2022 Mercedes C Class C 300 4Matic Child Seat Review

2022 mercedes-benz C 300 now this particular model is a c300 4matic which means it does have all-wheel drive if you want to know more about the C 300 and how it drives then go ahead and click that banner at the bottom of your screen you’ll be taken on over to the complete review on the C 300 in this video since I’m holding a child seat we’ll be taking a look at child seats and their

interaction with this car how will they fit in the back and how will people fit in the front well you have child seats in the back now this is a croco classic ride 50 child seat it is suitable for children between 4 and 50 pounds and it is also a convertible seat which means you can use it in forward or rearward facing installations all of the seat class has certainly grown for the 2015 model year you

need to keep in mind if you’re looking at this versus something like your average mass-market sedan along lines of an accord a Camry or a fusion that the c-class is not as large of a vehicle in fact

2022 Mercedes C Class C 300 4Matic Child Seat Review

you won’t find as much interior room until you step up to something along the lines of a mercedes-benz e-class still sitting here in the pasture seat you can see I have a decent amount of room the seat controls are right over here on the door like they are in every other Mercedes model so I’m going to move this seat forward until it’s just about the limit for me it’s 6 feet tall and to move it till my legs are about an inch away from the dashboard that’s right over here on the left side now one thing to note in this position is that it’s relatively comfortable this is a very comfortable seat and

actually make it a little bit more upright for my personal tastes as well right there now because the dashboard has been pushed forward in the car it does give you a lot more room on the inside than the previous generation it will feel more spacious even if you do have to sit this far forward thanks to the shape of the dashboard up front I was able to move this front seat almost far enough

forward to fit a child seat in a rearward facing application right here in the back of the c-class now this child seat is in the Green Zone the little ball on the racer right there is in the Green Zone however it is touching this front seat back and you do want between one and two inches of room between the seat back and the child seat because the front seat will move rearward in the event of a rear-end collision you don’t want it to impact your child seat as a result the C Class scores very well in terms of the rest of the luxury competition I was able to do this in a BMW 3 Series but only

just the Audi a3 is a little bit tighter just because of the shape of the seat backs I wasn’t able to comfortably fit a child seat in this position in either the Volvo s60 or the Cadillac ATS the are definitely smaller in the backseat area now moving the child seat over to the middle position I did still have enough clearance between the front seats and the child seat for this rearward

application and that’s because the front seats are a little bit narrower than some of the other entries right up here at the critical shoulder area and they’re far enough apart that you can put the child

seat and have enough clearance between those front seats and the child seat I now have two child seats inserted in the back and it’s important to keep in mind the C Class is not a terribly wide vehicle so I can’t really sit right in my spot in this back seat because this child seat is right next to me it’s just not wide enough for that according to the owner’s manual Mercedes only provides

latch anchors for the outboard seating positions that means you should not use those latch anchors for a center child seat now in general that is the case but if the owners manual for your child seat

and your vehicle agree you can use the latch anchors for a center child seat but again only if the owners manual for the vehicle and the child seat both agree that that’s allowable it’s not in this particular model the gronckle classic ride 50 child seats that I use have this very large buckle arrangement and the C Class has the same problem that I’ve had with a number of other vehicles when

it comes to accounting these large buckles the top tether anchor is fairly close to the child seat back so if I connect that and then I try and tighten this up as tight as possible it still has a decent

amount of play in it and you want less than a half an inch of play in a child seat if you tug on it forcefully that’s really difficult to achieve in this vehicle with this style of latch anchor so you may want to have a different kind of latch anchor for installation into the mercedes-benz c-class it is important to keep in mind that not every child seat works very well at every vehicle so if you’re

buying a new car you may want to invest in a new set of child seats that works really well with the car that you’re looking at when it comes to the three across child seat test I wasn’t able to fit that third child seat in the vehicle that’s just down to the dimensions of these krakow classic ride 50 seats you can find narrower seats and wider seats of course these are fairly average so if you do need

to put three seats in the back of your mercedes-benz c-class they’re going to be narrower than this krakow classic ride 50 now when it comes to rear passenger comfort not everything is strictly up

to the length and the width of the vehicle the overall side profile of the c-class is relatively traditional and that gives rear pastors an awful lot more Headroom than you’ll find in most of those other

entries in this segment cargo practicality has long been a Mercedes strongpoint and it continues with this generation of the see class we get a very generously sized trunk back here this is a 26 inch roller bag you can easily see we can fit that back there this is a 24 inch roller bag nice thing to know is that these will also fit in the vehicle this way almost all the way back in the seat backs now we

do also have folding rear seat backs a little handles right here to help you fold those seat backs forward we also have a little bit of under trunk floor additional cargo storage here trunk floor stays in

the upright position thanks to a little clip right there there’s a first-aid kit a little cargo storage divider down there we have a storage net and a small well to add a little bit of extra knickknacks right

there below the storage floor now one thing to keep in mind is that Mercedes does put some of the vehicle electronics and a fuse block right there in the trunk floor as well so you want to be careful if you put liquids in the back they don’t spill on that let’s see how well those child seats fit now now even though it wasn’t able to fit the three child seats in the back seat to the c300 they do fit very

easily right here in the trunk I can even add this 26 inch roller bag right here without too much issue place that right in the vehicle like that and I can still close the trunk lid thanks taking the time to check out this video again I’m Alex tanks and this has been the 2015 Mercedes c300 4matic

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