2022 Ford F 150 3.5L Ecoboost Preview

2022 Ford F 150 3.5L Ecoboost

Ford’s f-150 isn’t just the best-selling pickup truck in the US this is the best-selling anything in the u.s. they sold more than 750 thousand of them in 2021 alone this week we’re taking a look at the all-new 2022 f-150 which is the first all aluminum pickup truck on sale in the u.s. in general it changes year to year and generation to generation in pickup trucks are relatively minor and there’s a

reason for that these are absolutely critical models for their manufacturers the Ford f-150 the Chevy Silverado and the Ram 1500 are the top selling vehicles in the US but recently that started to change because everybody is now concerned with fuel economy and everybody is tackling that challenge differently Chrysler decided the thing to do with the RAM pickup truck was to put an 8-

speed automatic transmission behind all of their engines and really focus on a small diesel engine and a small v6 General Motors went back to the drawing board and completely redesigned their entire engine lineup to make it much more fuel efficient while still being very pickup truck focused Ford likely went the most expensive route and completely redesigned the entire f-150 to use aluminum and drastically reduce its weight the weight reduction has paid huge dividends for the cargo carrying capacity and towing capacity in the f-150 whereas before the Ford was a little bit behind the Chevy and a little bit behind the RAM in both areas this is now class leading in both areas we can tow up to twelve thousand two hundred pounds when properly equipped and the

payload can go up to about 3,300 pounds now what’s different about the f-150 is that the maximum towing capacity in this truck is actually found with the twin turbo v6 not with the five liter v8 engine that’s different than you’ll find in most of the competition where the largest displacement engine is the one that you need in order to get the maximum tow rating in addition to the

massively increased payload and towing capacities we have an awful lot more creature comforts in this version than we ever have before we have radar cruise control lane keeping assistant we have massaging and anti fatigue seats the side benefit of having an all aluminum construction is this tailgate gets much lighter we even have radar sensors right back here in the rear tail lamp modules so this week I ask you to put your brand allegiances on hold just temporarily and then go ahead and comment down there in the comments section down below on what you want me to cut about

the brand new 2022 Ford f-150 again I’m Alex dykes this is Alex and autos you can find me over at facebook.com slash Alex nachos and I’ll see you in about two weeks with a complete review on this pickup truck spoiler alert this anti-fatigue seat is the best seat in any pickup truck ever ever I swear the only problem I have with it is that you unfortunately do have to pay quite a lot to get it

and I really wish this was in the average work truck because for those that spend an awful lot of time in a pickup truck everyday this is quite simply the best seat ever designed

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