable over scruffy roads although it’s no Boneshaker but for a car that costs half as much as a Honda Civic type-r it is certainly no disgrace and it is pretty good fun to drive

there’s a bit of an issue with the Volkswagen app because it doesn’t matter whether you’re tall or short or somewhere in between you can’t actually see all of the dials so you have to set the steering wheel to the highest setting and then that feels a little bit weird for a sporty car it’s not all bad

news so we do like this simple – it’s easy to use logically laid out but don’t expect anything too opulent or ornate because this is still a pretty basic motor even in GTI form there’s not to say isn’t stylish though the exposed body colored metal door tarps look cool and even though the plastics are hard

they look pleasant and feel sturdy there’s also a leather trim steering wheel with red stitching and tartan trim for the supportive seats along tight and twisty roads you may find that these steep a pillars get a little bit in the way of your vision apart from that though as you would expect from a city car all-round

visibility is excellent which also means it’s a doddle to park you get this 5-inch infotainment screen as standard which gets you Bluetooth USB and a six speaker hi-fi system plus there’s an app that you can download on your phone and once you’ve done that you can control the screen and also you can use the

sat-nav and then there’s a built in holder just there if you’re looking to compare the app GTI with more expensive larger rivals such as the Civic type-r then clearly it’s going to fall short however when it’s uh forgets its immediate rivals it fares very well it’s pretty spacious if you’re at all adult

you’ll find that there’s plenty of headroom and legroom and then when it comes to storing your everyday items there’s lots of little cubby holes so the door bins are big fits the big bottle of water cup holder here it does fit but probably not too safe so we’ll keep it in there and we will use the cup

holder there and there’s a snack holder and another cup holder in the back but we’ll use it for some more snacks and the glove box is a pretty decent size I think we can fit more in there yep thanks to its boxy shape the up is actually pretty spacious in the back there’s definitely as much room as

you’ll find in a Renault Twingo GT or Fiat Abarth 595 which means a couple of tall adults can sit fairly comfortably behind some equally tall adults sitting in the front where the up GTI really pulls its head over its rivals is the boot it’s a sizable shape and it’s also pretty deep there is this sizable load

lip that you have to heave your items in and out however we managed to fit three carry-on suitcases in here more easily than we did in its rivals so in that respect it makes up for it if you need a bit more room than the up GTI’s rear seats fold to leave an extended cargo area ideal if you go a little bit mad

with your weekend shopping there’s a bit of a step with the seats folded down though but lifting the standard drill height boot floor to its highest setting helps to level this out both the three and five-door versions of the ARP GCI undercut its key rivals quite significantly and PCP deals also look

attractive running cost shouldn’t be prohibitive either and you get a decent amount of kit as standard the up GTI was awarded the full 5 stars in the year a

endcap crash test and you can spec automatic emergency braking and security experts thatch in research awarded it four stars out of five when it comes to

resistance of being stolen in summary then the up DCI offers a cracking engine decent handling and very low price there’s so much to like in fact that we think is one of the best budget hot hatches.


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