2020 Volvo S60 review

this is the new Volvo s60 and perhaps the most remarkable thing about it isn’t what it gets but what it doesn’t get yes for a very long time the traditional executive saloon car was hugely popular

with diesel power but Volvo has big plans to electrify every new car it launches from this year and so that means the s60 is the first modern Volvo offered exclusively with petrol engines

this is the third generation s60 and it’s larger than before and it’s based very closely on Volvo’s v60 estate but is this car really a genuine alternative to the likes of the BMW 3-series

mercedes-benz c-class and Audi a4 that’s what we’re gonna find out in this review and remember if you want to buy a Volvo s60 or any of its rivals or any other new car for that matter go to what calm

and hopefully we can save you some money in our new car buying section you can find out straight away online with no hassle and please subscribe to our channel now if you’ve been keeping up to

speed with Volvo’s latest new cars then the s60 will be quite familiar to you and in fact it should be incredibly familiar and part the reason for that is

that this is the seventh all-new car that Volvo released since 2014 well that’s a staggering number of new cars to release in a very short space of time and of course part of the reason it’s

been able to do that is because well all their cars look the same now that could be a negative thing if they were ugly but Volvo has absolutely nailed its design for its new cars don’t you think

everyone looks really nice and it’s kind of got that understated elegance about it but it’s quite rare in this class so it’s still instantly recognizable from

other vials in the lineup you’ve got the hammer of Thor headlights at the front but actually the front design is refreshingly free from

aggressive grilles and air intakes and it’s just not quite as fussy as some of its German rivals so the Russian dole style of design doesn’t really seem to be impacting Volvo that negatively when

it can create cars as good-looking as this but what’s the inside light well just like the outside inside it’s pretty much an ear mirror image of every other new Volvo

on sale especially the v60 but when they make interiors as good as this that’s no problem at all so all the materials are really good quality everywhere you have

nice soft touch leathers nice feel on a steering wheel too and even this metal effect trim on the dash it’s very easy for that to look cheap and nasty but here it’s done very

nicely indeed and you’ve got really nice knurling on the starter button the volume control in the air vents and you have a cool Swedish flag on the seats as

well now that’s all what we’re used to before but still although we’ve seen this on other Volvo’s it doesn’t really make it any less impressive it’s still

brilliant and in this class it’s only the a4 that beats the volvo really for outright build quality everything else the s60 is right up there with the

3-series and all the other good cars in this class but here we are again in a Volvo with a lovely interior that’s just let down slightly by this infotainment

system so let’s explain why now it’s the same 9 inch tablet style touchscreen that we’ve seen in all of its other new models and it’s very responsive the

graphics are really crisp and clear it gets da B radio sat-nav and some models also get apple carplay and android auto now although not all trims get it but

it’s got a fairly confusing layout there are quite a lot of menus and submenus that you have to scroll through but really the biggest problem with it is

that there’s just one shortcut button for it and that’s this button down here which takes you to the home screen now it’s true you’ve got a volume dial down

there as well as some other media shortcuts and you can control those same things through the steering wheel controls as well but it just means that

everything else has to be controlled through the touchscreen which means when you’re driving that can be very distracting one slight disappointment on

interior quality is the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters behind the wheel now you can see if you look at them they have a nice metal effect

finish on the front but actually when you touch them on the back you realise actually they’re quite cheap and plasticky and another handy feature that

the s60 gets is up front on the windscreen you have this clip where you can put parking tickets as well now that’s something that we’ve seen on

Skoda ‘s and now follow the dirt as well as for space out front there is tons of room and the driving position is bang on as well there’s plenty of

adjustment in the steering wheel here and also in the seat as well so there’s no problem no matter how strange you think your driving position might be you

will definitely be able to get comfortable up front in the s60 as for storage well the door bins down here are actually a bit on the shallow side but

still enough room for a bottle but not much else on the center console at the back you’ve got a nice big open storage space with a good non-slip floor to it

as well you’ve also got two USB ports there these are very nicely disguised storage compartments here with a place for your phone and also two cupholders

and another space in front of a 12 volt socket there again with a non-slip floor which is really helpful means things won’t be running around if you’re going

around a corner and then just in front of that you have another hidden storage compartment that is not quite so useful in its size but if you want to carry

around lots of toothpicks then that’s probably quite helpful maybe a house keys as well what about the glove box over here fairly decent-sized nothing

hugely special but still useful to have and so storage up front is good plenty of space for the driver in the back the s60 impresses again with the space on

offer certainly among its closest rivals legroom is especially impressive and there’s loads of headroom too but really just bear in mind that if practicality

is your main concern for a car in this class then the Skoda Superb reigns supreme now what else have you got on offer back here well you have a fairly shallow door bin for passengers

you got this storage net behind the driver’s seat as well you’ve got that odd size storage compartment of the thing but really I’ll show you you can’t even really fit a phone in it so I don’t

really know what it’s for anyway underneath that you’ve got a 12 volt socket and you’ll notice down here actually this is quite a sizable hump in the floor so if you are a middle seat

passenger that could be really quite uncomfortable to have to straddle either side of that you’ve got ISOFIX mounts on the outer two rear seats and then down here if you pull this down you can see

that you have another bit of storage now that’s a bit more phone so and then you’ll see this button here there’s another one on this side and press one of them and it lifts up this

for some more storage but you’re probably thinking hang on where are the cupholders well don’t worry because there are the cupholders

so loads of storage options back here and the space on offer is impressive too as for the boot well the s60 is very comparable in size and practicality with the 3 Series in our test we managed to

fit the same number of carry-on sized suitcases in the boot of the s60 as we did in the 3 Series and I mean take a look for yourself you can see it’s a nice wide deep space that’s very good

for this executive car class you’ve also got some handy practical features like these tethering hooks at the front here and there’s two on either side at the

back and you’ve also got these hooks up top as well there’s a storage net on the side and a bit of extra storage space on the other side although not that much

also if you are brave enough to go right to the very back of the boot you can open the ski hatch like that nice and easy as long as you’ve got long legs but there’s no underfloor storage although

there is space for a spare wheel in there there’s also a bit of a load lip at the front but compared to its rivals it’s not really that bad however the

worst thing about the s60 boot is the fact that it only has a fixed rear bench so that means you can’t fold down the rear seats at least on the entry-level

options you can choose it as an optional extra but the s6 T’s rear bench on the model we’ve got cannot fold forwards now that really is bad in this class because

most things at the very least gets 60/40 split-folding rear seats and some get 40/20/40 as well so if you’re going to be loading especially long items into

the s60 that aren’t a pair of skis then you might need to look at another car but then to be fair you probably aren’t buying a saloon executive car to be your

load lugging tools so perhaps it’s not the end of the world but for some buyers that might really put them off one other handy feature on the s60 though is this

button up here now it doesn’t have a power assisted tailgate on this model it is available on other models but if you press this button it means that when you

close the boot the car will lock itself without needing to get your keys but how does the s60 stack up financially these the key things you

need to know about buying and owning a Volvo s60 the s60 s list price is a little bit cheaper than a BMW 3-series the s60 isn’t quite as economical as a

BMW 3-series in the real world the s60 is also cheaper than a 3-series and Alfa Romeo Giulia on a pcp finance deal and co2 emissions are quite high so an

equivalent 3-series should be cheaper to run as a company car to we’re driving an odd design edition model which is a launched version but soon you’ll have

three different trim levels to choose from our design plus is the entry level trim but still gets loads of kit while there’s inscription plus and the

range-topping Polestar engineered trims to choose from we’d go for inscription plus mainly for the suspension option it gets but more on that later

recently Volvo’s had a very poor reliability record – in our latest reliability survey the manufacturer finished behind all of its key rivals

but surprise surprise for a Volvo the s60 performed brilliantly in the latest Euro endcaps safety results scoring the maximum 5

star rating automatic emergency braking is standard so we’ve already said that the new s60 won’t be available with any diesels so that means that the range is

made up of one 2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that’s available with three different power outputs and two hybrid versions within that so the range

kicks off with the t5 which is the car that we’re driving now it’s smooth and it can cover nought to 60 miles per hour in 6.9 seconds which isn’t embarrassing

but compared to equivalent petrol engines that you can get in the BMW 3-series an Alfa Romeo Giulia it is noticeably slower you can also get a

plug-in hybrid t8 which is much quicker although we’re yet to drive it in the s60 we were very impressed with this engine in the Volvo xc90 there’s also a

more powerful version of that engine available in pole star engineered trim if you want more pace and the benefit of hybrid power than these certainly could

be worth considering just bear in mind that it’ll raise the price pretty considerably but no matter what engine you pick you

wouldn’t describe the s60 as fun to drive and remember this is a class that has some of the sweetest handling cars available like the new BMW 3-series and

the Alfa Romeo Giulia and in that company yes it just feels a bit ordinary the steering is smooth and accurate but there’s nothing about the way it drives

it really excites you in the same way that it does in a 3-series and in the Julia which will be fine if this was a very comfortable car but it’s not well

at least the model we’re testing isn’t so we’re driving an R design edition with 19-inch wheels and all design models we’re used to that with Volvo they get lower firmer suspension setups but the result is a ride that really

isn’t very comfortable at any speeds now in a 3-series the ROI can be a bit spiky around town but it really does calm down on the motorway but in the s60 with this suspension and this size of wheel it’s

just uncomfortable regardless of the speed it always feels quite firm now there are other models available in the lineup like inscription plus and that will get a different suspension setup

along with all the t8 engines so we definitely recommend going for those but it’s a relatively quiet interior although having said that an a4 is much quieter a c-class is too but still the

s60 has a pretty quiet interior and the only real noticeable disturbance to the piece is rodent so although s60 is an interesting executive car with a plush interior and competitive PCP finance

deals but against the best cars in the class the ride quality isn’t up there and neither is the handling for much more on the s60 including our extended.


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