2021 Ford Edge Ecoboost Titanium Review

2021 Ford Edge Ecoboost Titanium Review

Ford’s edge plays in an interesting segment this is a relatively large two row crossover that means this slots between the 40 scape and the Ford Explorer in overall size the mid-size two row

crossover an SUV segment used to be larger but these days it is relatively small because most manufacturers seem to be going for a 3-row crossover that means the edge directly competes with the likes of the Hyundai Santa Fe sport the Nissan Murano and the Kia Sorento five-seat

now the Sorento is kind of a half competitor because there are seven seat versions of the Sorento out there as well and if you want the v6 engine that’s the only way the Sorento comes at the

moment you could also compare this with certain versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee but the Grand Cherokee has a different mission in mind its mission is off-road dedication that’s not

going on in any of the other entries in this segment realistically the edge can also be compared with the likes of the Lexus rx350 the Cadillac SRX and even its own very closely related Lincoln

counterpart the MK X now Ford has had this trap as a little grill going on for a while and they’ve had the multi bar sort of Gillette edge grill for a while as well and this seems to be the merging of

those two styles together in one vehicle as many of my facebook followers have pointed out this

does look like some sort of blend between Ford and the latest Hyundai designs let me know what you think about that down there in the comment section down below these are not fog lights here these are instead an oval string of LEDs that make up the daytime running lamps we also

have parking sensors on the front and on the sides of the vehicle and on the rear and we have an all-new front view camera this is not an all-around camera like you’ll find on certain versions of

the Nissan Murano this is an expanded view front view camera it also works in tandem with the rear view camera both size and luxury features are what separate this category of two row

crossover from the next step down which will be occupied by the CRV the rav4 and Ford’s own escape you can see that this is a little bit shorter than most 3-row crossover is significantly shorter the specially than those large through a crossovers out there like the General Motors

lambda triplets as well as the Nissan Pathfinder you’ll find the biggest difference between the compact crossovers and the three row crossovers right back here versus your average 3-row

crossover we have a profile that’s more slanting it’s a little bit sporty you’re looking and then in the cargo area we about 33% more cargo space than we get in your average two row compact crossover now versus your average 3-row crossover the cargo room is actually about the same in

the back if you have the rear seats folded in that 3-row crossover now if you have the three rows up then you’ll actually find considerably more space in the back of this than in something like a

Nissan Pathfinder we actually have about three times the amount of cargo space behind the second row as a pathfinder has behind its third row the rear end styling has also been updated

for 2021 we have these new tail lamps which feature a clear cover over the top LED tail lamps and of course down here we have twin exhaust tips even though we’re in the turbocharged four-

cylinder model taking a closer look at the tail up modules you can see that we have this red stripe that goes all the way around back to the Ford logo because turbocharged engines are all the rage

we get two different turbos available in this vehicle we start out with the base engine which is a 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine it produces 245 horsepower and 275 pound feet of torque you can get a 3.5 liter v6 as well the power goes up to 280 but the torque actually drops

down to 250 and the torque comes on much later in the rpm band you can also get ford’s brand new 2.7 liter twin turbo v6 engine that we saw in the Ford f-150 right here under this hood now

unfortunately turning it sideways means that we get a slight reduction in power so it produces 315 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque all three engines are mated to a standard 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters on the steering wheel which we’ll see a little bit later

fuel economy ranges from 24 miles per gallon combined for the 2-liter turbocharged version that we’re taking a look at right here and the lowest is actually the all the drive version of both the 2.7 liter twin turbo and the 3.5 liter naturally aspirated v6 that’s the interesting part of the fuel

economy chart on the side of your screen is that there actually isn’t a fuel economy toll for getting that twin turbo v6 over the naturally aspirated v6 obviously unless you’re driving the car

hard in that case the 2.7 will gulp down more fuel the other thing that’s interesting is that front-wheel drive is the default configuration for all three engines including that 2.7 liter twin turbo

315 horsepower engine if you want all-wheel drive it cost you $1,495 front seat comfort comes in at eight out of ten points this compares very well in this segment with the Nissan Murano as well as the Hyundai Santa Fe in most versions of the Kia Sorento the Murano is one semi-step above

this because I found its seat cushion to be a little bit longer which I found more comfortable and the seat is a little bit softer which is also to my taste we have about the same kind of adjustment

in both of those vehicles Kia’s brand new Sorento takes things to the next level with things like an adjustable thigh cushion and a four-way lumbar support and that does get top marks in this segment if you’re interested in the Jeep Grand Cherokee this is more comfortable than the Grand

Cherokee seat by a decent amount for my body shape the Grand Cherokee and a number of recent Chrysler models have a definite hard seat bottom cushion it makes it feel like you’re

sitting on the seat rather than in the seat helping you find a more ideal driving position we also have a tilt telescopic steering column with a decent range of motion and we have a three-position

seat memory in our model the rear seats come in at 10 out of 10 points this front seat adjuster for me I have about six inches of legroom left there Ford has been doing some very comfortable but

very thin seat backs lately that really helps improve rear seat legroom legroom really is the main reason to get this two row crossover versus the next science category down like the forty skate that’s really obvious when you move over to the middle seat because we have a much wider

bench seat across the back you’ll also notice that when you try and assert child seats in the back that legroom translates to more room especially for rear-facing child seats the edge also has

some nice touches like reclining rear seat backs this is the most reclined position and then this is the most upright position the rear seats also fold almost completely flat with the back in order to

improve the cargo area and because of the size of the edge it’s only a one step motion so we don’t have to fold the seat bottom cushion in order to fold the rear seat back that also means that the

front seats can be all the way back in their tracks and have the rear seats folded very comfortably rear seat passengers get a fold-down center armrest with fixed position cupholders and we have

a very unique option here available for $150 this is an option I would highly recommend in any vehicle you can get it in and it’s an inflatable seat belt you can see a little bit more closely there

this section of the seat belt right here from the named inflatable seat belt all the way down to the buckle in the event of an accident will actually rip open inflate and become wider across your chest the reason it does that is to reduce chest loads and this is especially important in women

children and people with weaker bone structures because it means less likelihood of broken ribs broken collarbones etc now before you install child seats in the back of your edge you should

check to see if your child’s lead manufacturer supports the use of inflatable seat belts of course

you can use the latch anchors to anchor that child seat instead as I said cargo room is one of the prime reasons to get this over the next size category down it’s really obvious when you take a

look at the back this is a 26 inch roller bag it’s not all the way to the rear because I actually have a

computer bag right there behind it and that means that you can see you can go all the way to the back like that and we can actually put a 24 inch roller bag right in front of it and still close the lid

the cargo area in the edge is between 33 and 50% larger than your average compact two row

crossover vehicle it’s also very nicely done we have a variable integrated subwoofer some well integrated hooks back here for shopping bags we have some under the floor cargo storage area and a compact spare tire overall when it comes to my exclusive trunk comfort index I’m going to

give this cargo area 10 out of 10 points although I would like to see a standard cargo cover my

taller viewers should know that as I walk under this tailgate it does brush against my hair the other thing you should know is that if you’re rooting around in your tailgate and you do have the foot actuated tailgate you can end up popping your head with it so you’re just standing here like

this you’re wiggling around doing something and then the tailgate will come down and Bop you on your head it does take a decent amount of force before it stops starting off our interior tour

we’re taking a look at the optional panoramic moonroof in our particular model this is a very large moon roof and it has a completely opaque cover which is my preference our model has this

attractive brown leather the front seats have four-way adjustable headrests they are a ratchet

variety as you can see and we have height adjustable seatbelts for both the driver and the front passenger the leather is perforated because our model has the optional heated and ventilated

front seats the front doors have more soft touch plastics than you’ll find in your average compact crossover so we have a soft touch upper soft touch armrest the only hard plastics you’ll really

find a right down here at the bottom of the door the dashboard styling is very similar to the rest of the Ford Line we have chrome rings around the air vents and that sort of trapezoidal air vent right over there on the passenger side to make it look a little bit more like the rest of the Ford

lineup we have some interesting-looking trim down here and then moderately-sized glove compartment since our model has the optional Sony audio system we do have a center channel

speaker here in the center of the dashboard in front of this storage cubby it is a small storage cubby but you can put things like cell phones while it’s that sort of thing right inside our model

also has the optional MyFord Touch infotainment and navigation system if you want to know more about my Ford touch click that link at the bottom of your screen you’ll be taken on over to

a dedicated view on this particular system in a different vehicle you should know that this will be

replaced by sync three in short order Ford hasn’t said exactly when but we expect either the 2016 or 2017 model year our model has the optional front view and back view camera this is not an all-around camera like we see in the Nissan Murano that’s the front view right there and then we can switch to the rear view as well as I said our model has the up level Sony audio system you can see we have a Lipsy d slot right there and lit track forward backward & Seek buttons right here this is the volume knob and this is the power button for that system we have the eject button right over

there the rest of the buttons are the controls for the climate control system these not touch buttons these are actual real physical buttons below those buttons we find a very deep compartment this is an iPhone 6 you can see it very easily fits right inside there it is also sized suitably for modern phablets or those extra large cell phones can stuff that cord right in there and over on the right side you will see we have two USB ports an SD card slot and the line input you see we can actually close that storage compartment even with an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus plugged in the edge has a

very traditional console shifter sport is all the way to the back and you do have manual paddles on the steering wheel as well we have an electric parking brake parking sensor enable/disable button right here and the autonomous parking system if you want to know more about how autonomous parking systems work there’s a separate video on my channel as well there’ll be a link for that at the bottom of the video behind the cupholders we have a large softly padded center armrest it has two compartments inside one compartment that you can put phones wallets that sort of thing in

and then you can lift that up and then we have another storage compartment I have a drink container right in there this isn’t very large and very deep storage container is easily able to put a wine bottle a two-liter bottle and almost a gallon of milk right inside there our edge has the same instrument cluster that we see on a wide variety of different Ford products we have two LCDs one on either side of that large central speedometer the cities are controlled via two button modules on the steering wheel one on the right that controls the right side and then one on the left that controls

the left side the display on the right shows us entertainment information navigation and phone system information depending on what exactly is enabled at the time since we don’t have a navigation destination enabled we can’t do anything with the navigation other than see a compass but you can see what we can do right here on the phone interface we can actually see incoming

calls outgoing calls all calls you can actually dial right there from that interface on the right side we have our fuel economy and trip computer screens as well as some additional gauges so we click

up to display mode you’ll see that we get a tachometer right there we can also see our trip computer information trip one trip two etc we could also control our driver assistance systems like our trash control blind spot monitoring lane keep assist etc this is also where you can see things like your distance to empty a digital speedometer tire pressure readouts or again that tachometer right there we have a few different displays available in this car and if we have our lane keep assistance system enabled and disabled that’s where you’ll see that icon right there on that screen this is not

quite as attractive as the grand cherokees LCD instrument cluster or perhaps the larger LCD that we see in the kia sorento but this is definitely a notch above the other entries in this segment the edge uses one of Ford’s corporate steering wheels we have paddle shifters on the back down on the left and up on the right these are those two button modules I showed you earlier we have our voice command buttons and radio control buttons right over here on the right side they are contextual so these are either track forward backward or hang-up pickup buttons depending on what mode you’re in you’ll find the cruise control buttons on the left keeping in mind that the 2-liter turbocharged engine is the base engine in the edge acceleration is excellent and I’m going to give this

a B now the acceleration really does not feel that much different between this and the v6 even though the v6 is a hair faster largely because of the vast amount of low-end torque we get in this engine this means that versus the v6 in the edge this actually has to downshift less to go up hills like we’re on right here our zero to 60 test came in at 7.5 seconds which is among the better entries in this segment it’s only a little bit slower than the v6 Nissan Murano which is relatively light and has the advantage of a CVT when it comes to breaking the weight of the edge becomes a little bit

more obvious as well as the tire size I’m going to give this a B because our braking scores were a little bit longer than I would like definitely longer than the Nissan Murano as well the Hyundai

Santa Fe sport the Santa Fe sport is particularly light and that makes it particularly nimble in this segment handling in the edge is surprisingly good even though this is quite a heavy crossover

when you really start to push it in the corners it becomes obvious that the suspension is very well designed of course our model does have relatively wide tires even though they are 55 aspect ratio tires that does improve the handling one of the critical things about the modern crossover is its ability to give you a soft and decent ride out here on a gravel road like we’re on right here because most crossovers are not really off-road focused they’re actually on-road focus or soft Road focused and this is technically a paved road it’s just paved with gravel and this is really where the Ford

Edge excels the suspension is not sloppy it has a really great ride to it it makes the edge very easy to live with if you live out in the country or just off the paved road back out on the paved road the ride is also excellent again the edge feels a little bit heavier than some of the competition but doesn’t feel quite as soft as something like the Nissan Murano this does feel a little bit firmer not quite

as firm as the lighter Hyundai Santa Fe sport however I haven’t spoken too much about the sport version of the Ford Edge but does provide a nice middle of the road between something like the

Ford Edge and the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT because the Grand Cherokee SRT can be a little bit too firm but the edge sports lots right in between the two it makes it definitely farmer than the

model we’re taking a look at right here but it’s not hardcore by any stretch Cavanaugh is is absolutely excellent in the edge this is easily the quietest midsize crossover that I have tested and that includes the Lexus rx350 this cabin came in at 69 decibels which is right around the same as you’ll find from BMW and Mercedes crossovers fuel economy is also surprisingly good the last time I test drove the 2 litre EcoBoost version of the edge I did score a fuel economy that was a little bit lower and we have been averaging about 24 miles per gallon overall which is right around what the

EPA says you’re going to get city driving especially drops fuel economy in vehicles like this that are not hybrids because you do have to start and stop the vehicle we don’t have an idle stop system so when you are parked at that stoplight the engine will continue to idle City fuel economy is also greatly impacted by the vehicles weight because it takes more to get the car stopped and get the

car going again highway fuel economy really is where this two-wheel drive edge shines however because I had no problem getting 36 to 38 miles per gallon on a one-way 40 mile freeway trip fuel economy on the highway is absolutely excellent now again the weight will cause you a little bit of fuel economy harm if you start climbing up mountain grades but as long as you’re cruising across

the US and those flat open spaces you will get very very good fuel economy you may get slightly better fuel economy in the base versions of the sorento or the base versions of the santa fe sport but

they have 2.4 liter engines under the hood that are naturally aspirated you have a lot less power than this turbocharged model overall out on the road the edge is one of the most pleasing vehicles in this segment I think dynamically the Hyundai Santa Fe sport and the new Kia Sorento five-door are superior but the edge gives you a quieter softer more isolated ride so depending on what

you’re after this definitely could be the vehicle of choice I’m a little bit torn personally because I do like soft quiet rides but I also like that sporty or feel even if you’re living in California or a

southern state the most important thing you need to know about the edge is you really do want the all-wheel drive system the reason for that is we have a surprising amount of torque steer in this vehicle thanks to the incredible amount of low-end torque we get out of this 2-liter turbocharged engine and the other interesting thing is if you get the edge sport you don’t get all-wheel drive standard either so it is possible to get 315 horsepower and well over 300 pound feet of torque through just the front wheels and just the front wheels are not capable of handling that much boom personally I find the management of torque steer to be a hoot and a half but if you don’t like it and there are a lot of people like that out there then you really want to take a look at the all-wheel-

drive system again especially in the sport model now interestingly enough the 3.5 liter v6 engine doesn’t seem to have the same kind of torque steer problems that we do get in this or in the 2.7 liter

twin turbo but of course that’s because it’s torque happens an awful lot later than this 2.0 liter turbo and you get less of it things start out at twenty eight thousand one hundred dollars for a base se

model with the 2-liter turbocharged engine and front-wheel drive now because Ford is also making the Lincoln MKX which would compete with a top-end version of the Ford Edge they don’t allow

the Ford Edge to get quite as configured as some of the competition that means this will top out at forty three thousand three hundred and forty dollars for the wheel drive v6 version in titanium

trim now sideways to that really is the edge sport with that twin turbo v6 obviously that twin turbo v6 will cost you a little bit more but I’m not focusing on that one in this video because it is a very different creature than the rest of the competition I think that my favorite version of the edge would be an SEL with the navigation the leather the moonroof the 2-liter turbocharged engine all-wheel drive and that would help reduce the torque steer the blind spot system and the inflatable rear seatbelts that would set you back a relatively reasonable thirty seven thousand six hundred seventy five dollars the most direct competitor for the edge would be the Nissan Murano because the rest of the competition is slightly different the Murano is going after this same mission there is

no seven seat version of the Murano and it’s relatively the same price across the board this actually manages to be about fifteen hundred dollars less than the Nissan which is unusual because Nissan is typically the better value in the segment I really like the brand new Nissan Murano I liked some of its features like the available adaptive radar cruise control system but I think the styling on the Murano is just too avant-garde for me and I would take the edge over the Murano primarily on styling the two vehicles deliver relatively similar fuel economy the Murano is a little bit faster

thanks to its v6 engine versus this turbocharged engine but the interior is very similar in terms of comfort we get just about the same kind of rear seat room and the same amount of cargo room in the back now depending on how you configure your Murano this may end up about $2,000 less expensive at the top-end that would be the titanium trim with the 2-liter turbocharged engine

obviously the Ford Edge Sport is going to be a different kind of vehicle and Nissan doesn’t have anything that directly competes with that the Santa Fe sport is obviously a competitor to the edge

but it is a tricky competitor to talk about because the Santa Fe sport starts with a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated engine and that is significantly slower than any version of the Ford because of the way Hyundai likes to bundle option packages there is no direct correlation to the base version of the Ford Edge in the Hyundai family and that’s because in order to get the 2 liter turbocharged engine

over there in that Santa Fe sport you have to bump up to $3,000 over the starting price on this Ford how you configure your Santa Fe sport and your edge will determine the value because base to

base again this is about 3 grand more but when you add the options to this that comes standard on the 2-liter turbocharged version of the Santa Fe sport this will actually cost about a thousand

dollars more aside from pricing the two models compare quite well the Ford has some advantages and the Hyundai has some advantages the interior in the Ford is definitely nicer than the Santa

Fe sport Santa Fe S Sport has a nice interior but you can definitely tell that some corners were cut in order to give it that very low starting price we also have a bit more Headroom and legroom

inside the edge than you’ll find in the Hyundai however the Hyundai does handle better you’ll also find a little bit more room inside the edge in terms of Headroom and legroom and we get better

fuel economy from this 2-liter turbocharged engine than we do in the Hyundai’s that actually surprised me because the Hyundai Santa Fe sport handles better than the Ford Edge largely because

it’s considerably lighter than the Ford Edge as I said before Jeeps Grand Cherokee really isn’t the same kind of vehicle it has a much more rugged all-wheel-drive system we have an available air suspension we have two different available v8s and an available diesel engine the Grand Cherokee is also rear-wheel drive and uses an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission the Grand Cherokee is really trying to be the American Range Rover and that’s not the mission of the Ford Edge in case you’re wondering you really can’t even compare the edge sport with the Grand Cherokee SRT

because they’re very very different kinds of vehicles this has about 315 horsepower at the Grand Cherokee has well over 400 the Jeep SRT is trying to be the discount version of BMWs x5 m and x6

m and it’s really not going on in the edge however I think the edge is a good middle of the way between the two between something like a regular Grand Cherokee or a regular edge and the fire-

breathing SRT it’s also priced in between them as well I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now that Hyundai and Kia are joined at the hip and they have very similar models in their product lineups

and that’s where the Kia Sorento is an interesting option because the Sorento is not a Santa Fe sport with the kia badge it’s not a Santa Fe with the kia badge on the front it actually is a hybrid of

the two vehicles that means that size-wise it is very close to the Ford Edge even though there is an available seven seat version and that seven seat version is what’s interesting about the Sorento because if you get the 2-liter turbocharged engine then you get the five seat version if you get the three point three liter v6 engine then you get the seven seat version that means that the four

cylinder engine is the direct competitor to this and you would actually want to compare the three row version of the Sorento to the Ford Explorer starting at twenty four thousand nine hundred

dollars but right around twenty eight thousand one hundred dollars similarly equipped the Sorento is also the closest in terms of pricing to the Ford Edge a fully loaded 2-liter turbocharged Sorento ends up right around forty five thousand dollars a little bit more expensive than a fully equipped two liter version of this vehicle but we do get thousands of dollars more equipment in that

vehicle well the current generation Hyundai Santa Fe sport and the previous generation Kia Sorento has some definite downsides on the interior that’s different in the 2016 Sorento it has a

completely revised interior with more soft touch points than we find in this model and a very well done interior we also get a driver’s seat with more adjustability than you’ll find in any version of

this vehicle and fuel economy that’s relatively close that is the one thing where the edge excels is its fuel economy it’s about two miles per gallon lower in real-world driving with the Kia although it

sounds a little bit strange to say I also think that the seven passenger option in the Sorento is a nice feature because it really is the emergency third row it’s not intended for constant use like the

large three of crossovers are it still has a more sexy profile than your average 3-row crossover and that third row is quite compact but it does have it and you can Jam naughty kids or your mother-

in-law back there if you need to and that brings me right along to our last comparison which is the lexus rx350 this is a whopping twelve thousand dollars less than a base lexus rx350 and we actually get fuel economy that is more similar to the lexus rx 450 hybrid and performance that is very similar to both versions of the lexus that means that if you’re after the discount luxury vehicle

alternative this is a strong option I can see that people might have problems comparing the Kia Sorento to the lexus rx350 but this Ford Edge is a very solid alternative if you’re worried about that

brand image obviously for it is a step down below Lexus but many people consider it to be a little bit of a step above Kia when all is said and done my recommendation in this particular segment

would be the 2016 Kia Sorento but the edge is a very close second and if you’re after more power and better handling but you don’t want to step up to something like a Grand Cherokee SRT then the word edge sport is definitely a solid option thanks taking the time to check out this video again I’m Alex dykes and this has been the 2021 ford edge

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