Aston Martin V8 Vantage coupe review

Aston Martin is the quintessentially British sports car maker that has a rich history in Korean some of the world’s most desirable and luxurious models the Vantage is the current ranges most sports orientated model and since.

Its introduction in 2005 it’s been continually refined and improved thanks to Austin’s ongoing commitments in GT endurance racing if you’re into sports cars this is the Aston for you prestige is important.

If you want to appeal to the hearts and minds of customers at this price point but so too it looks and the Vantage is one of the most achingly effortlessly pretty sports cars if anybody is to ask you what it means for a car to have beautiful proportions just tell them to look at this I know looks are supposed to be subjective and everything.

But you’ve got to be off your rocker if you don’t think that this is one of the finest pieces of automotive sculpture an important facet of Aston Martin design is something known as dynamic tension and that basically means that even when the car is static the shape of the car conveys movement and in the Vantage that tension is evident in almost every surface but it’s most notable in this side straight that runs all the way through the doors as well as being on the bonnet beneath.

Which beats a 420 brake horsepower 4.7 liter v8 it’s been hand-built and final inspected by a bloke called Gordon the front splitter and dr. rear spoiler are both shared with the Vantage s and they’re derived straight from the GT races and it helps give this car a really purposeful standard inside echoes the clean.

Lines and craftsmanship of the exterior Aston Martin is a company that makes a virtue of the details and this colored stitching that describes the surfacing of the cabin is their equivalent of the Chantal brass strap or the LaBute on heel even the speedo and tachometer are works of art but they are a bit difficult to read the basics are pretty good though the driving position is sat – nice and low there’s plenty of storage in the center console the glovebox and behind the rear seat and the boot is twice the size of a Porsche 911 technophile should note that this car.

Is not on the apex of innovation to my right is a very outdated fly off handbrake the optional sat-nav is slow-witted and all the controls are poorly located in right in front of the gearstick bluetooth is optional and instead of having anything cool like Wi-Fi to play with you get the noise is an overwhelming plus in the v8 Vantage this isn’t a silky smooth long-legged b12 this way it’s got ball its match with a chassis that just loves to be hustled this unit.

Doesn’t have to be brush all the time in fact under 4000 rpm it’s pretty quiet and quite stealthy it’s probably worth noting that all the controls do have a very weighting physical meeting feel to them from the steering to the clutch and the gear change and if you did a lot of town driving this firm suspension is probably going to make it quite tiring.

But when you getting up to cross and confident speeds the trade off there’s a level of handling precision the Aston Martin owed is probably the Newman think was possible ten years ago if you want to transmission this slightly more easygoing you can spec the 7-speed automated manual gearbox known as power shift – focused there’s something really satisfying about nailing.

The perfect red line up shift in a manual gearbox especially when it’s attached to a car like this the Aston Martin v8 Vantage holds the duality both is a very competent and compact sports car as well as being a laid back grand tourer compared to its rivals it may not be as easy to live with on the day-to-day or be is cheap to run but it’s got a driving manner.

That really gets under your skin as well as having an engine note that could make you sign a check there and then and with that in mind I think I’m going to go in count my pennies

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