2020 Volvo XC90 review

if you’ve got a big family and you need a plush car with lots of seats to cart them all around then it’s almost certain that this has been on your shortlist yes it’s the Volvo xc90 and it was first

launched in 2002 and thanks to his SUV proportions and usable seven seats it’s proved a huge success the second generation is even bigger than the first generation and comes with plenty of

choice in its lineup including a plug-in hybrid model but it’s not short on rivals with the Audi q7 and Land Rover Discovery being just two dimension that are up against it so does the Volvo xc90

stand out and is it the default Premium 7 seater of choice let’s find out and remember if you’re interested in buying a Volvo xc90 head to a new car deals section and see how much money we could

save you could be thousands also hit subscribe so you never miss another video but first let’s see what it’s like to drive when it comes to engine choice you’ve got one diesel to petrol and one plug-in

hybrid the diesel d5 has good low down power and a broad range of pulling power making it a good option for many however if you’re looking for something a bit

punchier then you might like to look at BMWs x5 and Audi’s q7 because their diesel engines a little bigger then there’s the petrels there’s the t5 and the t6 both need to be worked quite hard

because peak torque is further along the rev range compared with the diesel that said when they flat out the t5 is brisk enough with the t6 being noticeably quicker but it’s the t8 hybrid that

impresses the most with its combination of turbocharged and supercharged petrol engine combined with an electric motor it is easily the quickest xc90 of the

lot it shoots away from standstill with effortless urgency and has plenty of them for with overtakes it also has similar real-world electric-only range

as premium rivals such as the Porsche Cayenne S e-hybrid which is about 20 miles and then when the electric motor is depleted and you’re running on petrol power alone real-world fuel tests show

that it returns 31.6 miles per gallon which is better than its right in fact we’d go as far to say it is the most impressive plug-in petrol hybrid

you can buy even though it has those heavy batteries to haul around the t8 manages to remain as comfortable as the rest of the xc90 s even so no xc90 rides

perfectly at low speeds on the standard passive suspension they tend to pick up on cracks bumps and expansion joints a fair bit more than the q7 and discovery

however the ride becomes smoother at higher speeds allowing the big Volvo to settle into a comfortable motorway cruise the optional air suspension

doesn’t improve things enough to warrant the outlays so we stick to the standard suspension as for being sporty it can’t match the outright finesse of a bmw x5

or Porsche km and in most specifications it’s not as sharp to drive as an Audi q7 it is however less wallowy than a Land Rover Discovery you’re unlikely to be

heading off the track after you’ve dropped the kids off at school but you’ll still be disappointed with the precious little feedback through the

xc90 steering wheel and the steering feels a little light off-center but for such a tool car it stays pretty level through turns corner with a bit of pace

and you’ll also discover decent reserves of grip while the standard four-wheel drive system gives you largely unflappable traction off the line

however while we’ve sung the praises of the t8 hybrid for its performance and ride it has a greater tendency to sway about in bends due to the weight of

those heavy batteries used to power the electric motor but it’s cools some points back for how quiet it is running on electric power alone the t8 is

predictably the quietest xc90 of the lot when people around town push on a bit harder though and you’ll notice the petrol engine kick in but even then it

is still far from unrefined the t5 and t6 are much the same quiet at low speeds but make themselves known as the revs rise without ever sounding rough the

diesel d5 makes most engine noise all speeds especially at idle and send some vibrations back through the controls some versions get foam-filled

tires which keep road noise at bay but without them you get quite a bit of roar from the tires wind noise always remains hushed though

finally a comfortable driving position is as easy as it gets thanks to these electrically adjustable seats which are also really supportive

and the pedals line up perfectly as well in terms of infotainment and dashboard well it’s logically laid out and there’s minimal buttons all vehicles come with

this tablet style 9 inch touchscreen which looks fancy however some of the buttons are quite difficult to hit on the move and you even have to use it to

adjust the climate control which is not so great when you’re driving along we do prefer the rotary dial systems that you find in BMWs x5 and Audi’s q7 in terms

of build quality the xc90 is very close to the best-in-class top-level inscription trim feels the plushest with fine grade nappa leather seats and

dashboard trim as well as swish walnut inlays this t8 model gets a unique touch with this blown glass gear lever source from a speciality Swedish glass maker

that looks and feels particularly splendid even entry-level momentum trim offers what many will agree is a sharp-looking high-grade interior finish

quality materials are used in all the key places along with substantial feeling switches and buttons it has to be said though you don’t get the same

level of impeccable robustness and sense of occasion that you get in the q7 and that’s not Volvo dropping the ball that’s just Aldi pushing the boundaries

there’s plenty of space for tall adults because there’s loads of headroom and loads of legroom plus there’s also plenty of storage places we’ve got two

cupholders here it’s a more storage there and there and here we’ve got sunglasses boom lip gloss and the door bin is big enough for a large box in water and a banana and the glovebox is also

plenty big enough move to the second row and there is plenty of room on offer again there’s only fraction Lemoore in the Audi q7 you can sit three adults side by side although bear in mind

anybody sitting in this middle seat it is a little bit raised and maybe not quite so comfortable for longer journeys are really advantage with these seats is you can move them forwards and backwards

individually and you can also adjust the recline 7 seats come as standard in every xc90 its rivals have to remove that third row in order to make room for the batteries the space in that third

row is fine for average-sized adults and children but anyone especially tall won’t be comfortable on long journeys back here also moving the middle row of seats forward and back to gain access to

the third row is a bit of a pain because they need quite a heave but with the rear most seats in place they’re still enough room for a couple of large bags

in the boots as well as some underfloor storage which is more than you’ll find in a Discovery in five seater mode this booth is absolutely huge it’s also a really usable space because it’s the

longest in class and it’s simple boxy shape with no load lip means that you can get bulky items in and out very easily and if you go for the t8 model it maintains similar proportions which is

unusual for a hybrid because normally the batteries really eat into that boot space turning heads in the school carpark doesn’t come cheap but the Volvo

xc90 is competitively priced and it’s cheaper to buy than the Land Rover Discovery Porsche Cayenne or Audi q7 and that’s whether you’re paying in cash or

putting it on a PCP finance deal opting for the t8 makes most sense for company car drivers thanks to the company car tax advantages but bear in mind you will spend the least amount of

fuel if you stay in that electric motor which means driving within the range and driving around town it takes around two and three-quarter hours to charge it up

from empty using a seven kilowatt charger the diesel however works out the best for people who do a mix of driving including quite a bit of time spent on

faster roads and it is the cheapest to run for private buyers in fact it’s claimed to be cleaner and use less fuel than most Bibles diesel

units as for the trims momentum is definitely the pick of the bunch adaptive cruise control automatic headlights and wipers leather seats

front and rear parking sensors dual zone climate control all feature in a mammoth list of equipment only go for the our design trim if you really love it sporty

look because it doesn’t really make much financial sense whichever trim you choose for the t8 powertrain fitted you get four zone

climate control individual aircon for the third row of seats panoramic sunroof and a crystal glass gear knob all xc90 s come with a three year 60,000 mile

manufacturer’s warranty which isn’t exceptional in the class but the t8 models do at least have their battery packs covered by a separate eight year 100,000 mile warranty

Volvo’s excellent reputation for safety is definitely on show with the xc90 all models come with automatic emergency braking pedestrian and cyclist detection

link Eve assists road sign recognition six airbags are standard and a full five styles in the Euro end cap safety test the Volvo xc90 is one of the best large

SUV’s combining a high quality spacious and versatile interior with plenty of kit and good driving manners plus if you go 48th model than you are choosing one

of the very best plug-in hybrids on sale for plenty more in the Volvo xc90 including our full online review and that of its rivals petawatt car calm and


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