2021 Honda Civic Si Sedan Review

2021 Honda Civic Si Sedan

2021 Civic will be replaced very soon by the brand new 2022 civic this video will be a little bit shorter than our usual videos the other reason for that of course is because I have already taken a look at the base Civic and so you will find a detailed review on that vehicle on my channel as well now in case you didn’t know the SI version of the Civic is the sporty version of the Civic so we get some slight tweaks to the front end to the back end we of course get a tweaked suspension different tires different wheels and a different engine under the hood the other thing you need to know is that there really is only one direct competitor to this Civic Si because this is a sedan form and that really would be the Jetta GOI the reason of course is because Ford does not make a sedan version of

the Ford Focus RS or the S T when we start taking a look at some of the other inexpensive sporty vehicles in this particular segment the vast majority of them are two-door coupes so vehicles like the Civic Si would compete with that in two-door coupe form but again the version we’re taking a look at here is the four-door sedan the big thing you’ll notice from the side profile first off is this large spoiler right here on the trunk lid it does make the car look a little bit boyracer overall I think that the Civic Si has a very good form for a sporty compact sedan because it does have this sort

of wedge like profile going towards the front now at 179 inches long this is a little bit shorter than something like that GLI but it is a decent amount longer than the Ford Focus ST it’s about 8 inches longer than the hatchback version even if you’re taking a look at the regular Ford Focus sedan that is a little bit shorter than the Civic most of the extra length in the Civic goes right here to the backseat because this does have one of the most accommodating rear seats in this compact stance segment out back you’ll notice that we get this very large single exhaust tip down here we get

some slightly different treatment at the bottom of the bumper again here’s another view of that very large spoiler now one of the changes that’s been made to the Civic over the years is that we have a slightly different trunk lid and rear tail lamp arrangement than when this generation of civic first launched when this generation the Civic was launched Honda was accused of making it look a little bit too cheap and therefore we had lamps that were only here on the body none on the trunk lid so Honda had a few years where they made changes to this vehicle incrementally every year to

the interior to the exterior tweaking it to try and make it a little bit more premium and that’s what we finally have right here in the 2015 model year although many vehicles in this segment are now using turbocharged engines Honda has stuck to a tried-and-true 2.4 liter 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine this produces 205 horsepower at lofty 7,000 rpm and 174 pound-feet of torque now

the two important things to know aren’t that this is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission only there’s no automatic version of the Civic Si and the second thing really is that 7000 rpm in order to get 205 horsepower out of this engine you do have to rev the nuts off of it now the reason I mentioned that is because this has a very different driving dynamic then those turbocharged engines that do produce an awful lot of their power at much lower rpms it also behaves quite differently than Acuras dialects which is actually related to the Honda Civic but it actually uses a completely

different 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine and it produces its horsepower and torque at much lower rpms front seat comfort comes in at 8 out of 10 points we do have a relatively comfortable driver’s

seat but we don’t have any adjustable lumbar support of any kind now that said Honda does give you slightly more aggressive lumbar support standard in their seat design so if that’s not something you like you should keep that in mind we also have more aggressive bolstering than we find in the regular Honda Civic now we still have a tilt telescopic steering column that is manual and offers a moderate amount of range rear seat comfort comes in at 9 out of 10 points the Civic has a very accommodating rear seat now I do wish these door openings were a little bit larger

because as you can see it is relatively easy to BOP your head right there but I still have an adequate amount of headroom even sitting upright in the back now that is especially notable because a lot

of vehicles in this particular segment don’t give you this much Headroom unless you get the hatchback and this is the sedan there’s even enough room if I sit right here in the middle to actually sit

upright again and just my hair is brushing the ceiling my head’s not actually touching the ceiling going all the way over to the right the front seat is all the way back in its tracks and I still have about half an inch of legroom left as opposed to some vehicles in this segment that have a 100% folding rear seat this vehicle does have a 60/40 folding rear seat we don’t have a ski passer but we

do have a soft padded center armrest and two cupholders in the back when it comes to the Alex Natas exclusive trunk comfort index I’m going to give this 9 out of 10 points it misses 10 out of 10

points because we don’t have levers to recline the rear seatbacks both on the inside and in the trunk they’re just back here in the trunk we also don’t have a handle on the trunk lid help you close it

but the trunk is quite large for this particular segment that does help us get 9 out of 10 points on the inside we have two-way adjustable headrests and height adjustable seat belts throat the driver

and the front passenger the SI model has unique seats with SI embroidered right there on the red and black fabric moving over to the doors we have a majority of soft touch plastics in this

generation of the civics we have a soft touch upper portion here with faux stitching fabric and a soft touch armrest right there the rest of the plastics you’ll see are all hard when this generation of

the Civic was launched a few people complained about the plastics quality on the inside so Honda has made several changes to this interior over the years we now have this soft touch injection molded portion right here with faux stitching going on and then we have a very large glove box below that the plastics on the dashboard have also changed since this model was introduced the

recently announced 2016 Civic will be a pretty big departure from what you’re seeing here because this still has the two tiered dashboard so up here we have our display for our speedometer we also have our fuel gauge in our Ivy Tech display right over here on the left that tells you about how close you are to needing a shift we have this small LCD and then we have the larger LCD right

here in the center console right in front of the driver behind the steering wheel you can barely see it right there is the tachometer now working our way down the center console our particular

model has the optional navigation system this touchscreen also gives us a backup camera and the Honda lanewatch system below that we have a single zone manual climate control system and then moving further down from that you notice we do have our HDMI input and a USB input the HDMI input is used not only to display whatever you want on the screen but also for the

hondalink integrated apps including navigation if your vehicle doesn’t have it by default if you want to know more about this infotainment system go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of

the screen you’ll be taken on over to our detailed review behind that we have our six-speed manual transmission shifter as you can see reverse is all the way over to the right and then down which

is my preference instead of all the way over to the left and then up there’s also no gating mechanism involved in there so we don’t have to press a button or push down on anything in order to get it verse continuing behind that we have our handbrake and then two very large cupholders from this angle you can better see the pattern that’s going on in the fabric in the SI model we have this

softly padded center armrest it is fabric covered now the opens to reveal a relatively large console right there for a compact car so you have some antacids in there we have another USB port hidden

away in here this is the one that I prefer to use of course because it means you can put your phone inside this compartment or your iPod or whatever it is that you’re using now back over on the

driver’s side we can take a closer look at this instrument cluster again we have that two-tiered affair that’s why things are a little bit out of focus on the bottom of your screen so you have that speedometer up top and then we have this multifunction display on the upper right side of your screen it’s controlled via this button Bank on the steering wheel we move through that using that

button we have a clock we have our audio/video information right there fuel economy and then we have this dedicated screen unique to the SI model which tells you how much power you’re using there’s also a menu button so you have a dedicated vehicle menu there so you can change a few different vehicle settings as well as your trip computer settings now continuing out from that we have a three-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel we don’t really have very large sport grips in the SI mall so we do have some bump outs there but otherwise it’s relatively round and relatively

smooth we have our cruise control buttons over here on the right side of the steering wheel these buttons control the AV system as well as that multifunction displays have that menu button that change button track forward backward source volume up/down and then we have our dedicated phone hang up pickup and voice command buttons right down here attached to the steering wheel now if we rotate this steering wheel around you’ll notice on the turn signal stalk this button turns on and off that lane whap system it will also activate automatically if we simply turn the turn signal on to the right now the Honda Civic Si is not a fast car it is a quick car and there is a difference because I would call fast zero to sixty and for four and a half seconds somewhere around there

quick is in this six second range this ran from zero to 60 in six point six seconds which is actually a little bit slower than Acuras aisle X now the reason for that of course is that the ILX uses an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and has a more advantageous horsepower and torque curve now because this Civic now competes with a wide variety of turbocharged options out there I’m going have to give this a B when it comes to acceleration you will go faster zero to 16 something like a Volkswagen GTI certainly faster in a Ford Focus ST but there is something interesting about the way that the Civic Si goes from zero to 60 this is a naturally aspirated engine you do have to rev the nuts off of this engine in order to get it to go from 0-60 that fast and there is something entertaining about revving an engine all the way up to 7000 rpm before you shift also different in terms of behavior is when this vehicle torque steers because it is front-wheel drive even

though we do have a limited slip differential you will still get some torque steer but you don’t get it right off the line you get a little bit of wheelspin right off the line but then the torque steer actually starts happening right around 5,000 rpm or so now all the other turbocharged engines all of their torque happens then around 2000 to 3000 rpm and that’s really where you’re going to get the torque steer over there in those other vehicles the braking score in the SI differs greatly depending on what tire selection you have if you get the base tire suddenly ran from 60 to zero and 128 feet that’s the model we have right here if you choose the option with the summer tires that does go about 10 feet shorter in this particular category I’m going to give this a beat because these

tires are not terribly wide and you will find number of vehicles out there that will go from 60 to zero in shorter distances and of course that does raise up to about an A if you do get the summer tires or obviously if you choose aftermarket tires after these tires are shot and you do replace them with grippy or tires then came with the car when it comes to handling I’m going to give the Civic Si and a – now the handling feel is absolutely excellent in this vehicle the steering rack is very precise it actually is a decent amount of steering field coming from the front however you will go around corners faster in some of the competition most notably that Ford Focus ST certain versions of the Jetta GLI it really depends on what the tires are on the vehicle now the one thing that

surprised me about the Civic is that the ride is not as harsh as many of the sporty competitors out there I’m actually going to give this an A – when it comes to the ride this suspension is not rock-hard like you find in some of the competition again most notably that Ford Focus ST it can be quite harsh out on the road certain versions of Volkswagens GLI and GTI can also be very very firm this is not going to be as soft as something like a Kia take coupe depending on the term that you get but it actually is fairly well composed the suspension occasionally does get a little bit upset over

broken pavement I think that’s down to the suspension tuning in this particular vehicle now I have to say that Acuras ILX even though it is related to this vehicle does have a more composed ride out on the road the reason for that is it does have a two mode damper system the dampers have a small valve and a large valve in them and it allows to adapt to a variety of different road

conditions it allows you to have a sort of sporty-er feel out on the road without feeling overly crashy over large imperfections cabin noise obviously is something that any vehicle in this compact category has a problem with and we did come in at 73 decibels in this particular cabin which is pretty average for the compact sedan category in general obviously you’ll find a quieter cabin and some of those vehicles out there but generally that would be the more expensive ones so something like that Acura ILX which is sort of a sideways competitor to this certain versions of the Mazda 3

perhaps they will be a little bit quieter now because the SI is available only with this 6-speed manual transmission fuel economy is not as good as it could be I’ve been averaging about 26 or 27 miles per gallon over this weekend about 700 miles of mix driving and that is lower than you’ll find some of the automatic transmission vehicles out there the important thing to keep in mind here

is that the era of manual transmissions always giving you better fuel economy is actually over these days many times the automatic transmission will actually be the more economic choice now of course I do realize that the Civic Si does not have an automatic transmission but I can hope that one day that 8-speed dual-clutch transmission from the Acura ILX makes its way down here into the Civic out on the road the Civic Si reminds me an awful lot of the Subaru BRZ or Scion fr-s obviously not because this car has a real drive driving dynamic because it does it this is a front-wheel drive compact sedan but because of the way that it feels pure it feels light it feels like you’re very much in command of the vehicle now those vehicles have that same sort of feeling in a rear-wheel

drive form and this has those same sort of feelings in a front-wheel drive form compared to other vehicles out there like a  2021 mercedes-benz CLA 250 or an Audi a3 that are front-wheel drive that obviously handle incredibly well they feel a lot heavier a lot more isolated than the Civic Si and the si has more of a raw feel to it there are really only three ways the Si Sedan come so you can either get the base version you can get the version with the summer tires or the version with navigation that we’re taking a look at here that places the SI right in the middle of its competitive set

something like the Ford Focus ST comes only in a hatchback form only with a turbocharged engine it produces 252 horsepower which is more than this but it will set you back a little bit more as well 24,000 425 is where that starts and of course to configure it similarly to this you are going to be a little bit more expensive of course it will have considerably more power and it’s going to be a decent amount faster than this as well perhaps the most direct competitor would be Volkswagens Jetta GLI because it’s the only vehicle that actually comes as a sedan like the Civic Si does it also

produces about the same kind of power its 210 horsepower so it’s not that much more than the si that we’re testing here on the flipside however that GLI does use a turbocharger so its power and its torque figures come on much lower than this that’s going to definitely feel a little bit peppier you don’t have to rev that GLI as high as you do the SI in order to get that power out of it now that said revving the nuts off of the si is part of the enjoyment the other part of the enjoyment of course for this vehicle is its price tag because it is significantly less expensive than that volkswagen the

volkswagen goes from just under $27,000 to a hair under $30,000 of course the discount entry in this segment would be the Scion tC but it is just a 2-door coupe so it really competes more directly with the Civic Coupe it only produces 179 horsepower so it’s a lot less powerful than we’re taking a look at here but it is less expensive it’s twenty thousand one hundred eighty dollars and it really only comes two ways either manual transmission for that 20,000 180 or a little bit more for the automatic transmission there are no options over there at Scion so how does the SI stack up against those three competitors well versus the Volkswagen this feels a little bit lighter and a little bit more nimble the Volkswagen feels a little bit more Germanic a little bit heavier a little bit less

willing to turn but the grip is actually slightly higher in the GLI this vehicle is going more for handling feel handling precision than absolute outright grip numbers now Volkswagen has not yet put their new GTI engine in the GLI which means that it doesn’t produce quite the same horsepower or torque figures as the volkswagen hatchback does science TC only comes as a two-door coupe but

it actually feels a lot more like the Civic Si than the other vehicles in this particular segment it has a direct and engaging feel to it it’s manual transmission does not feel quite as good as the model we’re taking a look at right here Honda makes a very very good manual transmission in terms of feel in terms of clutch engagement just the precision the way the shifter engages into each gear the way the clutch engages it’s very easy to figure out where that engagement happens it’s very easy to drive this car now on the downside the Scion tC is getting a little bit old and its interior does not

feel as nice as the interior that we get in the Civic Si and that is even considering that the Civic Si is due to be replaced in a very small amount of time with a brand new 2016 model so it really should tell you how old the interior in the Scion tC is feeling these days then we have 2021 Ford’s Focus ST hatch the S T hatch is an absolute hoot and a half it produces 252 horsepower and a whopping

amount of torque from that turbocharged engine and it’s sending all that power through the front wheels that vehicle torque steers like there is absolutely no tomorrow this car torque steers but generally only at the higher rpms where you’re really wringing all that torque and all that horsepower out of the engine now personally I find torque steer to be part of the amusement factor that

you find in this kind of vehicle so I don’t really think that the torque steer over there in the Focus ST or in the Civic Si is a problem Ford allows you to configure that st with more options than we find in the Civic Si again this only comes in a few different forms and there really isn’t that much variation between the two but Ford will let you customize your ST quite a bit more than this

however you will pay more for your st than you will for the Civic Si the manual transmission over there in the Ford Focus feels a little bit less engaging the engagement of the clutch isn’t quite as nice the transmission shifter doesn’t feel as good as this Civic Si right here in addition the Ford Focus ST handles better but it doesn’t feel quite as accurate as the Civic Si at 20,000 $590 starting we have the kia forte koup which would compete with the Honda Civic Si in two-door form not the version we’re taking a look at right here now it produces 201 horsepower but it’s not a dedicated

performance small in the same way as we see the Civic Si it’s trying to be a fast vehicle in that segment for sure but it’s not trying to be as over at least sporty as we see here so it’s going to ride a little bit softer the interior is going to be a little bit less special versus the regular Kia Forte Koup same thing goes for the Hyundai Veloster the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is twenty two thousand six

hundred dollars it’s a three-door hatchback uses basically the same engine as we find in that Kia but the same things going on it’s not going to be quite as overtly sporty as we see in this particular model however I do think that that Veloster does have a very attractive and very unique look to it now in terms of interior refinement I actually think that both of those vehicles do beat this Honda

Civic the interiors are newer this interior is getting a little bit old and we don’t have the same kind of options that we find in the Kia or in the Hyundai now of the vehicles that we’ve talked about so

far I would put the Civic Si in the middle of the pack I would actually take the Ford Focus ST or the 2021 Kia Forte Koup over this particular vehicle the Hyundai Veloster Turbo is probably tied with this because I do appreciate the versatility of that hatchback format now the kia forte koup when properly equipped has a nicer interior than what we’re taking a look at right here and the Ford Focus

ST is just an absolute blast to drive now for me the bigger elephant in this room is actually a Honda product as well it is the Acura ILX because it starts at twenty-seven thousand nine hundred

dollars now that is obviously more than the Civic Si that we’re taking a look at right here but 27:9 is actually right in the meat of this segment in fact if you’re taking a look at the volkswagen GOI I

would definitely get this before the GLI but I would also take the ILX before the GLI and the GLI is just about as expensive the acura ILX is very closely related to the Honda Civic and you could look at it as sort of the luxury version of the Honda Civic now that’s not unique to Honda and Acura and it’s not a bad thing necessarily either because Lee Lexus ES is actually the luxury version of

the Toyota Avalon and the Lexus is probably one of the most popular luxury vehicles in the United States now when you compare the acura of the Honda and you park them next to each other they don’t necessarily look that related because the ILX does look more luxurious it has a longer hood a shorter windshield that’s also more upright so they made some major changes actually to the structure of the vehicle in order to convert it into an Acura the interior is completely different although some basic components are shared and the back end of the vehicle is completely different in

fact the Acura and the Honda share no sheetmetal and no glass with one another once upon a time the ILX and the Civic Si did share engines and transmissions because last year there was an LX

with a manual transmission and the same 2.4 liter engine that we see over here in the Civic Si but that’s completely different this year the ILX now only uses one engine it’s a 2.4 liter direct injection four-cylinder engine and it actually is not related to what we see in this vehicle even though the power figures are relatively close the biggest difference is that the I Alexis engine produces

all of its power in its torque at much lower and more usable rpms now whether or not that appeals to you tends to be a personal preference some people find this style very very attractive and some people prefer their power down there at lower rpms the biggest difference is that the ILX now uses an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that dual clutch transmission is lightning fast

like we see out of the Volkswagen dsgs but unlike Volkswagens dsgs it also is very civilised and has no problem with low-speed travel now the bigger difference of course are people that are after maximum acceleration is that we get a lower first gear ratio and of course all that horsepower and torque is more available meaning it’s almost half a second faster than the Civic Si the other

reason that I really like the ILX is because I like a few more luxury gadgets and gizmos than we can find in the Civic Si right here now you can find some of these same luxury gadgets and gizmos over there in the Ford Focus ST or the Kia or the Hyundai and they include things like active noise cancellation blind spot monitoring cross traffic automatic climate control LED headlamps

ambient lighting power heated and leather seats as well as two mode dampers all of those features are available in the ILX and basically none of them are available over here in the Civic Si active noise cancellation makes the interior of the ILX quieter than the Civic Si blind spot monitoring cross traffic detection the available radar cruise control system all those make that car a little bit

safer especially if you like those kinds of systems the LED headlamps are brighter and a little bit easier to see at night the ambient lighting makes interior look a little bit snazzier as do the power heated leather seats when it comes to sporty dynamics the two mode dampers also make a big difference because that aisle ex rides a little bit better than the Civic Si but it handles very much like

the Civic Si and in some forms actually handles a little bit better than the si obviously the Acura will cost more than the Honda it’s going to be about four to six thousand dollars more than the Civic Si we’re testing right here but you will get between five and seven thousand dollars more value and more features for your extra four to six thousand dollars that also includes a warranty that’s

about a year longer that includes the powertrain and the bumper-to-bumper warranty you’ll also be stopping in an Acura dealer for a slightly snazzier brand experience and of course it will have a luxury badge on the front Acura ILX is one of my favorite vehicles under $40,000 at the moment it has incredible value behind it and this year with this generation of the ILX they’re also allowing you to add features like their radar adaptive cruise control and their autonomous braking system that will try

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