Audi A3 saloon review 2015

Howdy is no strange snitches and succeeding in them and the a3 Celine takes them into another one that of the hatchback based saloon it’s a car.

Audi A3 saloon review 2015 Video and Wallpaper

Which aims to take the impressive a3 into the more discerning and style conscious saloon market HBase saloons have never been wildly popular in this country.

But the a3 could change all that saloon spawned from hatchbacks aren’t always the most cohesive of designs they often look as if the boots been bolted on the back as an afterthought not so this car it’s a very clean shape and looks more like a shrunken saloon than a booted hatchback these LED daytime running lights look great the sharp angles accentuate the slender headlights and draw the eye towards this vast grille while this sharp crease down the bodywork.

Which runs the length of the car highlights the clean crisp design entry-level sport models sits on 17 inch alloy rims while s-line models sit on 18-inch wheels top of the range s 3s get 19’s and as you go up the range you get progressively support your body kids step inside and you can see that Audi’s reputation for beautiful interiors is well-founded all the materials feel really plush and high-quality while the design is exquisitely elegant and simple or the switch gear feels really well-made – especially these rotary dials.

Which all engage with satisfying click both the seats and the steering wheel of plenty of adjustment so finding the perfect driving position is easy the MMI infotainment system also looks really high-tech and is easy to use our only complaint is that seeing out the back can be a little bit tricky thanks to a small rear window and wide seat pillars there’s as much space in the rear as you’ll find in a3 Sportback the Headroom can get a little bit tight that’s the sloping roof it’s especially bad if you take the sunroof option box it is however much better in its main rival the Mercedes CLA in this respect you also get a slightly bigger boot with the rear seats up than you do in the a3 hatch but slightly less space.

With them down but the shape and now are opening make it a slightly less flexible space overall especially pretty pleasant things drive but helpless is contention on which suspension set on your choose load sports especially standard on all models although we’d recommend going to the much more forgiving standard set on a no-cost option as this offers a much more pliant ride and a no perceivable detriments drive enjoyment steering is direct nicely weighted and wide it stopped short of being an outright laugh in the driver’s seat it’s very predictable and does offer enough to keep the driver entertained the range of engines is good.

But our favor is the 2-liter 140 a brake horsepower turbo diesel it’s smooth strong and economical and it’s especially good when mated to the 6-speed slick shifting manual gearbox the Audi a3 saloon is comfortable quiet efficient and decently powerful it easily outshines the Mercedes CLA but perhaps even more impressively makes a credible rival to bigger more expensive executives like the BMW 3 Series and Audi zone’ 4 if you don’t frequently use those rear seats.

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