Audi A1 review 2015

The Audi a1 is one of the poshest small cars available with all the good looks smart interior and clever technology that you expect to find from an Audi but crammed into a fun sized package it’s also been given a recent refresh but will it be enough to take down the brand-new mini and the Citroen ds3 this exterior shape is now very familiar

but thanks to a cosmetic nip and tuck all of the little details about the a1 and you that grill is now wider this bumper a sharper lines increases than before and if you go for this sporty SLI model and you also get these very intricate xenon plus LED headlights as well garden-variety a ones are obviously a little less striking that every car in the range does come with alloys and electrically adjustable wing mirrors and there are three new colors to choose from as well buyers

who want to personalize their car a bit more well they can choose to add big alloy wheels like these 18 inches on this car or color these contrasting roof rails in silver black or white but both of these options do cost extra and the exterior accessories catalog is a little slimmer than the one you’ll find in a mini or Citroen ds3 dealership even after a few years on sale it’s really plush here inside the a1 it’s like a large executive saloon that’s been shrunken in the wash all the materials whose real quality the panel gaps a millimeter perfect and all the switches and toggles are beautifully

don’t the driving position is good and because it’s upright the visibility is excellent you can see right the way to the end of this short bonnet and the view of the back is good too standard equipment includes this sporty three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel and this pop-up 6.5 inch display for the infotainment system which includes a da B digital radio but this particular car has been tarted-up with a whole host of options which I can show you now these super sports seats for instance with napa leather are supremely comfortable but they do add nearly 2 grand to the price tag and they look worryingly like Darth Vader’s helmet from the rear seats similarly this armrest is extra the aluminium trim here on the air vents these beautifully milled climate controls the LED lights around

the Bose speakers so you can spec the a one up to the nines just like a q7 but you certainly can’t fit as many people in here as you can in one of those the dinky dimensions and low roof means that spaces were really quite tight in the back there’s not much room for my legs but Headroom is just about okay I’m about 511 having said that if you do regularly carry adult passengers in the back then you probably are better off with a mini or opting for the 5-door sport back which is a bit longer between the wheels now the a1 we’re driving here is a petrol and that’s definitely a good thing

I’ve got nothing against the 1.6 liter TDI diesel in fact it now emits just 92 g/km of co2 having said that it’s quite a noisy rattly old thing it’s a bit nose heavy and it’s not that much fun to drive either there’s three different petrol engines to choose from including a new 1 liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine which like the diesel and a tax-free co2 figure of just 97 grams per kilometer the car

I’m driving now though that’s probably the best choice for keen drivers it’s a 1.4 liter TSI with 148 brake horsepower and 184 foot-pounds of torque it’s really fun to drive and it’s got a nought to 60 time of less than 8 seconds which means you’ll be able to give a few warm hatchbacks a run for their money it’ll also shut off two of its four cylinders to help you save fuel when you’re only pushing the throttle slightly which means it should return over 50 mpg as long as you can resist the urge to put your foot down that might be quite hard though because this a1 is a real hoot to drive the steering is light

but precise and really accurate there’s plenty of grip the body resists roll through corners really well which means it’s a lot of fun to drive the driver will be having an absolute hoot but the passengers probably won’t be and the reason for that is these 18-inch alloy wheels and the s-line suspension on this car it makes it very very firm around town rutted surfaces or potholes send a real shudder through the steering column and up through the rest of the cabin and it’s not very comfortable at all

I have to say so we’d avoid those and go for smaller our wheels if you do have the choice this car is also equipped with the 7-speed s-tronic automatic gearbox it’s got two clutches and shift paddles up here on the wheel for a more sporty driving experience

I mean it’s very good and it very rarely gets caught out having said that the standard 6-speed manual gearbox is an absolute cracker so we can’t really see a reason for upgrading unless you absolutely have to the auto the Audi a1 is small but mighty you need to pick your engine and alloy wheels carefully to ensure you get the right balance of performance and ride comfort

but it’s superb Lee built easy and fun to drive and very efficient to however it’s certainly not cheap the car we tested cost just under 30,000 pounds so make sure you keep the options list to the bare essentials you

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