2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review

Kia Sedona this is easily the most exciting thing to happen to the minivan segment in a very very long time in fact the minivan segment has actually been shrinking in America and kia thinks that that is exactly the right time to get into the market because we’re losing a number of competitors in the coming year or so the reason that’s attractive to kia is because sales volume has been

remaining about the same even though they’re fewer players in this segment you may notice that this video is a little bit shorter than normal and that’s because I haven’t had a great deal of time with the Sedona today so if you want to know more about this vehicle and if you want to watch my complete video review on this vehicle then that will be coming up in the next few months when I can get my hands on one for a full week let’s take a closer look at the front end of the Sedona because this is very different than the other minivan entries in this segment it’s a lot more aggressive

and it’s an awful lot more crossover looking we also have this very modern front end that’s very vertical you’ll notice that we don’t have a bumper that sticks out very much from the front our

model has well integrated parking sensors because we’re in the top-line trim we also get this black trim right across the bottom optional fog lights you can also get optional xenon headlamps that’s just the low beams in this particular vehicle now most of the minivans out there look a little boring and that’s definitely not going on in this Kia we actually have the Kia Tigers nose grill in an

extremely large format here you can see this very small dip in and dip out that’s what gives it the tiger nose look we also have an all around view camera positioned right there in the center this is

very reminiscent of the Kia k900 that video was out last week so you can also check that out on my channel and the overall look is very similar to that k900 which i think is a very good thing from

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review

the side profile you can really see how vertical this front end is it’s not a lot more expressive than any of the other minivans currently available in this segment although I do see just a little bit of Honda Odyssey in the side profile the other thing you’ll notice is that the roofline does actually drop towards the rear it’s a little bit unusual for a minivan because they generally prioritize cargo space over looks but it’s not going on here key is actually decided to prioritize looks in certain respects to cargo practicality or passenger practicality most notably this rear window right here which

is an awful lot smaller than you’ll find in most minivans the glass normally goes down a little bit lower giving those third row passengers a little bit better view even though it isn’t quite as practical it definitely looks better than some of those other minivans out there the rear hatch glass is a little bit more sloped than you’ll find in some of the mini and of course we do have a power tailgate

hatch in our particular model there’s not a whole lot to say about the back end of the Sedona other than it’s a tailgate back here and it’s very similar to your average through a crossover or every 2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review

other minivan out there parking sensors integrated very nicely right over here we have some reflectors right there and then nice tail lamp modules integrated well into the tailgate that wrap around right here into the back under the hood we have only one engine option it is this 2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review 3.3 layer direct injection v6 engine I’ll take off this engine cover so you can see it a little bit more closely this engine again features direct injection and variable valve timing to produce 276 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque it has made it only to a 6-speed automatic transmission sending power right here

to the front wheels this is a little bit less horsepower than you’ll find in the Dodge or the Chrysler minivans but it’s just about the same that you’ll find in the towed even though we have the same engine and transmission in all trim levels fuel economy varies based on the model because of the options that the vehicle has on it things start out with the LX n DX models at 18 miles per gallon

city 24 highway and 20 combined the SX model gets slightly higher at 18 24 21 and that thanks to an electric power steering system in that model the base models get a traditional hydraulic unit now if you jump up to the SX L model the additional feature content in the vehicle increases the curb weight and that does drop the fuel economy the fuel economy will drop down to 17 miles per

gallon city 22 highway and 19 combined front seat comfort is very good and like 2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review many vehicles that varies depending on the options that you get it comes in between 8 and 9 out of 10 points

minivans are typically very comfortable because we have a much more upright seating position than you’ll find in your average crossover or even your average sedan our particular model has this multi way adjustable driver’s seat we also have a four-way adjustable driver’s lumbar support which is a nice touch and we have a tilt telescopic steering column with a wider range of motion than

you’ll find in most of the minivans out there now let’s talk about the rear seats we’ll start here in the second row keep in mind that we are in the top and trim which means we get the most comfortable minivan seats available by Kia we actually get the most comfortable seats available in any minivan really needs also move in eight different directions which is pretty unique let’s go

over that so right here we have this first lever that moves the seat forwards and backwards we then get a lever that raises and lowers the Ottoman and in order to use that Ottoman we actually to

move the seat inward and that is kind of a unique feature about this versus something like a Toyota Sienna because the Sienna you can’t really use the Ottomans if you’re too far forward you need really short legs or somehow you need to magically move the seat further rearward Kia does that by moving the seat inboard and then wants to see this inboard you can then move it further to the

rear as you can see right there that allows me to raise this ottoman which also extends out from the seat like that now with a seat in this position I can actually stretch out behind myself so I’m six feet tall I have the driver’s seat adjusted for me and I have this rear seat adjusted for me and I can recline into an incredibly comfortable sitting position this vehicle easily gets ten out of ten in terms of second row comfort now because we’re in the top level trim I also get a sunroof right back here that is positioned for this second row seat very obviously because it is right over where

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review you’d be if you were in the second row in this furthest rearward position now of course if you do want to give those people in the back a little bit more leg room so that see it’s usable you are gonna

have to slide this seat forward to a pretty standard minivan position getting in the back seats is actually pretty easy all we have to do is lift that lever and then we can slide this front seat all the way forward and it allows us very easy access to the third row overall I’ll give this eight out of ten points and it comes to third row comfort this is definitely more comfortable than you’ll find in your average 300 crossover but it is a little bit more crowded than something like a Dodge Caravan just have a little bit larger back seats one thing to keep in mind if you do plan on using these third row

seats frequently is that our model has the optional sunroof and if you do get that sunroof it does reduce rear headroom and my head is touching the ceiling right there as you can see if I scoot on

over to this middle seat in the third row position it’s a little bit more pronounced because even this third row has a slight bucket shape to the outboard seats now one interesting touch if you’re growing family is that Kia does offer three laps anchor positions in this vehicle we have two one in each of these outboard second row seats if you get the eight passenger configuration then you

don’t get a latch anchor for the center seat although that Center seat is removable in the second row right back here in the third row the forty portion because this is a 60/40 split-folding bench

seat in the third row the 40 portion gets latch anchors and the center position in the 60 side gets a top tether but no latch anchors let’s take a quick look at the interior starting with the third row

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review we do get these adjustable headrests in the back we also get cupholders that are in rated right there into the side now the third row also reclines we’re just pulling this little tab right here and you can recline the third row or fold it completely flat like that the center seatbelt for the third row does come down from the ceiling which I find a little bit less convenient because it is left to dangle

and then you can lift this lever and then stow this seat right there into the trunk it will fold completely flat with the cargo area some nice touches behind the third row seats are a 110 volt power

outlet in our model at 12 volt power outlet and a removable flashlight right there in the back just press that button and the flashlight lights up moving up to the second row we have height adjustable seat belts over here we also have butterfly headrests and adjustable side arm rests because our model is the top-end trim we have contrasting napa leather upholstery with a little piping

strip right there between the two different colors our vehicle has the three zone climate control with the ceiling vents these are the controls for the rear zone climate control we also have these integrated sun shades integrated right into the doors now you will find more soft touch plastics inside the Sedona especially in the rear cab and then you’ll find in the Toyota we actually have a soft

touch strip right up here on the door hard plastics below that and a fake wood trim strip right down there in the center console we have two cupholders for the second row passengers we also have a little storage cubby right there 110 volt power outlet USB charging outlet and then a storage bin that pulls completely out if you want it too moving up to the front seats we again have height

adjustable seat belts that we don’t have the butterfly headrest these are just standard two-way adjustable headrests if we look up towards the ceiling here you can see that we have two different Sun

roofs in the upper level trim so we have one right up there and then we have that one right back there again that one is positioned for that second row luxury seating package as you can see which does go quite far back in the vehicle it’s right above that second row head right over there and then we have this second sunroof right up here for the driver and the front passenger the front doors

are made of a combination of hard and soft touch plastics they have soft touch plastics in the upper and this middle section right here soft touch armrests and then hard touch plastics lower down

the door it is a little bit difficult to tell in the video but ours is a two-toned brown interior that we’re taking a look at right here with this dark chestnut brown lower right here this is more of a tan

upper right here we have two glove boxes this is a relatively small one it’s about the same size as an iPhone you can see you can drop it right in there you can’t really fit it that way the lid won’t close below that we have a large secondary glovebox I was able to fit an iPad in this particular glovebox and we have an air-conditioning vent right back there to help keep your goodies cool the

dashboard design in Sedona is very reminiscent of the Kia k900 which i think is an attractive thing to be reminded of we have our start/stop button right over here air vents we have our UVO

infotainment system if you want to know more about this then click that link at the bottom of your screen you’ll be taken on over to the latest UVO infotainment review that I have it’s generally the same there are a few little changes for the Sedona for this model year right behind here we have our SD card for the mapping database and then we have an eject button and a single slot optical

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Reviewdisplay right up there these are fixed buttons for most of the UVO commands we have a power button over here radio media UVO phone track up/down map navi info setup and a tune button right

over there below that we have our climate controls for our three zone climate control equipped vehicle driver over here pass it over there a rear down here and then the various buttons are over

there if we hit the climate button right here it will give you a climate status right here on this 8 inch touch screen now you may notice that something is missing from the Sedonas dashboard we

don’t have a column shifter over here and then we don’t have some sort of funky gear shifter nestled or integrated right here into the dashboard that’s because we have a very traditional console shifter by giving the Sedona a traditional shifter right here in the center console it gives it a more sedan like or more crossover like feel right over here we have two large cupholders hidden behind

this roller top we have heated and cooled seat controls right over here this is our all-around camera button this is a very nice option available in the Sedona parking sensors drive mode select

heated steering wheel button and cooled seats and heated seats for the driver right up here we have the USB input and the auxiliary port for the UVO infotainment system the sedona is the second model in the kia Lynott to get their all-around camera system that was launched in the kia k900 you can see right here we have what looks like a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle that’s done by putting

four cameras all around the vehicle there’s one in the back one in the front and one under each of the side view mirrors then the vehicle then digitally stitches that image together to make it look

like a bird’s-eye view right now we’re taking a look at the all-around view which is seen by that little icon right there we can just look at the front camera since we’re in Drive the front and the left

camera or the front and the right camera to help you in parking maneuvers I like the all-around view myself now if I put it in reverse we get basically the same thing only in Reverse we get the all-around camera right over there then right over here on this side we can choose between the rear view only we are in the side rear and the other side where we can always go back to that all around

camera view like many vehicles out there the turning lines do turn as you rotate the steering wheel to help tell you where the vehicle would go if you were in Reverse moving on over to the driver’s

side we have this very traditional to dial instrument cluster with additional digital readouts our fuel on this side and engine temperature on that side we have a multimode information cluster right

there in between the speedometer and the tachometer we can cycle between our range navigation directions instructions safety systems audio vehicle service intervals as well as vehicle settings

moving on out to the steer wheel we have a three spoke design right here with fake wood trim right across the top on this side of the steering wheel we have our cruise control buttons our vehicle is

equipped with the optional radar cruise control system this is a full speed range system so it will take you to a complete stop and hold you there in stop-and-go traffic on this side we have our

dedicated phone hang up and pickup buttons volume knob that rotates right there track up-down mode button and voice command button moving on over to the ceiling we have an enable/disable

button for the power doors we have power door buttons for the left and right power doors and the rear tailgate hatch we also have separate buttons for the front and the rear Sun roofs this is a map

light button you can also turn them on individually by pressing on the map light right there and right here we have a little rearview monitor so that we can see the kids in the back seat let’s take a closer look at the sidonis cargo area as you can see I have this 24-inch roller bag in here and it fits deep inside this well this is sort of the latest trend in minivans is having these rear seats that fold

into this large storage well right down there I’m going to drop that headrest pull that cord that receipts that front section then I can pull this third row right back here and push it into place right

there in the floor now with the third row stowed into place I do have more room back here behind the second row seats than you’ll find in your average 3-row crossover keep in mind that the

second row is moved all the way back in its tracks and all the way back in its tracks I can actually put out my legs on the Ottoman without touching the front seat back and that front seat was

adjusted for me also at 6 feet tall kia has designed the sedona to accommodate a 4×8 sheet of plywood but one important thing to keep in mind is that the second row is not removable from the

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review vehicle so you can stow the third row right here but the second row has to stay in place now if you’re in the model that we’re in which is the very top end model then all you can do is fold these front

seatbacks flat now if you’re in the second model down from this then the front seats have an extra trick up their sleeves the seat bottom cushion will actually flip up and then the whole seat will

collapse against the back of the front seats giving you more cargo room now because all the cargo room back here is used up by the seating arrangement you will find the Jack behind a little panel right here on the side when it comes to my exclusive truck comfort index the sedona like other minivan scores 10 out of 10 points it’s very handy very practical back here and the sedona is also

finished extremely nicely in the rear we do have more hard plastics right back here for your cargo or your third passengers but that’s pretty typical with minivans it helps keep it from getting too beat up as you put cargo in the back I’ll sit on the models give you a sturdy handle to help you close the tailgate and very much like the other Hyundai and Kia products we also get an emergency

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review catch release right there for the rear tailgate this is not required by federal law but I think it’s a very nice touch that Kia puts that on their vehicles again most vehicles that have a hatchback if you can escape into the inside of the car you don’t have to have a child release that’s why this is not one of those glow-in-the-dark ones it’s just behind this panel so you can escape out of the car now if

you were worried because you didn’t see a spare tire right back there in the rear fear not the Sedona does not use run flat tires it uses regular old tires and it has a spare tire the spare tire is actually

located right here under the floor I’m in the second row this is the front passenger seat right here and you’ll find it right here just inside of this sliding door out on the road the Sienna drives very much like your average through your crossover in fact there’s very little daylight between your average minivan and your average through a crossover regardless of what the rumor mills might say a lot of us especially my generation are somehow concerned that driving a minivan is less of a dynamic experience than your average through a crossover but let’s be perfectly frank the average

throw across over is the modern minivan it’s just a minivan that’s not as convenient as a minivan because minivans have been the less sexy side of people transportation for a number of years

minivans have tended to receive the older technology so if you take a look at the Toyota Sienna it’s only very recently gotten the latest infotainment systems and the latest safety systems that you found on the tota Highlander the same thing goes for the Chrysler minivans and all the other minivans out there that’s not going on for this generator of Sedona however because this actually has

some of the latest systems that kia has brought down to their mass-market vehicles in fact we now have available radar cruise control this vehicle freshly taken from the kia k900 and the interior 2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review design theme overall is also borrowed heavily from that luxury kia while i’m talking about safety systems we also have lane departure warning blind spot monitoring and unavailable all-around

camera system that all-around camera system is very similar to what you find in Nissan and Infiniti models it’s one of the better systems out on the market as well because I’m in Southern

California obviously haven’t had the opportunity to test this on my regular test track or do zero-to-sixty testing on it but performance metrics should be very similar to Kia’s 3-row crossover vehicle

the Sorento it should also be very similar to vehicles like the Hyundai Santa Fe it’s because this vehicle has a 3.3 liter v6 engine under the hood producing around 275 horsepower which is very

very similar to all the other three or a crossovers out on the market one of the prime reasons to buy a minivan over your average thorough crossover would be handling dynamics out on the road and I know that sounds a little bit odd but there a lot of reasons for that the average minivan is closer to the ground we have a lower center of gravity and we also have less suspension travel if

you’re after a 3-row crossover that has a little bit of off-road cred that tend to have more suspension travel and they also have taller tires now in general the higher aspect ratio your tire is the worse the handling is going to be when it comes to cabin noise Key has done an excellent job in the latest generation of their minivan we have new seals on the second row doors and that really helps an

awful lot when it comes to road noise especially wind noise when it comes to fuel economy it’s difficult to comment on this minivan because I haven’t had a great deal of time with it and I haven’t

been driving it on my regular daily commute Kia does tell us that we should average of just over 20 miles per gallon in most forms of this minivan if you get the top and trim then fuel economy

does drop just a little bit just over 20 miles per gallon is pretty much the same that you’re going to get in any of the minivans out there now regardless of what most manufacturers tell you in my evaluations very few through our crossovers get over 21 miles per gallon either so in that respect this is very similar to those other entries as well if you want to know more about how the Sedona

drives especially if you want to know how this lines up in my out of 10 scores then go ahead and click that subscribe banner at the bottom of your screen you’ll be updated on all of my latest videos

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review including the full review of this vehicle when I can get my hands on one for week key has decided to alter the pricing just a little bit for the smaller year this is not the cheapest entry in the segment

if you want that that’s still the Dodge Caravan at twenty thousand eight hundred ninety five dollars the L model starts at twenty five thousand nine hundred dollars the LX is twenty eight thousand

one hundred dollars now if you want the eight passenger seating you have to get the LX model with the convenience package kia expects the e x– model at thirty two thousand one hundred dollars to be their most popular option that will give you a leather interior and the automatic climate control there then to all new models for this year we then have the sx model at thirty six thousand one

hundred dollars that gives you the premium audio system upgraded seats and a few other options the model we’re taking a look at here is the sx l model and that starts at thirty nine thousand

seven hundred seating and some unique options including the unique front end treatment i don’t have time in this video to go in detail about the comparisons but if you are after the least expensive minivan in this segment the sedona is not it that will still be the dodge caravan however if you’re after one of the best values in the segment then the sedona does incredibly well for itself

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review also if you’re looking at a minivan that is most crossover like ER if you’re looking for a crossover but you may be swayed by minivan the sedona is definitely the vehicle for you because it is very

crossover like on the inside it’s also more attractive and a little bit more exciting on the outside than your average minivan if you’re looking for the minivan with the most gadgets and options or the most luxury goodies on the inside then the sedona is definitely the minivan for you it beats the tota sienna by a decent margin we get more comfortable second row seats we also get a few more

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review options on the inside in terms of technology very notably we get that full speed range radar cruise control with the pre collision warning system which is fairly unique in this segment now the question of would I buy a Sedona or should you buy a Sedona it really depends on whether or not you have a mental hang-up about minivans because if you do then the Sedona is not going to be

right for you and no minivan will be right for you if however you’re looking at something like a three row cross or vehicle but you find that the three or crossover has too many problems with it it’s not big enough on the inside doesn’t handle quite as well necessarily it’s not quite as practical for your family then a minivan honestly makes a great deal of sense because we get an awful lot more

cargo room on the inside more passenger room on the inside and more comfortable back seats than your average through a crossover in fact we actually have more room in the third row seat than

2022 Kia Sedona Detailed First Drive Review your average full-size crossover some not just talking about mid-sized 3-row crossover if you’re looking at something like a Chevy Tahoe or a Chevy Suburban you actually may find that a minivan is more practical and more convenient for your needs now something like a suburban is actually going to be a little bit bigger than this in the back a little bit more cargo room a little bit more room

in the third row but something like a Tahoe will actually be a little bit smaller even though it’s a much bigger vehicle on the outside now if you’re looking for an all-wheel-drive minivan you won’t find one here Kia has decided not to create an all-wheel-drive version of Sedona so if you need one you’re only left with that Toyota minivan

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