Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2017 review

today we’re in Italy testing the new Alfa Romeo Stella vo SUV this is supposedly an Alfa Romeo first and an SUV second so not only does it look great but it’s supposed to handle well

and have punchy petrol and diesel engines today we’ll be driving the 2.2 litre 210 horsepower diesel engine let’s see if it’s any good on the road the stove vo certainly lives up to its

sporting ambitions the ride is firm but the upside of that is handling that is very very flat with not much body li and very quick steering making it feel keen to turn into corners the engine is

pretty potent with 210 horsepower but you’re always aware of it being and visa with a gritty note even an idle the rest being Tyrael well there’s quite a lot of soft touch plastic pipe you don’t have

to look too hard to find scratchy nastier stuff the infotainment has a rotary dial between the seats much like BMWs iDrive system which means it’s easy to use the only downside being that

some of the graphics do look a little bit outdated but overall not bad at all after a few hours behind the wheel of the cell vo it certainly looks like Alfa

Romeo offering something a little bit different in the sector if it was much keener to corner than the lights of the Audi q5 or the BMW x3 and you get a big boot and plenty of room in the back even

four six foot plus adults the question is whether.

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