Audi A1 hatchback review

the a1 is the entry point into LD ownership and despite its diminutive size it’s still very much worthy of wearing the full ring badge.

It’s the same size as a VW Polo and to say Ibiza and a Skoda Fabia but that’s no surprise really because it shares a platform and engines with there’s three other Volkswagen Group cars but and it’s a big but it looks and feels a lot more upmarket than the three of them rather than go for the mini and Fiat 500 retro looks howdy issued its passed and look forward the result looks much more contemporary.

There are two body styles to choose from the 3-door a1 and the 5-door a1 sportback the three-door comes with massive doors for easy access to the rear and a color contrasting cantrell the sport backs five doors allow for easier carpark and lighting and it comes.

With a fully color contrasting roof the blintze is pretty cool too you see the rear lights sit on the boot lid itself but we open it up there are two easy inspect rear lights in case people can’t see you unloading in the dark inside proves.

That downsizing doesn’t have to mean a retrograde step in luxury or quality everything’s been put together with a typical NZ finesse all the touch points and materials are of the highest quality and the only car in its class that comes close is the mini there are a couple of cool features to spec in here too these aluminium heater controls are lifted straight from the Audi r8 supercar and the trick MMI CD radio sat-nav phone does everything system.

That can be having larger Odie’s can respecting the a1 as well up front there’s loads of room but it’s in the back where your friends might be unhappy in the three-door there’s not too much shoulder room but that is thankfully resolved in the roomier Doria sport back the boat is just fine for its class.

But it’s a bit high for larger or heavier loads if you want a larger load bay the seats fold down in a 60/40 split on the road then one’s quite fun actually any setup differs from the VW Group cars it competes with thanks to a different suspension setup designed to give a more engaging drive.

It steers wonderfully giving positive feedback and providing entertainment when you want it the S line cars do rind a little hard but that is the price you pay for wanting a sporty ride and looks to match engines are plentiful in the a1 range eco fans can go for the 99 g/km 1.6 liter TDI which offers phenomenal fuel consumption if you’re onto something a little bit sporty er you can go for the engine in this car 182 brake horsepower turbo and supercharged.

1.4 TSI the Audi a1 is small spacious good to look at economical in all of its guises great to drive and has the best cabin in its class but having that badge on your bonnet does not come cheap however if you’re in the market for a small premium hatchback and don’t want to go down the mini retro route then that’s where our money would go

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