Audi A3 hatchback car review

Audi A3 hatchback car review he Audi a3 really has its work cut out it’s yet another entrant into the small hatchback market while the most hard-fought sectors in the UK and including everything from the Hyundai i30 right up to the BMW 1-series and Volvo v40 each car has its own merit whether it be its price its value for money its equipment or its driving from

but what really set the a3 apart going to class and its quality even if you’re coming down into this car for something much more expensive or far more prestigious you certainly won’t feel like you made a step down market there’s certainly no mistaking which company builds the a3 the front end is dominated by this huge radiator grille and on highest spec models is flanked by xenon headlamps

Audi A3 hatchback car review

with LED running lights even in a class that includes the BMW 1-series and Lexus ct200h a classy estaciĆ³n the side the lack of the rear doors the small roof spoiler and the shape of the c-pillar give

the car an almost coupe a like profile below the windows you have this feature line or the tornado line as Audi calls it and that combined

with the feature line at the bottom of the doors all adds to the cars smart chiseled looks if there is a criticism that this model doesn’t look all that different to its predecessor if you were to part the two cars side by side you notice several subtle

but important differences everything about this car is more taut more precise and more engineered what hasn’t changed compared to the previous car is its overall length but by pushing the wheels further towards each corner outtie

has managed to make more room inside the cabin and improve the car’s handling if you were to pick three words to describe the a threes interior there will be quality simplicity and technology

it all feels soft to the touch but everything is very solidly constructed and even with all the gadgetry on board it’s all beautifully laid out mind you that’s partly because there’s not much to lay out in the first place all the major functions

are operated by this central screen and this rotary controller so it’s not much clutter on the dashboard perhaps the neatest touches are these circular air vents you can adjust to diffuse the air or point it in a jet in this class the a3 is closest competitor

for style and comfort is the Volvo v40 but even so the Audi still feels like something special probably the biggest failing of this model is it isn’t especially practical

but OD has an answer to even that problem the a3 has a larger brother the a3 Sportback which has five doors and more space inside alby’s worked hard tonight the a3 as light as possible and that’s good news for the driver first

it feels nice and agile with light and accurate steering and secondly every model has decent performance we expect the diesel models will be the most popular and that’s fair enough they’re plenty quick enough and they’re very economical

don’t over the petrol engines though they’re very smooth very quiet and a really good turn of speed when you need it depending which trim level you go for you can choose from standard sport or s line suspensions

but we recommend sticking with the standard setup going for either the two more sporty options just makes the car ride more firmly doesn’t actually improve the handling that much at all instead the more relaxed nature of the standard suspension seems to carve far better no matter how you specify your a3 it will always feel totally composed and unflappable

when you drive it hard but in no way is this a sporting car and it will never appeal to a keen driver as much as a BMW 1-series will the a3 isn’t the sportiest compact car to drive and it’s certainly not the cheapest instead

this is a car aimed advise who appreciate the finer things in life sharp looking and a pleasure to be in with impeccable quality in a range of smooth and efficient engines it’s very much the conno isseurs choice

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